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Beginner’s Guide to Free Directory Submission List

Beginner’s Guide to Free Directory Submission List

Marketing of a business can be done in a number of ways; traditional marketing, digital marketing, etc but there are many essential steps that will help in increasing the efficiency of these methods. Directory submission list is one of those methods.

In today’s time, getting profit in a business is never easy and neither it is easy to promote it. No person can get the best out of their business by just following a single method of promotion.

Unless and until you are able to make your business reach a wide number of audiences, you won’t get the expected profits from your business. Directory submission sites list helps in this.

As per a recent study, directory submission improves ranking in search engines by more than 30%.

If you are not aware of directory submission, worry not, we are here to provide you with all the details about directory submission. In addition, we will also provide you with the directory submission list through which you can enhance the reach of your business.

So without getting any delays, let’s first understand what this directory submission sites are

What are Directory Submission Sites?

These days, online businesses are following a number of strategies to grow their business and directory submission is one of those strategies.

It is used by businesses to increase the popularity of their website on the internet.

The link and reputation of the website can be highly improved by following this strategy and one can get the desired results from one’s business by including this strategy to their business.

Directory submission sites are basically those sites which are used to submit the website’s URL in order to create backlinks. It is an essential method to enhance SEO and eventually get benefited in your business.

You might be thinking, why create backlinks?

Backlinks are essential to improve your website’s ranking on the search engine.

Search engines use these backlinks to enhance the ranking of websites. In simple words, you can say if you have more backlinks, then your website’s ranking in a search engine will certainly improve.

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If you want to get the best out of your business then you will have to focus on getting more and more backlinks.

Through this article, we will let you know the directory submission list where you can add your website’s URL and gain more backlinks.

If you want to increase the visibility of your website on the search engine and want to gain good rankings then it is must to use directory submission list through which you can earn backlinks.

Businesses which are not using directory submission list are basically putting a limit on the reach of their business.

Hereby we are not saying that your website can’t get a good search engine ranking without directory submission sites but what we want to say is that you will enhance the reach.

Let us discuss the types of directory submission:

Types of Directory Submission

Types of Directory Submission

Types of Directory Submission

1. Basic Directory Submission

Here you can use a single URL along with a single description and numerous titles to submit on directories. If you are targeting particular keywords then this is going to be the best method for you.

2. Normal Directory Submission

This is also similar to basic directory submission though the only difference is that here you can add a number of descriptions as well on distinct directories. If you want to gain more natural backlinks then consider using this submission method.

3. Multiple URL Directory Submission

Here you can also add up to 10 internal URLs. This method is highly suitable if you want to spread your backlinks on multiple pages of the same website.

If you are really serious about your internet marketing then you must consider including directory submission while preparing the strategy for internet marketing.

Benefits of Directory Submission Sites List

Benefits of Directory Submission Sites List

Benefits of Directory Submission Sites List

By now you must have understood the concept of directory submission and how it is being used by the businesses but if you are still confused about the benefits of directory submission list then worry not, below we are providing you with the major benefits of directory submission sites.

(i) You can get one-way links through directory submission sites. If you are into digital marketing you must be knowing the essence of one-way links on search engines but if you don’t let me clarify that for you.

One-way links get premium on search engines whereas reciprocal links don’t get any such benefit.

(ii) Search engines have evolved a lot and they always try to serve their visitors in the best way possible hence they give more value on the links from well-established websites and those which are also related to your market niche.

You can increase the credibility of your website by creating more one-way links. Your links will be considered more relevant if you are focusing on earning one-way links. You will also get an option to choose directories that are already well-established.

(iii) You can also gain search engine listings through directory submission sites. Listing your website in a directory means your website will be recognized fast by search engine bots.

If you have just created your website then listing your website in the directory is really essential as it will be recognized by search engines quickly.

(iv) Your website will gain more traffic after you will list your website in the directory as it will help in developing more and more relevant keywords.

More and more keywords will improve your website’s ranking on the search engine.

(v) Adding your websites in the directory submission list will help in increasing brand awareness.

Listing your website in directory submission lists will increase the reach of your business and will clear a number of doubts regarding your business.

(vi) There are a number of SEO strategies that are adopted by internet marketers and not every SEO strategy is affordable whereas directory submission is highly affordable.

There are a number of free directory submission list available and you can get the benefits easily and at low cost.

(vii) Those directory submission sites which are not available for free will not cost you a very high amount. It is one of the most economical SEO strategies available.

