Himalaya leveraged Digital Marketing for ‘Himalaya for Him’ : Case study

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About ”Himalaya for him”

Himalaya herbal, India’s leading herbal products company has been a trailblazer since its inception. The company was founded in 1930 by M Manal with a mission to re-introduce the age-old Ayurvedic knowledge to the society in a contemporary form. Manufacturer of wide spectrum of natural products comprising of nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, brand ‘Himalaya’ has progressed through its R&D expertise, technological advancements and digital marketing strategy to become a preferred brand among young consumers thus creating its niche in the highly fragmented natural product industry.Recently, the company stepped in the men’s grooming segment, and introduced its face washes under the brand “Himalaya for Him”. The launch of new brand and adoption of digital marketing has paved the company’s road to success. The conquest saga started with the whopping success of its first product, the Pimple clear Neem Face wash, later inclusions like Instant Oil Clear Lemon Face Wash and Power Glow Licorice Face Wash followed the trail. The men’s grooming segment has a huge market potential of INR 3,800 crore and a growth rate of 21 per cent; the face wash segment being 40% of the total market share. “Himalaya is a market leader in face washes and we have known expertise in this segment’ proclaims Rajesh Krishnamurthy, Business Head – Consumer Products Division of the company.

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 Himalaya for Him’s Business Objectives

To design natural products through seamless integration of traditional Ayurveda with modern science, create awareness on its unique range of products and ensure its global presence in the men’s grooming segment.

Digital Marketing Strategy adopted by Himalaya for Him

Believe in the digital power

Himalaya is one of the earliest companies that marked its presence on the internet. As Himalaya has been around for 80 years, it has witnessed the evolution of Internet and embraced the new technology; strategized its business to suit this new medium. After taking on the technological advances in marketing and supply chain technology, the company is now enjoying the results in terms of brand acceptance and revenue generation.

Wooing the prospective consumers

Aiming at the consumers in the 17-22 age group Himalaya Herbal understands the need to complement its conventional advertising campaign with the digital campaign. The company launched a new microsite – Himalaya for Him – to facilitate different kinds of conversations with its consumers.

Social media optimization

While it’s true that a well created video can prompt many a potential consumers into buying products, optimizing it for social media can amplify it further. The Himalaya men face wash teaser was viewed by over a million viewers on YouTube on the first day of the launch. The video featured men’s growing concern about their looks and that a small pimple bothers a man as much as it does a woman. Moreover the launch time perfectly accorded with IPL start and video featuring the star cricketer and style icon Virat Kohli hit the bull’s eye.

The problem solvers

Himalaya has a policy that it responds to all the queries posted on its website within 24 hours . The endeavor helps them create a real connect with their consumers.

Himalaya’s digital Lakshya

In its digital stride, the brand has launched ‘My Lakshya’ – a campaign to realize the dreams of individuals who compromised with their dreams to achieve social acceptance. Moving around the idea of -Believe in yourself and do not give up on your dreams, the My Lakshya digital film created by Web Chutney and directed by Sharad Kalawar,  is a social experiment that drives home the core message of the campaign. The 3-minute film highpoints the disconnection between passion and profession; as people grow up they get entangled in the process of social acceptance and forget about their passion and dreams, thus end up compromising their dreams. The campaign is buoyed by a website and individuals can be a part of the campaign either by filling up a form or by speaking about their dreams through a video upload. The website also provides a link to “Hmalaya for Him”, the brand website, which besides introducing its product range, also shares tips for success at workplace.

The word is being effectively spread through social media, especially Facebook and Twitter. My Lakshya page on Facebook has already pulled more than 16000 fans in a short span. Additionally, the campaign is being promoted on Twitter through The Himalaya Herbals Twitter page and has grabbed attention of more than 4000 viewers.On the wings of ‘My Lakshya’, Himalaya, has dared an exemplary move in the field of consumer engagement. Going beyond business to being platform for who wanted to pursue their dreams, Himalaya’s My Lakshya has built a strong base to reach out to young and aspiring individuals. The dual concept of promoting its face wash in consort with empowering young individuals to achieve their dreams has paved a road to victory for the brand. An honest campaign backed by an emotional driving message has touched many a hearts. Moreover, contrary to the conventional method of form filling, the video entry option for My Lakshya is an innovative inclusion in the campaign, which makes it far more alluring to the consumers.

Results achieved by Himalaya for Him

 Digital marketing has helped the brand amplify its message and reach out to a wider audience enabling greater creative experimentation and deeper conversations. The digitally inspired product selling increased sales by 123%. Moreover the brand has successfully created a consumer following and Neem Face wash appeared as a market leader recording a net sale of INR 300 crores. The first hurdle in any venture is generating public awareness; Himalaya for him has crossed the hurdle through the magical wings of digital marketing. The brand is all set to take sustainable flight, to witness highest ever revenue collection, through its digital marketing strategies.


It is important for a brand to know its potential consumers and strategize its campaigns to appeal a particular segment. Marketing strategies that also take care of the consumers aspirational needs are a sure win.

Photo credits:  Himalaya

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