Epic Cruises Used Search Engine Marketing To Generate Its Overall Leads To 674%

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Epic CruisesAbout Epic Cruises:

Epic Cruises (River Gambler) is a boat rental company for corporate and social events such as weddings, bachelor parties, launch parties or any other corporate event. With customized solutions to every event, the company has placed itself among the sought after companies for party solutions. Epic Cruises has been providing services for over 30 years offering just about everything one needs for a party. Food, DJ, MC, bars, lounge and Skyline Deck. The Company also boasts of the largest open deck dance floor in Toronto Harbor Area.

Business Objectives Of Epic Cruises:

Being a small business, Epic Cruises wanted to enhance their marketing campaign and get more leads coupled with better visibility online.

Strategy / Approaches Adopted By Epic Cruises:

Epic Cruises choose Green Lotus, a Toronto based online marketing company for their marketing services.

They offer services such as marketing analysis, SEO and SEM strategies to its clients. Green Lotus focused on generating high quality leads and maximizing the marketing budget for Epic Cruises.

Results Achieved By Epic Cruises:

Green Lotus followed a hybrid (paid and organic) search engine marketing strategy with full traffic leads and phone calls tracking. The combination of pay-per-click and optimization of organic search can bring maximum results.

The initial market analysis by Green Lotus revealed that Epic Cruises had three main competitors namely as Mariposa, Empress and Great Lakes Schooner.

Within 4 months Green Lotus was able to achieve significant results.

There was a drastic change in the overall performance of the Epic Cruiser’s visibility and lead generation.

Major breakthroughs were:

  • Overall website visits increased by 114 %
  • Organic Search Engine visits increased by 415 %
  • Average Organic Keyword Ranking increased by 281 %
  • Overall Lead Generation : 674 % increase
  • Organic Traffic has generated an average of 5.4 email leads per day

Another commendable change brought by Green Lotus was the optimization of landing page. They ensured that the landing page consisted of the following:-

  • Numerous conversion points
  • Online tracking form
  • Clear call to actions
  • User friendly design

This resulted in conversion rate of as high as 5.2 % with industry standard being at only 2.8 %.

Efficient handling of keywords also resulted in:-

  • 1.2 average Ad position on Google.ca search results page, that means their Ad appeared either at number 1 or 2 positions of the search result page.
  • Average Cost per Click at $3.78 (Average CPC is calculated by dividing the total cost of your clicks by the total number of clicks.)
  • Ad Click through Rate at 3.30 % (industry standard at 2.1 %)


A significant improvement can be made in lead generation as well as conversion rates if small business carefully implement hybrid search engine marketing strategies.

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  1. Indrajit Goswami

    Good post. How far those breakthroughs contributed to ultimate revenue of the firm? Only % increase in visits or leads may not be enough for a business.

  2. Nikhita Reddy

    Good post, but i think strategy adopted by the company were not explained up to the mark and learnings are also not that well explained.Results were explained in a better way compared to others.


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