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You must have come across the terms ESP and ISP. Here is a detailed insight on what actually ESP and ISP are.
ESP or Email Service Provider in basic terms is a company that provides you email marketing/bulk email services. In detail, ESP is a service provided by a company which hosts email marketing/bulk email services on their services which are dedicated and specifically optimized for such activities.

An Internet Service Provider (ISP) is a company that provides access to the Internet for a fee. The most common ways to connect to an ISP are broadband connection. Many ISPs provide additional services such as web browsers,e‑mail accounts, and space for you to create a website.

If you are using your regular ISP (Internet Service Provider) to roll out a campaign or send bulk email, your chances of getting blocked are very high as these are not meant / at times prohibit such activities.

You can control your email marketing by using ESPs and even optimize it to be compatible while using on the mobile devices.
Here are few ESP providers-
1. Vertical Response
2. Mail Chimp
3. iContact
4. Get Response
5. Aweber
6. Constant Contact etc.
Similarly, there are various ISP providers according to your region which you can choose considering the speed and various other benefits they provide.

ESP’s also provide you details about your campaign such as email opening rate, delivery success rate and link click through rates through an attractive dashboard which is invaluable as it helps you monitor your campaign and also measure effectiveness of the campaign.

ESP’s also help you by providing details about the subscription list such as who have subscribed and who have opted out from the mailing list and also makes sure whether the email id’s are active or not.

Most of the ESPs also comply with the CAN SPAM Act regulations (eg- An ESP should automatically include an unsubscribe link in every email sent through their service and also if someone tries to Opt out of the list, the name should be automatically removed).

So, how would you choose your ESP?
Before choosing your ESP consider these criteria:

1. Private IP address –

IP address are just like a phone number, it says about the origin of your email. Just like you wouldn’t want to share your phone number with any Tom Dick and Harry, similarly the IP address from which an email is sent is also like a phone number and you would not want to share an IP address with others while using your ESP. If you are sharing an IP address with other customers, there would be many spam complaints and your emails will not get delivered which will result in getting blocked by an ISP. So make sure your ESP assigns a unique IP address to you.

2. Assistance Online and offline –

Make sure that your ESP provides both online support and training tutorials along with telephonic assistance.

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3. Infrastructure and Facilities-

Your ESP provider should have multiple high speed connections to the internet and hardware from various sources. This would ensure reliability if one of the Internet connections fail or there is a hardware failure as the ESP will have many click driving tools which will not work in case of any failure and the campaign will become less effective.

4. Dashboard and Reporting-

ESP usually offer a variety of Dashboards displaying the bounce rate, deliver rate, open rate and the click through rates.

5. CAN SPAM ACT compliance-

Most of the ESP usually adhere to the CAN SPAM ACT, just make sure that your ESP also does.

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