Cammy Leveraged Facebook Advertising to Double its Customers

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About Cammy

Cammy was launched in the year 2014 in Australia. Cammy is a home security App for a simple and affordable security solution to a general monitoring platform that allows Cammy’s customers to keep an eye on kids and pets, Cammy provides peace of mind wherever Cammy’s customer are using Wi-Fi cameras and smart person detection, Cammy is the world’s only one home security system to guarantee no false alarms. Cammy Customers can keep an eye on their home even they are away from their home with  free Mobile App which is available for both Android Phone and iPhone that gives live video of their home of every corner when a doubtful movements are found wherever Cammy cameras are installed. Cammy Subscribers get alerted if someone breaks into the home and at this time the subscribers can call police right from the Cammy App and complaint to the police with evidence.

Cammy’s Business Objectives

Cammy a Home Security System was launched in Australia and it was a just a beginning. As a new startup Cammy was unknown to everyone and it was necessary for the Cammy to make their appearance to the public. Cammy is committed to be using the latest technology to make the world a safer place for its customers and their family and for any business worldwide.

Around 350,000 homes across the Australia are burgled every year. Crime Stoppers is encouraging everyone to download the Cammy app to find thieves who breaking in and help the police to easily capture the thieves and other unauthorised entries who enter home by capturing their video by Cammy Home Security app at the time of break in to the home. With easy to set up Wi-Fi Cammy cameras smart person detection and with Mobile App, Cammy is simple to use and only alerts you when a person is detected on camera. Customers can enjoy their day without worrying if everything is ok at home. Finally, Cammy is the home security camera and free Mobile App that gains customers trust and gives them a peace of mind whenever and wherever when the customers or subscribers are far from their home. Cammy can capture and monitor funny things of their pets and share with family and friends. Cammy helps to keep eye on their children’s and their activities in the absence of elders at home.

Strategy Adopted by Cammy

Cammy’s team includes a combination of world class developers, designers and security professionals. Cammy is passionate about their design, and spend countless hours simplifying everything as much as possible so that it’s easy to use Cammy as part of their daily routine. Mission, Values and Cammy’s Team Innovations are what drive Cammy A Home Security, but more importantly making sure they work in real life for family, friends, and customers is where Cammy see their real value.

App-based security solutions are radically better if they use as cameras as sensors. Not only are they so much quicker and easier to install than traditional alarm systems, they can also verify a real intruder which eliminates false alarms. With Cammy, the subscribers can be sure that they are using only the very best leading technology backed by Cammy’s super-high service commitment. With easy to set up Wi-Fi cameras and smart person detection, Cammy is simple to use and only alerts the customers when a person is detected on camera. With Cammy the subscribers are one tap away from home with quick access to live view, all motion events, alarm settings and much more.

Cammy has several uses which Cammy user can do with their Cammy App based security. Cammy users get 30 days of cloud storage. Subscribers can see the recorded videos and save them in cloud and see them by date and time. Cammy users can set auto alarm at the location they have set, alarm rings when the user leave and re-enter home, alarm can be set even when the user is at home during the night time. Cammy users can see live video from the cameras installed at home and talk with two-way audio. When someone breaks in users can tap the app and call the police directly from the app which avoids searching for contacts at the time of emergency.

Cammy App is loaded with all the essential security features which attract people and make people to buy them, but making people to buy Cammy was not so easy without making people to know about the features and uses of the Cammy. Cammy would have been unknown to the people if they have not taken decision to advertise them self on Social Media Advertising platform like Facebook.

Results Achieved by Cammy

Cammy an app based home security was just a startup for the founder and it was necessary to create awareness among the people about the uses and features to the people. The home security app adapted its TV commercial for Facebook and used link and carousel ads to reach new customers, driving a 74% increase in sales in just 2 months. Cammy wanted to reach more people and increase sales. Rather than developing new ads, it wanted to repurpose its existing TV commercial in a relevant and engaging way. It also wanted to improve targeting to produce more qualified leads and achieve its quarterly sales targets.

Cammy’s first step was to optimise its TV commercial for Facebook’s mobile News Feed. It shortened the length of the video, added text overlay for sound-off viewing, and included branding at the start to support stronger recall. To ensure it reached the right people, Cammy used Facebook’s demographic and interests targeting to find homeowners, families and people interested in technology. As brand awareness rose, it retargeted ads to people who had watched the video and to Lookalike Audiences that resembled its existing high-value customers.


Cammy by optimising its creative for Facebook and using detailed targeting to reach the right people, Cammy’s highly successful campaign delivered the great result as anticipated by the Cammy. Cammy was able to spend double of what they spent on their advertisement in facebook. Cammy was able to increase its sales by 74% and decreased 56% on cost per sale. Facebook advertising has brought a great difference in the conduct of business and helped in the development of the business.

Image Credits: Cammy

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