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Cult Fit Case Study – Improving Google Business Profile Traffic

Case study on cult fit - improving google business profile traffic

Living life to its fullest extent is possible for someone with good physical and mental health. The saying “Health is Wealth” perfectly applies to those who maintain mental and physical fitness. Fitness significantly impacts our lives because maintaining mental and physical fitness lowers the risk of medical conditions.

To create a healthy environment, Cult Fit has developed several fitness centers across the country. The brand’s main objective is to promote movement in terms of fitness in the busy 9-to-5 lives of people. 

Cult Fit has the aim of reaching out to people interested in improving their fitness and also motivating others to join the fitness movement. 

In today’s case study, we will analyze how Cult Fit improved its local visibility and website visits to reach a larger audience using SEO for Google Profile Listing. 

About Cult Fit

Cult Fit (formerly named offers consumers a comprehensive fitness experience through both online and offline channels. The brand delivers workouts, mental wellness support, healthcare services, nutritional guidance, and medical care.

The brand’s ethos revolves around making fitness accessible, enjoyable, and effective for everyone. Cult Fit offers a diverse range of workout programs, personalized training sessions, and nutrition guidance, tailored to individual needs and goals. 

What sets Cult Fit apart is its emphasis on fostering a sense of belonging and support through its community-driven approach. With a mission to make a healthy lifestyle a way of life, Cult Fit transcends traditional fitness paradigms, empowering individuals to not just exercise but to embrace wellness as an integral part of their daily routine.

The brand was among the pioneers in the country to provide online fitness services when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. This service became popular online. Also, it runs the Cult Fit gyms in over 130 locations. Right now, Cult Fit is a big name in the fitness industry. In the financial year FY22, the brand increased its revenue by over 34%, reaching Rs 216 crore.


With an expansive network of more than 200 fitness centers spanning various regions in India, Cult Fit recognized the imperative to boost inquiries and foot traffic to these facilities. 

Understanding that Google serves as a primary platform for research and exploration among the Indian populace, Cult Fit aimed to harness the potential of Google My Business Profiles.

In 2021, Cult Fit partnered with Infidigit (a digital marketing services provider) to improve their local search visibility by optimizing Google My Business Profiles. 

Leveraging these profiles effectively was key to not only increasing inquiries but also translating them into tangible conversions – turning those inquiries into actual visits and memberships.

By optimizing their presence on Google through detailed and informative profiles, Cult Fit aimed to attract more potential customers, offer comprehensive information about their fitness centers, and ultimately drive more people through their doors. 

The strategy revolved around maximizing visibility and engagement on a platform widely used by individuals seeking fitness solutions and local businesses.


While Cult Fit aimed to enhance traffic specifically for their Google My Business (GMB) Profile, their strategy encompassed broader objectives to amplify their overall online presence. Alongside the primary goal, the secondary objectives were strategically aligned to fortify their digital footprint:

1. Improving Local Search Visibility: Cult Fit aimed to increase its visibility on local search results. By optimizing their GMB Profile with accurate and detailed information, they sought to ensure that when individuals in nearby areas searched for fitness centers or related services, Cult Fit would prominently appear in the results.

2. Increasing Website Visits: Beyond the GMB Profile, Cult Fit intended to drive more traffic to its website. By optimizing the GMB content and providing compelling information and calls to action, they aimed to entice users to visit their website for more detailed information, thereby increasing online engagement and potential conversions.

3. Boosting Search Impressions: Cult Fit strived to expand its reach by increasing the number of times its GMB Profile appeared in search results. This involved strategic keyword optimization, ensuring relevant and informative content on the profile, and actively managing their online presence to attract more eyeballs in search results.

By aligning these secondary goals with their primary objective of enhancing GMB traffic, Cult Fit aimed for a holistic improvement in their online visibility, engagement, and ultimately, conversions across various digital touchpoints.

Strategies Used

1. Audit of Google My Business Profile Listing

To begin, the brand conducted a comprehensive audit of the business profile, meticulously examining every aspect to identify and rectify existing issues. The thorough audit of the Google Business Profile (GBP) revealed several critical concerns that required immediate attention:

Unoptimized Business Category: The categorization of the business was not optimized to effectively showcase the range of services offered, potentially limiting visibility in relevant searches.

Incomplete or Inaccurate Address and Pin Locations: Several profiles lacked complete or accurately pinned locations, potentially causing confusion or hindering potential customers from locating the centers easily.

Under-optimized Service Areas: Service areas were either missing or not appropriately optimized, impacting the visibility of the fitness centers within their intended reach.

Inaccurate Opening Hours: Some locations had incorrect opening hours listed, leading to potential discrepancies for individuals planning visits.

Missing or Incorrect Website URLs: Crucial website URLs were absent or incorrectly linked, hampering the redirection of interested users to the official website for further information.

Lack of Profile Attributes: Certain essential profile attributes were missing, affecting the overall completeness and informativeness of the profiles.

Missing Visual Content: Profiles lacked adequate visual content such as photos and videos, which are pivotal in engaging potential customers and showcasing the facilities.

Insufficient Reviews: Some centers lacked a sufficient number of reviews, impacting credibility and potentially deterring prospective customers.

Underutilization of Posts: The potential of utilizing posts to engage with the audience and highlight offers or events was not fully utilized across profiles.

Under-optimized Business Description: The business description lacked optimization, potentially failing to effectively communicate the brand’s unique offerings and value proposition.

Addressing these concerns became a priority to optimize the GBP profiles, enhance user experience, and maximize Cult Fit’s visibility and attractiveness across Google searches.

