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Content Marketing Summit is the pioneer event where you get a chance to listen to the innovators, publishers, brands, technology enablers from around the globe to come together and impart knowledge to the general audience so that they can make the best out of it. The brainchild is to make people explore the creative world of Content marketing and understand the intricacies of the arena to build goals and excel their field of interest at the same time.

The dynamic progress of digital marketing has given an overwhelming response in the past few years and is going to be expanding in the near future as well. This transfiguration gives an equal chance to brands, publishers, agency partners and independent creators to benefit immensely. 

Why Should I Attend CMS 2017?

You get a chance to bridge yourself to the global  Marketing Professionals, Publishers and content Creators at the same time. Wherein, your knowledge about content marketing increases and hence you can leverage your business by implementing those strategies into your work structure and benefit from that.  The renowned professionals are going to impart information in relation to the various marketing tools that you could use while merchandising as a potent brand publisher.

Who Should Attend?

1. For Marketers

Marketers are going to get an overview about the new trends and understand where they are going wrong or what else can be incorporated into their business prospects.

2. In the Field of Publishing

Editors, Writers, Bloggers, Journalists, Freelancers, Producers, Photographers, Translators, Content Heads and Programming Heads should attend this summit as you have so much to learn from. How can each one of you benefit from implementing content marketing into your profession is extraordinary.

3. Advertisers & Copy Writers

The current content marketing landscape may surprise you, but as advertisers and copy writers you can benefit from it to a large extent. You also get your hands on exclusive ways to use content marketing and how the strategist have already made use of it for so many brands.

4. Social Media, Digital Media & Celebrity Managers

People belonging to the profession of mass media can find the summit very helpful as there is so much to learn from. The digitization has exceeded to an extent that its nothing less than a spectrum of sheer information, it is on us how to benefit from it.

Celebrity managers can consider this as an extra ordinary opportunity which will help them to traverse the various pros of Content Marketing in a short duration. This summit will groom you from within as this is a chance for learning and implementing the marketing tools into your profession.


It is going to take place on the 4th & 5th of May starting 9:30 am to 5:30 pm in the evening. During this duration you are going to come across many people who have turned their worlds uphill by making good use of the digital marketing and exploring every bit of it. Some of the few names that will be present there are going to be RJ Naved, Prajakta Kohli (a Youtube celebrity), Anupama Chopra (a film critic, journalist), Kanika Mittal and many more.

You get a chance to listen to the panel discussion of various media persons and people who are asssociated with big brands. This is going to be a turnpike as to how they got that far and how have they been able to make the best use of digitization. If they can, so can you!

The day is going to be broken down into four parts, wherein, you’ll have various renowned people from the industry coming and talking on important topics that are going to be beneficial for you personally and professionally.

Partners of Content Marketing Summit Asia

The partners include Linkedin, Salesforce, Hubspot, Woodwing, Medianama, Bizztor, Campaign, Events Faqs, Trade Briefs, Business Wire, Content Marketing Council and Digital Vidya.

It is the first collaboration of Digital Vidya with Content Marketing Summit Asia and we are looking forward to lucrative business relations with them in the coming years. Let’s make the best out of this summit and create opportunities for ourselves to prosper and grow.

Registration Details – You can register yourself by going to their website. The sooner you register the better, there are special discount offers made for you. You can register as a delegate or an early bird.

Use Promocode ‘VIDYA’ and avail 40% special discount. 

Date- 4th & 5th May

Venue- The Westin, Gurgaon

Do you want to miss this chance where you get to interact with 125+ Speakers from over 15+ Countries with an audience of 12000+ Delegates? Register yourself with CMS Asia 2017 to make the best use of this opportunity. Meet the global leaders of Content and Digital Marketing.

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