Enhance Your Presence on Google Plus to Boost SEO Campaign

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No, it’s not just a regular social media site, there’s much more to it!

Did you know it’s also a significant tool for boosting a website’s ranking on Google search engine?

We doubt you do. Google Plus has become an integral part of any online marketing and SEO program nowadays. We know you would argue on lesser number of people using this social channel and would prefer to go with a ‘wait and see’ strategy before using it. But what you’re missing out is an important platform to boost your SEO campaigns.

Yeah, even if none of your clients is using Google Plus, you can still take advantage of this superior platform to boost your website’s SEO!

What’s captivating about Google Plus is that it’s beyond the social visits on its site. Google algorithms give you an opportunity to interact with your audience through many touch points like YouTube, search results and other social networking sites. This results in the multiplication of traffic active on your website.

You might be wondering how, so let’s get down to its working mechanism.

Your visitors need to engage with you on the Google network for this method to work in your favor. Not everybody has an active viewership on this platform. Let’s accept it. Marketers who have perfected the craft of social engagement are well versed with the benefits of using Google Plus to boost their search engine rankings. New set of tactics and practices are required to engage the audience. New businessmen and brand experts usually fall short on strategizing social campaigns to fuel their SEO using this site.

Sure, Google Plus can help you kick-start your business like never before, but you need to optimize your profile, content and other important details to do so.

Let’s move forward and understand how Google Plus can supercharge your SEO campaigns!

  • Use Catchy Headlines Every time

More the people notice you, more likely they’ll follow you!


Source: http://bit.ly/2el0hZu

The challenge is to shine out in the sky of thousands of posts. Okay, let’s get straight to the point. Google Plus posts are more like mini blog posts in which headlines are the catchiest part.

Adding a relevant header not only makes your post stand out from the lists of posts updated every day, but google also uses the first few words in two ways:

First, the headline is incorporated into the title tag of your post.

Second, Google search results display your headline whenever someone searches for something similar to it.

A right headline can make people notice and go through your content in search results. It’ll further impact the traffic directed to your website and also your search engine rankings.

Thus, I repeat Always use a good headline for your post.

  • Use Images Too


Source: http://bit.ly/2flWGwP

You’ll be fascinated to know that all the top posts on Google Plus are image-based or animated in nature.

You might start with uploading your own picture, but there’s something you must be aware of. Google attaches an image by default to every URL that you share on your page. This is why, most of the posts fail in gaining the shareability due to inappropriate or improper images. It is more than necessary to use ideal graphics and social meta tags for the content you share online.

When you share your own image, the images opens up in the full-sized version, not in the URL that you post. Thus, include a link to the URL in the content that you post.

  • Do Not Forget To Use #Hashtags


Source: http://bit.ly/2fm022U

All of us have become accustomed to using hashtags with the growing popularity of Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and similar social channels. Yet, Google Plus makes use of hashtags in an entirely different way.

Semantic Analytics and use of hashtags are done by this social site to form a relationship between the topics of uploaded content. In other words, you can say that Google Plus uses enables link-building with the use of hashtags.

Trying to figure out how?

Okay, let us clear it out for you. All these associations created by Google Plus aren’t random. You can practically ‘teach’ these relationships to this social site by tagging your own posts.

You’ll be surprised to know that google adds hashtags by default to any upload with sufficient text. So, it’s always better to add your own hashtags at right places and relevant spaces in the content body. When people make a google search with a particular word, your post might appear in the search results if that word matches the hashtags mentioned in your post.

Hashtags are therefore crucial for an increased search engine ranking!

  • Stuff Your Page With Important Keywords

Efficient use of keywords in your posts will help you in boosting your SEO campaigns drastically.


Source: http://bit.ly/2fjmUCo

But here’s the catch. Instead of larding your page with random keywords, write posts with relevant keywords. Right keywords will increase your search engine ranking and more people will be directed to your website.

You may fill your page with all the relevant keywords, but you might end up losing your audience instead of getting more clicks. Google considers specific use of keywords for SEO reasons and it results in a decreased share ability for your page. Therefore, always use keywords in a skillful yet effective manner in your posts. Do not make it appear such that it’s done for boosting your SEO campaigns.

Google Plus is both a visual and textual channel, so make both your images and your keywords (in your content posts) count!

  • Smartly Time Your Posts

For the success of your SEO campaigns, you must time your posts in the best possible way!


Source: http://bit.ly/2euX2lq

Let’s say, if you write the story around which the movie revolves just after its release, you might get good amount of traffic and attention from people who are searching for it. It’s a good idea to write your posts around the topics which are trending in the concerned scenario.

You can even use SocialPilot to effectively time your posts. This popular application helps you to schedule your posts across profiles, pages and collections. You needn’t post everything organically on your page. You can time your posts using SocialPilot and they will be automatically uploaded at the date and time scheduled by you. It is a great application to space out your posts, indeed.

  • Find The Followed Links

During its inception, Google Plus was seen as a heaven for SEO. This platform was nothing less than a bonanza for links shared online to increase the search engine ranking. However, Google has now replaced most of the equity passing followed links with the nofollow thing, which passes no link equity. This unfortunately includes all the profile links, shared URLs and other contributing links.

But there’s one anomality to all this- the +1 button!

As of now, whenever visitors click +1 for your content without sharing it to their stream, it leads to a followed link if the visitor has +1s set to ‘public’ mode in their profile.

The value of +1 button for boosting the SEO campaigns is being debated more and more nowadays, therefore, this maybe the last remaining option for passing the link equity.

Google can remove these followed links anytime it wants to. Till then, take advantage of it as much as you can!

  • Leverage Google+ Comments


Source: http://bit.ly/2foOQRq

This is the one with maximum advantages.

Technically, Google Plus comments are only valid for Google’s own blogger network. However, on the positive side, ingenious peeps have devised a number of plugins to take advantage of this option on WordPress, Drupal and many other platforms. So, you can incorporate Google Plus comments on your personal blogs and sites. Whenever viewers leave a comment on your post, they’re given an option of sharing the post in their own Google Plus network through this plugin.

This results in a better and wider social engagement for your channel and also boosts your SEO campaigns like nothing else.

  • Share Interactive Posts

Interactive posts plugin on your network helps you to efficiently design posts that you want to share on your page. Not only that, it also impels your audience to take a specific action.

You can embed a list of actions in the post that you share online. Let’s cite some examples of the same:

  1. Downloading an app
  2. Donating for a cause
  3. Watching a video
  4. Reading a blog page
  5. Signing up for a newsletter

………….and many more things!


Source: http://bit.ly/2fLaGCW

Getting started with interactive posts to boost your SEO campaigns on this important social network is a great idea to go for.

  • Build Your Influence

Google Plus is basically an integrated platform to tap the potential visitors and direct them to your site.


Source: http://bit.ly/2fLd9gD

Building your influence across this one platform that operates with Google to connect all your devices and web services is not to miss out on!

Facebook and Twitter might help you in driving traffic and uplifting your SEO campaigns on a greater note today, but Google Plus definitely has a lot in store for the near future. All the big business has an eye on this dormant network for boosting their search engine rankings.

What are you waiting for?

  • +Post Ads: The Future of Social Sharing?

Google’s +Post Ads are based on an important concept.


Source: http://bit.ly/2fLd9gD

All you need to do is to take your most popular Google Plus post and convert it into a +Post Ad that will show all over the Google’s massive social network. This undeniably makes your post reach more and more people who otherwise wouldn’t have known about your brand.

It further drives more social engagement, social sharing and a higher search engine listing! 

Did you like what you read? Do you receive regular traffic using Google Plus?

Drop your answers in the comments section below.

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