Case Study On Making Your Facebook Status Go Viral

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downloadFacebook is one of the most popular and powerful Social Media tools. Nowadays, everyone is using Facebook. Be it children or oldies everyone uses it. The number of Facebook users is increasing day by day. All of us want our stuff to get noticed on Facebook. Hope everyone agrees with me on this. I believe there are is rocket science in this.

There are few things which we should consider while posting our stuff on Facebook. Let’s study them one by one.

1) Content

First thing we should keep in mind is the content of our post. The content which we are posting on Facebook should be meaningful. We should have a good headline to our post, and keep the post length less than 250 characters. Headline should be such as if it generates curiosity and interest among the readers to read our stuff. Too lengthy post generates less likes and comments than shorter ones. Usage of videos, pictures and graphics attracts more likes and comments rather than text. You can try posting text along with the images. We should not forget that visual impressions last longer in our minds. Images say thousand of words. the right image means our most of the task is already done. To prove this I will show an image to you.


One can use inspirational quotes also.
One thing you should keep in mind while posting choosing headlines or text of the stuff should that it should not hurt the sentiments of others. It should not create adverse feeling in the mind of readers. It should be catchy enough to arouse interest among the readers which makes them read our post. Don’t make it very simple else all our efforts will go in vain.You can post anything. We can even post small accomplishments of our life.

2) Being Regular on Facebook

More time you spend on facebook more likes and comments. One should be consistent in posting stuff on facebook. One should not post once a month. To start with if we are posting our company stuff one should post once in a day. We should update our posts regularly. If our update is on the top then we will get more likes. For this as I said one should spend more time on facebook. Number of likes and comments also decide our post rank. We should interact with more and more people. We can improve our position by starting a discussion in the comments.

3) Timings

Timing of the posts also matters. Timings should be perfect. For an instance, if we want to post stuff about sale of our company’s product. We should do posting well in advance rather on the day when sale is starting. Timing should be such that more and more users are able to view our post. Likewise, if we want to post stuff related to Republic Day, one should post it before 26 January to attract more likes and comments. Avoid postings on weekends. The best time to post on facebook is between 1pm to 4pm.

4) Tagging

Tagging is very important tool to make your post go viral on facebook.


By tagging we can reach those people also who are not in our friend list. We can reach our friends friend. By this we can get updates of our friends also. Basically we can enlarge our reach. More users see our post, more likes and comments. We can also ask our female friends to tag us as girls get more attention then boys.But we should be very careful, while tagging. One should not tag all of our friends and unnecessarily bother them.

5) Feedback

The best way to engage our customers and clients is to take feedback from them. This way we not only engages customer, but we increases our interactions with them which in turn helps us making our post go viral on facebook. We can take feedback about anything like feedback of the new product which we are launching or about the existing products or services.

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