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Digital Vidyarthi Speaks- Interview with Ghanshyam Singh

Interview with ghanshyam singh

(Digital Vidya Team): Digital marketers blend their expertise in online marketing strategies with their creative talents to craft effective digital marketing campaigns. 

Whether they’re working on campaigns for themselves, clients, or employers, this combination of skills is essential for success.

If you possess creativity, passion, and a strong desire to make a meaningful impact, a career in digital marketing could be an excellent match for you. It’s a field where your creative energy can shine while you perform work that truly matters.

Ghanshyam singh

Ghanshyam Singh, currently employed as a Digital Marketing Executive, seized the opportunity to explore the world of digital marketing through his learning with Digital Vidya.

In 2022, he enrolled in Digital Vidya’s renowned Certified Digital Marketing Master (CDMM) program, and since then, he has been making remarkable strides in shaping his digital marketing career.

Please brief us about your professional background including the importance of Digital Marketing in your current profile.

Ghanshyam: I am Ghanshyam, currently working in Laveek Estate as a Digital Marketing Executive. In my current job role, I am responsible for creating and executing digital marketing strategies, that will assist the company in creating a strong online presence. 

The role of digital marketing and the various techniques used to promote the brand digitally is massive in my current job role. From online promotion to social media engagement to using paid media, all require a solid foundation of digital marketing. 

What was your prior educational and working background?

Ghanshyam: Prior to learning digital marketing, I earned my diploma in chemical engineering and worked as a quality analyst for 1 year and 6 months. 

Why did you opt to learn and build a career in digital marketing?

Ghanshyam: I was intrigued and wanted to work in the marketing industry. After researching ways to get in, I found out about the growing presence of digital marketing. I understood that digital marketing is a booming industry and every business requires an online presence nowadays. 

It does not matter which industry you work with, every place needs to promote itself online to gain more clients and stay relevant in this digital age. Digital marketing is exciting and future-proof as well to build a career in.  

Which course of Digital Vidya did you participate in? How did it help you acquire new skills related to digital marketing? 

Ghanshyam: I enrolled myself in the CDMM course in 2022, as I wanted to learn and understand all the digital marketing techniques and modules. 

Alongside gaining knowledge and skills via the live classes, I even practiced with the help of the recording and gained insights with the help of the trainers. 

How was the training experience at Digital Vidya?

Ghanshyam: The learning with Digital Vidya was very informative and gave me a solid foundation in the various methods and principles of digital marketing. 

The trainers were very helpful as they provided me assistance at every module and were available at every doubt session to explain even the smallest of concerns. 

The coordinators were readily available as well and were very crucial in the completion of assignments as well as case studies and projects.

What are your work responsibilities in your new job role?

Ghanshyam: As a digital marketing executive at Laveek Estate, I am responsible for creating and implementing the company’s digital marketing strategy.  

This includes managing the company’s website, social media accounts, and paid advertising. I use my knowledge of social media marketing to help businesses connect with their target audience and build relationships. 

Also, I am responsible for creating and running effective paid ads campaigns on platforms such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads. 

What would like to say about your overall experience at Digital Vidya? What advice would you give to marketing enthusiasts as well?

Ghanshyam: The overall experience was splendid and gave me the right knowledge and skills that I require in my current job role as a digital marketer. 

I am very grateful for the learning opportunity Digital Vidya provided me. The knowledge and practice in using digital marketing tools and platforms were instrumental in the process of my job selection.

Post course completion, multiple interview opportunities were scheduled for me, and with their assistance, I got my job in Laveek Estate. 

I would advise anyone who is looking to build a career in digital marketing to enroll in a course in Digital Vidya. Digital Vidya provides quality education which assists students a lot in implementing the skills in their digital marketing career. 

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