Crucial Elements To Perform Ethical Reddit Marketing

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Reddit marketing? Do you think it is possible? Do you think of this question once you see the topic?

Some more questions who are already into Reddit may get-Reddit, by any chance related to SEO? What are the traits of this Reddit? How to make a viral post in Reddit? And more importantly, how to do a wise Reddit marketing?

Here is the answer for all!

Reddit insights

As of 2015, Reddit has 542 million monthly visitors (234 million unique users), given 14th place by visitors in U.S whereas 36th place in the world in terms of visitors.

what is reddit


Reddit establish themselves as entertainment, social networking and news website with several links and interesting posts entering day-by-day. Buzzed to visualize all the terms in one place?But don’t you think it is a decent place to start out your marketing? Reddit is yet again a new world with a millions of people! You can dump in the content into Reddit on a free sign-up. You will be entitled as “Redditors” on the free sign-up. Reddit  submissions  are classified to a number of “subreddits“. Once you logged in, users of Reddit have the ability to vote on submissions and it also provides you with Up-vote and Down-vote buttons that would mean if  someone put up their relevant views on the discussing  conversation, up vote it, feel like not relevant to the subreddit or if it is off-topic in a particular community, down vote it. It also have the submission’s score which is basically the upvotes minus downvotes for the submission.

reddit page


There are huge Bunches of acronyms which are viral in Reddit, one has to get mastered in using those acronyms in your content to become the hardcore Reddit marketer.

Few of those are here which you’ll see very often in Reddit:

  • AFAIK means “As far as I know”
  • AMA means “Ask me anything”
  • NSFW means “Not safe for work” (sexual content)
  • OP means “Original poster” (the person who started the thread)
what is your Reddit way

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  • Customize the front page of Reddit to the maximum you can to filter out what you don’t want to see vs what you want to others to showcase. Usage of few things in your sub-Reddit sidebar to make sure your followers stay close to your brand.
    • An event calendar.
    • The company’s important  updates.
    • How well are you performing?
  • Content is the king everywhere you go

    Usage of more appropriate, informative, well-written content to your readers will get more engagement try to come out with an exclusive playful content to get the maximum upvotes. Even you can pick out from some of the happening topics and then frame a question relevant to your product/service and post it to grab the audience attention.

  • Be more creative when choosing the title for your post, make it engaging so that audience should get so curious what the post is gonna tell them?
    reddit titles
  • You may not try to add more value to the life by doing some karma but it is indeed to do so when you want to hack in Reddit, improve your karma in the maximum feasible ways to compete with your Redditors.

    Reddit karma

  • Frame the content for any subreddit accordingly post it, to start with do more and more research about the other popular Redditors and how they are performing and try to make the audience for your own and end up with a posting of amazing contents exclusively for them. The Major difficulty  is to get the  relevant subreddits to your website or audience.But Reddit helps out  to search for subreddits using “related subreddit” links.
  • Does Reddit help in SEO-but how? we agree that right keywords will help in SEO-Aim to find out  the right subreddit, get the  posts with a lot of comments & discussion – LOOK AT THEM  WITH THE CRAVE OF  terms and phrases that you have not got by your own findings else you might try out with Google keyword planner.
  • Believe it or not-It is not possible to yield the results over night similar to some other social media you need to hold your patience to reap the fruit of hard work it might take at least a week or so to know how your content is performing well in Reddit.
  • Don’t show  up your marketing mind to the fellow Redditors so soon. Audience building is so crucial in Reddit so wait until you get  an accountable number of followers. when you keep on doing Reddit marketing you will be eventually banned on one or the other day.

           Many Reddit marketers commented the fact“If you want to stand out in Reddit marketing, for the                    heavenly sake try  be a Redditor, not a marketer” because Redditors hate marketers.

  • Make the page interactive

Start getting answers for your questions  in any form in the particular subreddit where you post and reward the most relevant answers by showcasing it in your page sidebar.

  • Offer them something (should be pocket friendly for us) free-share your exclusive content to the fellow Redditors and make them aware “how special they are” and this offers is exclusive only for the Redditors and promote it as much as you can.

    Reddit offers

  •  If you are really fond of Reddit and still not finding the right people for your post you can start out with Reddit marketing via advertising. To start with Reddit ads is surprisingly cheap ($5 minimum) and you can reach out targeted traffic directly to an offer for $1 for 1000 ad impressions.Travis level- entrepreneur, startup marketer commented that “Paid ads that I currently run get 1%+ click-through rates when others average 0.2%.That’s 5X the average CTR of Reddit ads!Not only are the click through rates good, but the traffic to my landing pages has converted between 20-25%”.
Reddit insights

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