The Availability of Email Marketing Jobs and Average Salary

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What is the Current Market Status of Email Marketing Jobs

We can just say that the year 2017 is experiencing a boom in the Email Marketing jobs salary. As per our survey, the market today has more job opportunities than ever. If you are an aspirant or a professional in this field you have probably landed at the right place. We aim to explore the market demand of Email Marketing jobs and salary.

The current market scenario of Email Marketing jobs and salary is giving importance to the employment of more and more human resource that works for the  Marketing department. It aims to equip the outbound communication of the company and generate leads. Though there is scope for automated Emails, manual personnel is required for each organization to prepare customized Emails according to the occasion and clientele. There are many reasons as to why this is the preferred option by most of the companies these days, which we will discuss in this blog.

The number of available jobs displayed on the famous job portal and is evident enough to prove the fact that Email Marketing is presently booming.

email marketing jobs salary Email Marketing jobs availability


email marketing jobs salary – Email Marketing jobs availability

The statistics from and show an availability of more than 8000 and 50,000 job opportunities, respectively. This makes the profile to be one of the highly demanded job profile. Since it is not restricted by the workplace, Email Marketing jobs from home are trending these days.

The marketers are inclining towards the digital means of reaching the potential audience. The modern-day marketers see Email Marketing as an opportunity to inform, remind, register the brand in the audience’s mind, build a network of their own, and achieve other objectives.

This paradigm shift from the traditional marketing has occurred due to some obvious reasons. Until a few years back, Email was the first form of digital communication that existed and receiving Emails actually made people happy. Unlike today when our mailboxes are full of Emails from sources, we never knew we subscribed to. Yes, that’s the fact today, the companies who overdo the Email Marketing are listed as spam by our email server after it is repeatedly noted that we are not responding to those emails.

Now that we are aware of the fact that the employment opportunity in this domain is quite high let us check the average Email Marketing jobs salary.

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Email Marketing Salary for different Profiles

Email Marketing Manager Salary

The average salary of an Email Marketing manager as reported by PayScale is INR 4,62,762.

The job description for the profile of an Email Marketing manager as mentioned on is depicted in the screenshot below.

Job Description of an Email Marketing Manager

  • Managing the overall campaigns being run by the company.
  • Giving final consent to the content of the Mailers
  • Planning and crafting the structure of the Emails to be sent.
  • Using split test and A/B method of testing the components of the campaign like the text and the images.
  • Define the target audience that is to be included in the campaign.
  • Divide and delegate tasks to the team members.
  • Closely monitor their performance.
  • Identify the opportunities and make changes in the strategy according to the changes observed.
  • Effectively employ the retrieved data and the various metrics into the decision-making to proceed further.

Email Marketing Specialist Salary

The average salary of an Email Marketing specialist ranges between 2.5 LPA to 4.5 LPA. (on the basis of Experience and knowledge)

 Job Description of an Email Marketing Specialist

The primary duties of a Specialist include carrying out the Email Marketing campaigns, maintaining the database, amending the strategy.

Other tasks include:

  • Designing and implementing the strategies in the campaigns.
  • Craft newsletters that are inclusive of the company details.
  • Aim at lead generation through database management.
  • Monitor the campaign’s performance with a view to suggesting the required changes.
  • Provide assistance in the making and execution of an Email Marketing campaign by coordinating with the Manager and designers to ensure quality, consistency and influential communication with respect to the company’s objectives.
  • Bring into practice the latest and most efficient techniques related to Mailer Marketing.


 Email Marketing Campaign Analyst Salary

The average salary of an Email Marketing Campaign Analyst is 4,20,061 LPA.

Job Description of an Email Marketing Campaign Analyst

The primary task of a Campaign Analyst is to measure the performance of all the campaigns and prepare reports suggesting the measures that must be undertaken to improve the performance of the campaign.

