Cafe Coffee Day Leveraged Twitter Through #Worldcup 2014

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If India Could boast about its own chain of cafe’s than credit goes to Cafe Coffee Day. V.G Siddhartha founder and visionary behind Cafe Coffee Day should be applauded for bringing the concept of cafe’s to India. Cafe Coffee Day is a chain of cafes owned by amalgamated Bean Coffee trading company. It was in 1996 that first Cafe Coffee Day was set up on Brigade road in Bangalore and since then it’s over 1000 cafes in 141 cities in India. This cafe’s aroma is just not limited within country but can be detected even in Austria, Czech Republic and Malaysia. Cafe Coffee Day is well-known for its simple yet young at heart ideology. It’s a common hangout place among youngsters. Cafe Coffee Day has effectively established itself as largest organized retail cafe chain in the country. “A lot can happen over Coffee” well this tagline by Cafe Coffee Day says it all.

Objective of Cafe Coffee Day

  • Establish itself as eminent chain of cafes in India. The Coffee market in India was intensifying and thus there was surplus demand for ready to drink  Coffee. As globalization came into existence consumers became aware of domestic and foreign  brands which led to enhance the consumption levels.Cafe Coffee Day was exerting itself to be the best Cafe in the country by offering world-class coffee experience at affordable prices. They even wanted to create a niche for themselves even in foreign countries too.
  • Engage its consumer in the brand through social media interaction. Cafe Coffee Day is a youth based brand which caters consumers mostly in 16-30 age bracket. As Cafe Coffee Day is youth oriented brand so its objective would be attracting and engaging youth in its brand.Thus its strategy involves alluring youngsters and what better way than interacting with them. Undoubtedly the best way of interaction is through Social media and Twitter seems the most  lucrative social media platform.
  • Utilize football worldcup madness in its favor. “Strike while the iron is hot” Cafe Coffee Day took this idiom quite seriously and applied this on Twitter during football world cup 2014. Football fans were in high spirit discussing football all over social media and Twitter was no alien to the concept. Twitter boosted world cup craze among football fans through #Worldcup hashtag. Twitter was  flooded with tweets pertaining to football Worldcup. Cafe Coffee day effectively used this event in its favor and started interacting with the audience over football Worldcup.
  • Portraying itself as a consumer friendly brand. It tried to depict itself as one of a kind for the people chain of cafes or coffee-joint in the country. Interaction with the consumers was the key. It surpassed its competitors by using its social media presence to its fullest. It leveraged twitter through its Worldcup quiz, which indeed was a fruitful social media marketing strategy.

Strategy executed by Cafe Coffee Day on Twitter

ccd pic2They used right social media platform and that too at appropriate time. They got involved in twitter because Twitter has a strong dedicated fan base that use the service frequently. In order to fulfill its objectives they executed an efficacious marketing strategy. The approach was insightful, well-timed and brand relevant which leveraged Twitter through #CCDFootballquiz. They created a football quiz for the fans. The quiz was conducted on 11th June 2014, a day prior to the world cup. Only people residing in India were allowed to participate in the Quiz. In order to be part of the quiz participants were supposed to follow @CafeCoffeeDay on twitter and hashtag #CCDFootballQuiz. This was the criteria for participation. The format of quiz was that Cafe Coffee Day asked 10 questions pertaining to football and winner was announced after each question. Ten winners were announced eventually. As each winner got Rs 1000 moments card from Cafe Coffee Day and this led to considerable participation. Finally at the end of the Quiz they asked their participators views and suggestions regarding Quiz. The quiz was quite success on Twitter among Cafe Coffee Day followers which was proved by its trending hashtag. Give them what they want and get what you need it was excellent strategy applied by Cafe Coffee Day. Thus they smartly executed the quiz and in return got over-whelming response from the participators.

Results Achieved by Cafe Coffee Day through Twitter

As Cafe Coffee Day integrated their online efforts around football Worldcup madness and thus was quite successful in achieving the desired objectives.


From the given data we can analyze that there hardly negative response just positive or neutral. They saw positive lift and on average they saw increase engagement by 75 percent.  Cafe Coffee Day knocked it out of the park by tapping into what #Worldcup audiences truly want football. They timed their tweets according to up-to-date game information. As quiz was regarding football all the tweets were related to football players or topic surrounding it. Strategies were executed pertaining just to football, Cafe Coffee Day and no other rubbish tweets. With 75% lift, no one can deny the accuracy behind Cafe Coffee Day Worldcup strategic marketing.

ccdfootball-sentiment (1)Learning

Undoubtedly Twitter is a productive social media platform for audience engagement. Twitter is particularly popular among those under 50 and the college-educated.  Twitter has a dedicated and loyal user base, those who love it and use it frequently. This makes it an option worth considering for advertisers who want to target a reliable audience. Twitter has 271 million active users across mobile and desktop. Cafe Coffee Day acknowledged Twitter’s trend during Football world cup 2014 and smartly executed its marketing campaign. Its objective of targeting desired audience was achieved phenomenally. Their tweets were in sync with targeted audience and this led trending of hashtag #CCDFootball quiz. It was tweeted and re-tweeted among participators. Certainly Twitter played a significant interacting media tool between Cafe Coffee Day and its consumers.

Image credit: digitalinsights, Cafe Coffee Day

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