2. Optimization of multiple Google Business Profile Listings

Merely creating and claiming a Google Business Profile (GBP) listing doesn’t guarantee visibility in Google’s Local Map Pack. To enhance Cult Fit’s presence and visibility, the brand executed a series of strategic activities aimed at optimizing the listings comprehensively:

Complete and Accurate Information: The brand ensured the inclusion of precise and thorough information in key categories like NAP (name, address, phone number), ensuring consistency and accuracy across all profiles.

Accurate Address and Location: Emphasis was placed on providing accurate address details and pinpointing precise map locations to facilitate easy navigation for potential customers.

Service Area Precision: Detailed and accurate service area specifications were added, enabling Cult Fit’s visibility within targeted regions and maximizing outreach.

Updated Opening Hours: Collaborating closely with the Cult Fit team, the brand verified and updated the precise opening hours for each center, ensuring accuracy for individuals planning visits.

Relevant Website URLs: The brand added and confirmed the relevance of website URLs for specific locations, ensuring seamless redirection for users seeking additional information.

Data Updates for User Queries: Any relevant data about common user queries was updated to provide comprehensive and up-to-date information across all profiles.

High-Quality Visual Content: The team uploaded high-quality photos and videos shared by Cult Fit, enriching profiles with engaging visual content to attract and engage potential customers effectively.

Freshness through Posts: Regular posts were created highlighting various sales and events, injecting freshness into the listings and maintaining active engagement with the audience.

Reviews Strategy: The partner team suggested and implemented a strategy for Cultivating reviews across accounts. Reviews contribute unique content and keywords, aiding in boosting GBP profiles’ rankings in the map pack.

Keyword-Rich Business Descriptions: In addition to category selection, the team enriched the business descriptions with keyword-rich content, optimizing them to attract relevant searches and improve overall visibility in local searches.

Through these targeted actions, Infidigit aimed to bolster Cult Fit’s online presence, optimize visibility in Google’s Local Map Pack, and effectively engage potential customers seeking fitness services.

3. Building Local Citations

Citations serve as the bedrock of brand mentions crucial for establishing a strong digital footprint on Google. They lay the groundwork for a brand’s recognition and credibility in online spaces, significantly impacting its visibility on local Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). 

The accumulation of high-quality brand mentions directly correlates with the brand’s online prominence, a pivotal factor influencing local search rankings.

Examples of these local citations include familiar platforms like Justdial, Sulekha, Yelp, and similar sites. These citations not only validate the authenticity of a business but also contribute to building authority and trust among Google users, reinforcing the brand’s legitimacy in the digital sphere.

The meticulous four-step process adopted by Infidigit encompassed:

Citation Analysis: A comprehensive analysis was conducted to assess the existing citation landscape and identify areas for improvement.

Consistency Check: Existing citations underwent meticulous scrutiny to ensure uniformity in NAP (Name, Address, and Phone Number) across all platforms, fostering reliability and trustworthiness.

Exploration of New Opportunities: The brand actively sought out fresh citation opportunities, identifying and tapping into niche directories and high-authority platforms within the fitness domain.

Building New Citations: Employing a strategic approach, the team constructed over 100+ citations for each Cult Fit location. These citations were established across a spectrum of high-authority directories and specialized directories specific to the fitness industry, amplifying Cult Fit’s visibility and authority in local search results.

By engaging in this meticulous citation-building process, the team not only reinforced Cult Fit’s digital legitimacy but also bolstered its credibility, authority, and visibility across online platforms, contributing significantly to its enhanced presence in local searches.


Following the successful execution of the aforementioned strategies, Cult Fit witnessed significant positive outcomes reflected in the Google My Business (GMB) profile performance:

1. Exceptional Surge in Website Visits: Over 9 months (May 2021 to February 2022), there was a remarkable cumulative increase of 551.23% in overall website visits across all locations. This surge signifies a substantial boost in online traffic directed to Cult Fit’s website, indicating heightened user interest and engagement post-implementation of the optimization strategies.

Website visits

2. Substantial Rise in Search Impressions: In harmony with the surge in website visits, there was an impressive cumulative increase of 208.51% in overall search impressions for all locations within the same 9-month period. This notable surge in search impressions suggests a substantial expansion in Cult Fit’s visibility across Google searches, indicating enhanced brand exposure and increased prominence in local search results.

These substantial improvements signify the efficacy of the implemented strategies in amplifying Cult Fit’s online presence, driving substantial traffic to its website, and significantly enhancing its visibility across Google’s search platform within a relatively short timeframe.

Total search impressions

Source: Infidigit

Results in Search Post Campaign

Search in mumbai

Results in Mumbai

Search in delhi

Results in Delhi

Search in bangalore

Results in Bangalore

Search in indiranagar

Results in Indiranagar


In conclusion, the transformative journey of Cult Fit’s Google My Business profile optimization, orchestrated in collaboration with Infidigit, stands as a testament to the power of strategic digital interventions. 

Through extensive analysis, proactive enhancements, and strategic citation-building, Cult Fit witnessed an extraordinary surge in online visibility and user engagement.

Moving from identifying optimization gaps to applying specific strategies led to measurable and concrete progress. Cult Fit’s improved online visibility, boosted website traffic, and increased presence in local searches demonstrate how smart digital planning works.

As Cult Fit thrives in the competitive fitness sector, these outcomes highlight the importance of active and clever digital actions. 

It shows how brands can significantly grow and become more visible online with the right digital moves. This successful teamwork emphasizes the value of a thorough digital plan, not only for online presence but also for achieving real business results.

Today, marketing heavily depends on digital strategies, and marketers are getting more tech-savvy. Want to explore what digital marketing can do for your business or career? Check out our Certified Digital Marketing Master Program for valuable insights.

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