  • Suggesting and coming up with new ideas for the Email Marketing campaigns.
  • Optimizing the databases.
  • Working closely with the manager so as to provide assistance in crafting the strategies. Also, guiding the content team about the information that must be included and be presented in what fashion.
  • Organize and store the data in a detailed format so that it can be further used in the campaigns.
  • Must possess skills like knowledge of MS Excel, HTML, Google Analytics and Email marketing in depth.


Email Marketing Consultant Salary

The average salary of an Email marketing Consultant ranges between 3LPA – 5LPA as per PayScale.  (on the basis of Experience and knowledge).

Job Description of an Email Marketing Consultant

An Email Marketing consultant is an individual who has gained expertise in the field with time and experience and is now capable of advising firms on the matter of Email Marketing campaigns. Thus, the primary job of an Email Marketing consultant can be listed as providing advice on how to carry out a campaign and the elements that must be included in the campaign to improve its performance. Let’s take a look at some of the major tasks that companies expect them to do:

  • Help the advertiser clients with onsite-targeting, customer re-targeting, improve display advertising efficiency, leverage their enterprise data across various sources.
  • Employ segmentation and data solution to achieve the targets set by the company.
  • Help the company to generate leads by employing effective Email Marketing tips.
  • Prepare a structured strategy that explains in detail how to go about an E M campaign. This strategy includes the pre-research and efforts that need to be put in along with the defined layout and concept of the mailers that need to be sent, the tasks that need to be performed after the mailers are been sent.


Email Marketing Executive Salary

The average Email Marketing Salary of an Executive ranges between 1.8LPA – 2.5 LPA as per Indeed.  (on the basis of Experience and knowledge).

  Email Marketing Executive Job Description

The role of an Email Marketing Executive is the lowest in the department in the absence of an Email Marketing Executive. This profile is assigned tasks that require the least amount of decision making. Usually, a manager delegates the tasks to the executive along with the guidelines and gives his final consent to it.  The roles and responsibilities of  Email Marketing Executive jobs in India include:

  • Performing the day to day activities included in the Email Marketing Campaign, like setting up the campaign, customizing the recipient list, getting the content prepared, etc.
  • Proofread Emails for clarity, grammar, and spelling.
  • Reporting to the marketing director on the leads generated through Email Marketing campaigns.
  • Maintain weekly or monthly reports as per the organization’s structure.
  •  Coordinating with the IT department, content department and find solutions to the glitches observed.


Email Marketing Intern

The average stipend of an Email marketing Executive ranges between 3k – 5k per month.  

The job role of an intern has no defined responsibilities. All the additional tasks are delegated to an intern. These tasks add to the learnings of the intern and contribute to organizational goals.  Ideally, the responsibilities of an intern include:

  • Brainstorming and presenting ideas for E-newsletters.
  • Collecting information on the latest trends and topics of interest to the target audience.
  • Assisting the communication department to aid the mailers with research-based information.
  • Attend the meetings and note down the minutes of the meeting.
  • Analyze the activities of the competitors and present it via competitive analysis PPT.
  • Bring fresh ideas to light.

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Email Marketing lead Generator

Fewer companies have a position for this profile. Since most of the companies include the task of generating leads in the profiles of Email Marketing Executive, Specialist/ Analyst or comprehensively assign it to the department as a whole.

As the name suggests, the responsibility of an Email Marketing lead generator makes him accountable for generating leads for the mailers. Why do organizations need an Email Marketing lead generator, is a question that might probably cross your mind. A company can simply purchase the Email addresses from a competitor but that would only land them to trouble in the long term. The audience who have not opted for your mailers would show less interest. With legislations like CAN-SPAM and advanced filter options can get your ISP blocked. And you definitely don’t want that to happen ( I guess so! ). This is the reason established companies have Email Marketing lead generators employed.

A lead generator uses pop-ups, CTA in- blogs, landing pages, subscription forms, and other legitimate ways to capture leads who willingly opt for your mailers. 


Why must you go for an Email Marketing job?

