Case Study on Growing Your Business using Facebook Ads

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Organic or natural ways of getting traffic and new customers on the website takes time. And even after spending a good amount of time and energy, we won’t be able to attract right kind of audiences which actually convert into customers.

Therefore, people like us, who want results, end up trying paid options like Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Banner Ads, retargeting etc. But finding a perfect way to increase online presence is always tough and depends on hit and trial.

A similar issue was faced by Mad Lemmings, a Switzerland-based web designing and internet marketing company. They have been building an online presence


through Google, social media, and website’s blog. Though the traffic was growing on the website through these mediums but unable to get them targeted customers.

We all know that lead generation is one of the most difficult tasks in this competitive industry. But targeting the right customers through right channel can put this at ease. Therefore, they used Facebook Ads which help them to achieve desired results.

Let’s understand – how?


The objectives for running Facebook ads were:

  1. Attracting potential customers for the business
  2. Driving them to the website.
  3. To increase email opt-ins.

Before going for these ads, they have been writing blogs for the website which were informative and industry related. In the same process, they created a short report called “The 5 biggest website mistakes (and how to fix it)” to attract email opt-ins from targeted customers. But it didn’t generate expected results. Therefore, they decided to try paid marketing using Facebook ads.


Before starting with facebook ads, it is very important to know how you will be driving people to your website and email list, from facebook. What will you offer which is worthwhile their attention?

Keeping this in mind, Mad Lemmings created a strategy consists of an offer (ebook), a landing page (where customers will be opting in for the offer by giving their name and email address), a separate email list (to give them more useful information about the offer) and then Facebook ads – through which the offer will be visible to their targeted audience.

The Offer – “How to Start Building a Website”

Mad Lemmings prepared a detailed guide (of 25 pages) on “How to Start Building a Website”. This ebook was made to target people who want to build a website or need some help or don’t know how to start. This how-to guide is the offer presented to the visitors in exchange of their emails.

Landing Page:

They created a landing page using Lead Pages, particularly for the people coming from Facebook by clicking ads. You can create customized landing page (with different variations) and link them to the website using plugins. You can also know about visitors and conversions done from this page.

In this case, the landing page offered them the detailed how-to guide in return of their name and email address. Once user signed-up, they get the guide – the ebook – via email.

landing pages

This landing page has given them an undivided attention of users which resulted into emails (the ultimate goal).

The Email List:

They have maintained a separate list of emails using Aweber.

These emails were collected via the landing page. Now, apart from giving them the ebook, they did a special series of emails across the following weeks, giving them more useful information on website development.

This helped them to connect with the users which are serious about building the website and will eventually turn into the customer.

Bringing everything together using Facebook Ads:

After doing all the work, it was time to reach out to your targeted audiences using facebook ads. After creating and launching your Facebook ads, you have watched their performance on regular basis.

Creating Facebook Ad Image

Garbing the attention of people on facebook is not easy because they are there to connect and interact with family and friends. Therefore, it is necessary to create an attractive ad, which needs practice and experience. Also, make some variants of image ad so that you can evaluate the performance in a better way.

Here, Mad Lemmings did a great job on image ads which catches the attention of their targeted audience. They have clubbed an attention grabbing image with a tempting headline.


They have tried other variants and used the one with most clicks and actual sign-ups.


Choosing Targeted Audience

Choosing targeted audience is one of the most important parts of the process. You can select audience with respect to location, age, language and interests, leading you to potential customers.

Mad Lemmings showed their ads to 380,000 potential audiences using location, age, and language. They used given below parameters to select audience:

  1. Target Location:
  • Australia
  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  1. Age: 18 years and above
  2. Language: English (UK) or English (US)
  3. Interest (the toughest part):
  • Marketing
  • Small business
  • Business
  • Aweber, MailChimp, Infusion Soft (i.e email software)
  • People who follow famous marketers

They have targeted countries having people (18 and above) speaking English as a language. Also, they have used interest as important matrices which majorly narrowed the targeting audience.

However, you can use other areas like demographics and other locations, according to your need.

The Facebook Ad budget:

They ran these image ads for a week with a restricted budget of 5 dollars a day. This prevented them from overspending on ads. It is also recommended that you must watch your ads and landing page conversions to know whether your ads are working or not.


After running these ads for a week, given below is the output it generated:

  • Total Clicks (including ad likes and page like): 67
  • Click to website: 40
  • Reach: 3718
  • Click Through Rate: 1.68%
  • Average price per click: 48 cents

Refer given below image:


If we deduce the above stats, ads have generated an over 1.5% click through rate which is good according to Perry Marshall, author of “The Ultimate Guide of Facebook Ads”. According to him, more than 0.1% click through rate is good. Also, the expenditure is below half a dollar which is affordable.


From above case study, given below is the learning:

  1. A compelling offer: Your ads must have something to offer which should be worthwhile for the audience
  1. Image Ads are more attention grabbing than text ads. To grab the attention of Facebook user is difficult, so to seize their attention, it is important to make ads attractive.
  1. Facebook ads are the part of the process. But converting them into potential customer also depends on the great landing page.
  2. Hit and Trial is the crux of the Facebook marketing. You can’t stick one idea or one image or one landing page, you have to play with it and learn from it.

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