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15 Content Marketing Types to Help Your Business Grow

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Content Marketing can be very beneficial for businesses if used properly. One needs to know the intricacies of  their organisations to take leverage of content marketing. You may not understand its use initially but you will see a change over a period of time. Its numerous benefits can make a business flourish immensely. Content Marketing is basically marketing your brand’s products and services with the help of content.

This could be done properly if you understand how to go about it, once you start learning content marketing you make the best out of it in a very short period of time. it also strongly integrates customer action in various different ways that you may not understand initially but you will gradually.

Content Marketing Types are as follows:

  1. Blog Posts

Blog posts is the best way to promote your brand or product or service as by this you can grab audience in the most natural way. You have the space and time frame to write your thoughts and reach the target consumer in best possible way. You can use techniques to promote it at every level on all social media platforms. This is how you can benefit from posting blogs.

Source: http://www. Lifehack. Org/

Things to Keep in Mind While Writing a Blog

  • Try to make it as informative as you can.
  • Don’t forget it embedding keywords according to search engine optimization.
  • Your writing style should be very simple, so that general audience can easily understand whatever you are trying to inject.
  • Your objectives should be clear and you should not deviate from the topic.

2. Guest Blog posts 

Guest Blogging is another very important tool to get organic traffic through posting articles and blogs on other sites. this helps in optimization and later helps Google to crawl the websites in a better way. This increases readership to audience and is a great platform to defuse what you want to tell to your target consumers.

Things to Keep in Mind While Writing a Guest Blog Post

  • The topics of your blog posts should be very engaging.
  • You should choose the sites for guest blogging very carefully.
  • Do not shift the focus of your writing from enticing consumers to boring them badly.

3. Press Release 

Press Release is another very important kind o a content marketing types as it not only helps in promotion but it also help sin reaching out to the audience about the launch of a product or a service or existing services to reach a potential customer. The brainchild is to reach to as many sites as you can that can be good for you business and post press releases. This really helps in digitally marketing your business on a very large scale.

Pr news

Things to Keep in Mind While Writing a Press Release 

  • Follow the inverted pyramid style of writing. This means mention the focal point of your press release in the introductory paragraphs. This helps the reader to be informed even if he doesn’t reads the whole thing.
  • Mention the 5w’s and 1h i.e. what, where, when,why, who & how in the body of your text.
  • Write in proper format or else you’ll end up confusing the readers.

4. How To Guides

How To Guides are the most searched and the easiest to write as they are the canvas to your field of expertise. you have the chance of telling the audience about how awesome your product or service is and you can do that with these. You can make guides or give tips to entice your target audience.

Source: http://gizmodo. Com/5719874/best-of-how-to

Things to Keep in Mind While Writing How To Guides

  • Think of every reader as a layman and then write. It is best not to get too technical but at the same time was content should not be useless as the reader wouldn’t stick to it then. You need to understand the requirement of your target and then frame your guides accordingly.
  • These could be based on the FAQs as that are the inputs by consumers or audience.
  • Keep it interactive so that people understand whet you’re trying to tell them.

5. Images

Images are another very interesting way to tell what you want to say in a just seconds and that too in a very attractive manner. This could be confusing sometimes as you don’t have that much space to write but as it is said most of our communication is non-verbal. So, try it. Use the bouquet of thought and experiment.

Lead generation

Things to keep in Mind While Writing on an Image

  • Remember the KISS rule which is Keep It Simple Silly. This will help you in communicating your focal point in a very creative way to the consumers.
  • Be very precise and to the point. Know what you’re trying to inject.
  • Try to be innovative, experimental and original with your ideas.

6. Infographics

Use inforgaphics as this is the most interesting way of showcasing your abilities. You have the time and space to be creative with an infographic. You can elaborate as much as you want to as this might just make what ever you’re trying to say easier and effortless. You can be as loud as you want to in conveying your message, the key goal is that it should reach the audience.

Infoinfographic_content marketing

Things to keep in Mind While Creating an Infographic 

  • You can elaborate with the help of graphics but keep your points very short.
  • Try to be different.
  • You need not worry about the length of the infographic, it can be long, as long as you want!

7. Videos

There is so much of variety in videos, I have a list of ideas as to how innovative one can get with the video thing. A good video can communicate a message that plain content may not be able to. It can be very persuasive for the audience. These are also valid to make guides, interviews and other demonstrations.

Video blog

Things to Keep in Mind While Making a Video 

  • A video should be 2 or 3 minutes long or else it may bore the audience.
  • Making a video isn’t cheap but you can always start small.

8. Illustrations

These are very similar to infographics. you can make a kind of a comic story or something more out of the box with a pinch of content in it and the readers will be lured. There is no science to make an illustration, if you haven’t already made it, go ahead!

Things to Keep in Mind While Creating an Illustration 

  • Follow the points mentioned for infographics.
  • Use visual punch proportionately and do not overdo anything!

9. Testimonials

What better way of making your customers speak on your behalf. After all word of mouth if used digitally,its till works! Get your consumers to write for you and you can attract customers therein. This is one of the best way to seek attention in the right manner.


Things to Keep in Mind While Getting a Testimonial Written 

  • Ask the consumer to be specific but still be natural and don not give directions as to how to write it for you.
  • Mixed reviews would also work for a testimonial as it serves originality.

10. Case Studies

Case studies are also a great way to do content marketing as you can choose the brand in interest of your business and make the consumer understand the whole thing. Otherwise, you can do a case study of other brands as well that may not relate to your product or service as readers read case studies and this maybe is a chance to promote your brand and create a brand image.

Things to Keep in Mind While Writing a Case Study 

  • Don’t directly market your product through a case study.
  • Give it a structure of a story.

11. News Stories

Newsjacking can also help you, if a news is related to the kind of business you do, you can try to relate it and post it. This might help you in grabbing eyes and making it work for you in a good way!

Things to Keep in Mind While Writing News Stories 

  • Mention the 5w’s & 1h.
  • Write the story in inverted pyramid style.

12. Memes

Memes are funny, hilarious and engaging. These can be of two types either you run a campaign to entice consumers or you make a hot and trending meme so that you get leads from it. An engaging meme could be asking the audience to use a particular hashtag or sharing a post or a picture. This helps in increasing followers and customer base.


Things to Keep in Mind While Writing Memes 

  • These are adaptable but stick to your niche.
  • Do not overuse them as they get common very easily.

13.  Being Active on Social Media

Posting on almost every social media is also going to give a lot of scope of promotion and you’ll land up where you have always wanted to be. Your brand’s popularity will definitely grow by being active on social media platforms like twitter, instagram, facebook, google+ and linkedin.

Social media vector icons

Things to Keep in Mind While Writing Social Media Posts 

  • Be interactive.
  • Try to be engaging.
  • Do not forget being creative.

14. Email Newsletters

This is one of the best ways to keep the existing customers and also bring in new ones. The new ones are the ones who are interested in your product or service as they must have subscribed to the posts. So, now you can basically promote your business through email newsletters.

Things to Keep in Mind While Writing an Email Newsletter 

  • Inspire and inform at the same time.
  • Eliminate monotony from your content.

15. Podcasts

Look a close look at your business prospects and see how you can benefit from them as people can listen to podcasts while working, walking, running and etc. So, go ahead try your hands on a podcast too.

Things to Keep in Mind While Writing a Podcast 

  • Relate it to your product or service.
  • Elaborate more and speak as if the listener doesn’t know anything.
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