Many marketing practices have come up since the evolution of the digital arena. Yet the marketers are inclined towards Email Marketing. The Emails let you communicate with your audiences on a one on one level. Thus, providing space for interpersonal communication. This direct form of communication is considered to be highly effective by the marketers. For objectives like communicating offers, establishing familiarity with the brand, sending updates and newsletters.

email marketing jobs salary

Why go for Email Marketing?

Want to become an Email Marketer? Begin with the basics with an Email Marketing Course.

The perks of communicating through emails and the willingness of the marketers to use marketing via mail in their marketing practices is the primary reason why there is quite a rise in the availability of jobs in this domain.

Answering the question, Why must one go for an Email Marketing job, here is the possible answer.

  • There is a high demand for Email Marketing jobs in the market. This information is substantiated by the data from Naukri and Indeed.
  • The Email Marketing jobs for freshers offers a decent enough salary and even the Email Marketing jobs salary for experienced is quite attractive.
  • Being a communication profile, it will help you learn a prospect of mass communication which will help you grow. If you plan to start your own business, the knowledge and experience will be of great help.
  • It is an important segment of Digital Marketing.
  • When you are directly contributing to the ROI of the company, you are certainly earning a handsome incentive for yourself. ( Sounds Good! doesn’t it? )
  • It is here to stay, FOR LONG! Investing your time and efforts into the same will turn out to be fruitful in the long run.

Well, I guess these were good enough reasons to continue pursuing your career in E-Marketing or give a thought to it at least.

If you are planning to appear for an interview. Here are some questions and answers that will be of help to you.

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The possible Email Marketing Interview Questions and Answers

In this space, I would like to share with you some of the most commonly asked Email Marketing interview questions.

How to Grow my Email Subscriber list?

The subscriber list is the most important component of Email Marketing. The campaign will be as effective as the Email Marketing list. Containing people who are least interested in your emails only puts your efforts in vain. The most effective ways of increasing the number of subscribers is via pop-ups, CTA button on- blogs, landing pages, submission forms, etc.

Describe the purpose of Email Marketing?

The purpose of E-Marketing is to communicate and inform the target audience, the perks of doing business with your Company. In case of a new business, Mailer Marketing is effective in making the audience familiar with the organization. Though, the primary focus remains to be the sole objective of the campaign i.e. the conversion rate, boosting sales, increasing traffic on the website.

What are the best hours of the day to send Emails?

The best answer to this question can only be found through hit and trial method. Though, it is suggested by marketers that early morning, weekends and for some reason, Wednesday afternoons are suggested as the best time for sending the Emails.

On the other hand, it is also believed that this is the time when the bounce rate and unsubscribers are quite high. Thus, I repeat, use hit and trial method to find the best answer.

What is the right frequency rate for the Emails?

Ideally, the frequency of the Emails must vary from one to 4 times a month. The mailers with twice a month frequency have noted to do wonders for the companies. The response rate was noted to be much higher.

Explain inbox rates.

The percentage of the Emails that actually made it to the user’s inbox instead of the junk or Spam folder is calculated as the Inbox rate.

What is bounce rate?

The overall percentage of Emails that are rejected by the recipient’s server is referred to as the Bounce Rate.

What is CAN-SPAM act?

  •  The CAN-SPAM Act defines the rules for Email Marketing. It states that no matter what your intentions are if you are sending Emails for commercial purpose, you are supposed to provide a method to unsubscribe the Emails.
  • Remove the ones from the recipient list who have unsubscribed from the mails.
  • Sending Emails to the ones who have not opted for is discouraged. Though, not strictly prohibited.
  • The commercial Emails are bound to include the physical address of the organization.

What are Spam Reports?

The report that tells you how many times your Email was reported spam/junk by the recipients.

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Hopefully, by now you must have understood the salary slab of email marketers. Subsequently, you should also be aware of digital marketing salary slab.

Are you an Email Marketing professional or willing to build a career in the Email Marketing domain. Did you sit for an Email Marketing interview? Share your experience with us!

Let us know if the information shared in this blog seems substantial to you. Leave a comment. Let us know your side of the story.

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