7 Quick Tips to Boost Your Ad on Instagram Campaign

by | Jun 5, 2017 | Social Media Marketing

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Instagram Advertising for Your Brand

Instagram is one of the hottest social media platforms going right now.The beauty of Instagram is that it’s a creative platform.Instagram now has more than 600 million users That’s a big audience.As Instagram ads are quickly evolving, businesses now have the option to not only increase brand awareness but to also, increase website visits and offline sales. it’s a great place to tell your brand’s story, capture user interest, and some engagement and buzz with your users.The ultimate goal of your Instagram ads is to increase your brand presence. Your visual content is a great way to spread awareness about your brand. So, be sure to put your logo or any other detail that will help relate your content to your brand.

Would you like to get your products and brand seen by more people, grow a strong following of customers who really relate to your brand? 

7 Quick Tips to Boost Your Ad on Instagram Campaign

# 1 Promote videos

When you think of Instagram, we usually think of still images more than thinking of videos. However, videos can resonate very well with users and capture interest in just a few seconds. Video instantly capture the attention of the users, When buyers are doing their solutions research, they turn to video for quick, informative answers to their questions.Using video to promote your products and service is powerful.If you have an awesome property video that is 30 seconds or less, this is a great way to get views from Instagram users.

Video ad type

Details in https://blog.bufferapp.com/instagram-ads-guide

#2 Carousel Image Format

Instagram offers advertisements based on a carousel format. This feature allows you to use multiple photos to showcase their brand, products, or services.You aren’t stuck with a single image for your Instagram advertisements. The Platform is based on the carousel, which means you can showcase more images for your fans to browse.Your images in Instagram should tell a story about your brand as a whole, not just what you’re trying to sell or promote.Carousel ads are great for engagement and improving traffic to your website.

carousel format

       Details in https://www.instagram.com/p/BOB9xmgBdgo/

#3 Images as a story teller

What is the story your images are telling? Does each image connect with your brand? Think about colors and layout when uploading your images. All of these factors play a role in the personality of your profile and how others view you as a brand.

Why do your customers buy your products instead of your competitors’? What is the lifestyle that goes hand-in-hand with your brand? Using images to tell your story gives a new dimension to your brand and builds closer relationships with your fans, followers, and subscribers.

#4 Use the CTA Button


Details in https://www.socialmediatoday.com/

call-to-action button is there to encourage visitors to take a certain next step.These could include phrases such as “shop now”, “install now”, “sign up”, “learn more”, etc. Without a clear CTA, the user may not know the next steps to take to purchase a product or sign up for a newsletter and is likely to leave the site without accomplishing their task.

Include a call-to-action on the image to draw attention to the ad and make it crystal clear what action you want the user to take.You’re telling a visitor how they’re going to find out how to do something when they click. “Discover how to use product now.

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#5 Don’t show your ads look like ads

Make sure your users don’t feel like you’re constantly trying to sell them something.Instagram is for engagement and capturing the interest of your users so that you can then ideally convert them.  The key thing for brands to remember when starting to do marketing on Instagram is not to treat it as a place to land the hard sell.If you want to boost engagement and score more clicks with your Instagram ads, then don’t make your ads look like ads.

#Try Crowdfire

To increase the performance of your Instagram marketing, it is better to use programmes and tools. You can locate the most relevant users to follow and Keep track of how your social updates affect your followers to unfollowers ratio.

Key Features:-

  • Who followed you–  list of any new followers you receive.
  • Copy followers– Easily follow users who follow Instagram accounts that you specify.
  • Fans– See a list of users that follow you.
  • Who unfollowed me– list of users who have unfollowed you since you linked your Instagram account to Crowdfire.
  • Non-followers– Quickly unfollow users that do not follow you back.

#7  Use Available Space

Most businesses aren’t taking full advantage of the space that is available for copy in the description section on Instagram. This is a great opportunity for marketers to include relevant terms that can help them better serve their audience needs explains

“Instagram offers 2000 characters in the description, most of which are never used by most. For a business, however, it makes sense to take advantage of a lot of the copy that is available. By using more keywords and more hashtags in the description, it makes it far easier for the post to be found by new prospective customers.”

In Conclusion

There are many more tricks that may work or may not work for you, But these are sure to work for you if you get them right. So make sure your ad content does not look like an ad. Be sure to offer something of value in your ad, to make sure it doesn’t get ignored.

Grofer’s Instagram Marketing Campaign Case Study

Grofer’s is a local delivery service that running  in 17 cities in India . It’s a service that home-delivers anything from groceries to electronics from neighborhood stores within the city. This brand started an Instagram marketing campaign with the goal of increasing their Grofer’s  Go mobile app installations. Using photo ads and carousel ads on Instagram, their campaign earned the brand an 8% rise in reach towards their target reach, and a 50% reduction in the app’s cost per installation.

What is Carousel ads? 

The carousel ads, which let brands show multiple images and ultimately a link to some action.it is helpful to get more traffic on the website.

Lesson to Take Away:

Carousel ads on Instagram can effectively provide information about a brand. The images in themselves can attract consumers too.

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