You can gain popularity, increase awareness and enhance your bran’s reach at an economical price.

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Drawbacks of Directory Submission Sites

No doubt, directory submission is one of the best methods in order to boost your Search Engine Optimization but there are certain drawbacks to directory submission.

The major drawback of directory submission is that it is a monotonous process. Manual directory submission is really effective because different directory sites have their own set of rules.

A number of people might suggest you use submission software as it will automatically generate backlinks but this may cause the rejection of your backlinks as software are not always accurate with their setup.

Software can’t choose categories accurately whereas humans can do it effectively. The only solution is a manual submission but this process will eat a lot of your time and efforts as well.

Now, the time has come to delve into some of the best Directory Submission Sites list, so let us delve into those-

List of top Directory Submission Sites

There are a number of directory submission sites available on the internet that can be used to link your website and gain backlinks.

Adding your websites on directory submission sites will enhance your presence on the web.

Selecting the best directory submission sites is never easy but don’t worry below we are providing a list of directory submission sites, these websites are among the best ones.

1. Free PR Web Directory

This is among the best free directory websites available on the internet. You can submit your website on this platform to enhance your marketing campaign. You can submit your link on this website by clicking on the Submit Links on the top left corner of the website.

2. So Much

Here admins have categorized websites on their niches and you can submit your link on this platform to earn popularity.

This is an easy to use platform which is credible in terms of its work and they not just blindly add links on their website rather they first verify the content and then promote your links.

3. All Free Things

If you are aiming to find the best free directory submission sites then this one is among the best ones not because it will promote your website rather it also provides a complete collection of websites on different category basis so that one can easily locate a website of one’s interest.

4. High-Rank Directory

One of the best features of this websites is that this has got high rank in terms of SEO so if you are really serious about your marketing campaign and want to get the best out of it then we would suggest you add your link on this website and you will surely see the desired results.

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5. Travel Tourism Directory Info

As the name suggests it is a free tourism and travel directory submission site. If your website is all about travel and tourism then you should consider submitting your website’s link on this platform.

You can get the best exposure to your travel and tourism website through this website.

6. Hot Vs Not

This is another website where you can submit your link in different categories. This website also offers you a premium version which you can choose by paying a small amount.

Based in the USA this website is known for its directory work all over the world.

7. Britain Business Directory

It ranks among the top directory submission websites of UK. Promotion of your website can be best done through this UK based platform.

Add details while submitting your website on the platform and once it passes our manual review, your website will soon get its exposure to the world.

8. Marketing Internet Directory

Another easy to use website which has different categories for websites. It is easy to use the platform and one of the most preferred once to promote a website.

No matter your website belongs to which niche this platform has something for everyone.

9. Submission Web Directory

You can submit the link of your blog/website on this platform to enhance your internet marketing campaign. This website will provide your website with the best exposure on the internet.

More and more people will get to know about your website which eventually means more profit. Since they review your websites, we suggest you add only quality websites.

These are among the best directory submission sites. In addition, let us also have a bulk-free directory submission list as well-

List of Directory Submission Sites

List of Directory Submission Sites

List of Directory Submission Sites

S No



























































































While if you are looking forward to directory submission sites then we would suggest you take advice from an intern

or marketing experts otherwise there are possibilities of minor errors.

Internet marketing experts will not only provide you guidance regarding directory submission but also let you know what directory submission sites you should avoid. However, you can go for the above-mentioned directory submission sites because these are among the best ones.

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You will have to understand the bits of the directory submission process, only then you will be able to get the best out of it. Here we are not only suggesting you go for internet marketing experts but we are suggesting you do everything cautiously, no matter if you are handling the task or you have hired an expert for it. There are a number of benefits of directory submission sites so you should focus on getting the maximum out of it.

Final Words

So this was all about the directory submission process to enhance your SEO and we have also provided you with the directory submission list where you can add your website to increase its reach.

Have patience if you are going for the directory submission process because it will take time to show results but once you will start seeing an increment in your business you will be glad. Focus on doing it correctly and do not go for any directory submission sites randomly because not all of them are reliable.

Another way to increase the rank of your website is by submitting articles on Article Submission Sites. This can act as a booster in increasing your website rankings on the SERP.

There are a lot of free advertising sites that can help you in gaining online visibility. You should definitely try those.

Want to learn everything about free directory submission list and associated procedures? SEO Course would be the most useful one for you.

In case of any query about the directory submission list, feel free to ask us in the comments as well.

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