Case Study On Making Your Facebook Status Update Go Viral

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Have you ever seen a Facebook status update from a brand with thousands of likes and hundreds of shares?  This is so because they adopt smart tactics, for instance, clever images which capitalize on something that happened recently in the news or was going viral on sites. These kinds of updates are happening more now than ever before. Companies leverage them to get an instant hike in their levels of engagement and hence, grow their brand by incorporating it into real world events. Though it’s a challenge, there are ways to win over. The reality is that if a Facebook status update doesn’t boost the number of likes or makes you money, it is because you are not creating compelling and consistent content. More importantly, the majority of these updates are focused around ‘what’ instead of ‘why’.

Here’s how you can create a Facebook status update that will drive likes, shares and most importantly, conversions.

1. Create Great Content


It is the most important thing you should focus on. Create amazing and compelling content that your customers, audience and fans can directly relate to. However, it requires a strategy. A useful way to share is to blog, take photos and create an online persona for your business. When you post great content on your website and other sites, it’s implies that you have something valuable to share. Facebook has confirmed that images are shared, commented on and liked 2 times more often than a simple text status update. Thus, using compelling visuals that support your content can be an effective way to generate a lot of buzz for your concept online. Share articles, videos and images that will bring your fans back to your site for more. Targeted your content wisely and your loyal fans will acknowledge it.

2. Embed Your Posts

It is highly likely that your target audience is present all over the web and not limited to only Facebook. You can increase the reach of your Facebook status update by embedding that on your blog. This will make your Facebook posts visible to your website viewers and enable them to engage with your Facebook content off Facebook.

3. Ask Your Fans to Receive Notifications

Do you know that you receive notifications from your top friends on Facebook? Do you know that you can get the same type of notifications from Fan pages too? This is true, yet a lot of people don’t know about it. To receive notification from fan pages, press the ‘like’ button and the ‘get notifications’ option. After you do that, whenever that page is updated, you will receive an instant notification. Ask your fans to do the same for your company’s Facebook fan page. Share good content and keep your fans engaged.

4. Encourage Likes and Shares

More number of likes and comments on your Facebook status update imply that you could reach more people through it. An easy way to make something important go viral is to encourage your friends and followers to like it and share it in their network. You can accomplish that only via good content. However, don’t forcefully ask people to like or share your update as it could cost or embarrass you.  If you’ve done a good job in building and maintaining a relationship with your loyal followers, a little encouragement will be more than enough.

5. Give Reasons to Comment

Commenting is one of the best ways to grab attention for your content. Begin each post with a comment from your fan page and your personal page to stir up the conversation. It is also a good idea to interact by asking pertinent questions or giving incentives to those who comment regularly. You must also reply to any queries or questions that people raise on you updates.

6. Create Fan Page Relationships

When you conspicuously support other fan pages, they’re likely to return the favor and share your content. Furthermore, you can tag pages within your posts. Your fans and other loyal fan pages will see this tag and popularize it for you. In order to build a successful relationship with other fan pages, you will have to do this for them too. After all, it is a two way street. However, audience is different for every company and not everything might work for you. You need to experiment to figure that out.

7. Be Creative With Your Call To Actions


Stirring conversations from sharing great content is amazing. However, developing conversations with great content and a unique call to action is even better. This is because it is an easy way to increase the number of likes on a post. After a follower sees a call to action asking them to ‘share’ or ‘like’ this post from a brand they have a relationship with, they often heed and listen. This will land your content in front of their followers and friends. But don’t be content with a simple ‘Like this post’ update. Be unique and give people options that focus less on you and more on them.

8. Get Personal Using Location and Language Filters


It’s a tactic that not many people use but it can be a game changer. Enhance the reach of your post based on language or location. It is also an effective way to deliver relevant and niche messages to the target audience. For example, translate your original Facebook status update this into Spanish and target people who have Spanish listed as their language. That’s how you can increase the number of fans.


At the end of the day, you write, create and develop your Facebook status update to spread awareness and improve engagement on your company website. There are a lot of other ways to garner popularity on Facebook but the aforementioned are some of the most helpful ones. If you are having a Facebook page for your brand, you need to devote time to it and make your status update go viral. By and large, you must develop compelling content to do so. Remember, making a post go viral isn’t impossible but sustaining relationships with your loyal followers without good content and engagement is.

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