Case Study: Tata Sky’s #DailyDillagi Campaign

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About Tata Sky 

Incorporated in 2001, Tata Sky Ltd is a joint venture between Tata Sons and 21st Century Fox. The satellite television service aims to empower the Indian viewer with choice, control and convenience through its wide array of programming choices and interactive features Tata Sky offers customers interactive services as well as a variety of channels ranging from entertainment, sports, movies and music to news and documentaries in DVD quality picture and CD quality sound.  It has redefined the television viewing experience for thousands of families across India.


Direct to Home subscription base in India is 6.2 crores, Tata Sky share currently stands at 6.2 Crores. With the ever maturing urban markets, Tata Sky has been looking to target Rural india- where a large chunk of TV viewers still depend on analogue services.

The challenge facing the Brand in the rural market  was accepting that a monthly subscription model did not fit the requirements of the consumer. They sought a model where they could pay for their limited consumption which was largely short term keeping in mind lengthy hours of power cuts.

With this understanding, Tata Sky introduced the Daily Recharge- a sachet size recharge voucher offering a minimum 8 Rs recharge coupon providing a user access to their DTH service for a day.

The challenge for the brand was bringing out a path breaking campaign which would emphasize the everyday nature of the brand and the benefits of it.

Strategy Adopted:

Tata Sky along with Ogilvy and Mather came up with a campaign called ‘Daily Dillagi’ that wdailydillagiould have 13 TVC’s strewn together to tell the story of a young couple that meet whenever the girl comes to the boy’s store to buy a daily recharge coupon and how their every day meeting eventually blossoms into love. The brand promise being : “Daily Milenge toh pyaar to hoga hi “

The agency created 13 commercials of 1 minute each and was set against a small town close to Srinagar. The campaign was launched to coincide with IPL 8.

The first episode that was launched on Tata Sky’s Youtube channel titled Pehli Nazar has 620K views.

Apart from the TVC’s a huge social media marketing campaign was also launched simultaneously. The brand built engagement and interaction with customers through conversations asking for advice for the lead character (Mannu) who is confused about what to wear on his first date. The customer was invited to help him out through a video.

There was another video with Neelu’s dad talking about Neelu’s change in behaviour.

In addition to this, lots of interactive competitions were held asking viewers to answer questions after each video either on their Facebook, twitter or website and stand the chance to win a Tata Sky connection

The Facebook and Twitter pages were also redesigned along the lines of the campaign with creative visuals and hashtags like #thingspeopledoinlove and #saidalldadsever among others.

The lead characters also created their own personal profile pages as Neelu and Mannu to create a personal touch and give the brand an identity to connect with customers.

All things considered , Tata Sky took a bold step in redefining the age old mantra of stand alone TVC’s and ad campaigns, choosing to make a 13 episode long love story to convey the everyday nature of Tata Sky’s chota recharge along with the tag line ‘Jis din tv dekho usi din ka recharge karo’

Result Achieved:

The first episode that was launched on Tata Sky’s Youtube channel titled Pehli Nazar has 620K views, and all the 13 videos together brought in over 5 million views.

The Tata Sky website witnessed a 30 % surge in visitors during the first run of the campaign during IPL. Facebook & Twitter also witnessed massive increase in follows and interactions thereby increasing customer engagement and awareness around the campaign.

The message of the campaign “Daily Milenge toh pyaar to hoga hi” was very well received and Tata Sky is already growing rapidly in the rural market with this offering as was the intention behind this campaign.


An emotional connect with customers was brought forth through the 13 TVC’s which broke the clutter in terms of it’s execution both online and offline.

Personalized Facebook and Twitter pages created a bond between characters and customers

Engagement through youtube videos and contests allowed users to be a part of the campaign, thus extending recall.

While competitors might look it as a gimmick campaign, it will go down in memory as a bold move by Tata Sky to promote a product via story telling on TV and then further tying it with digital. In doing so Tata Sky has reached its IPL watching TV audience and by building conversations on social media it has also gained eyeballs from netizens. The daily recharge is a path breaking product so far unheard of in the DTH space and required a path breaking campaign backing it. Which was what we got and the #DailyDillagi will remain in the hearts of viewers all over the country.

Image Credits: Tata Sky

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