FabFurnish Increased Revenue 10 Times Through Facebook Custom Audiences

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unnamed (3)About FabFurnish:

FabFurnish is a site which shows all the home style furnitures in this world. It has turned into a standout amongst the most generally  viewed site for any home stylistic theme related necessities. The site has around 60,000 items shown. FabFurnish offers furniture from more than 500 brands which incorporate nearby and additionally global players. FabFurnish offers items according to the client’s prerequisites and at a better than average prize. FabFurnish have likewise got their physical stockpiles up at Bangalore and Delhi-NCR.

Few days ago, FabFurnish expanded the requests and orders on their site by 12 times. FabFurnish tackled to online networking to accomplish their goals.

Business Objective of FabFurnish

The accompanying were the two noteworthy targets of FabFurnish:

* FabFurnish.com needed to build the lead on its site.

* FabFurnish needed to build the deals by no less than 20% consistently utilizing their Facebook promotions.

Methodologies Adopted by FabFurnish

Online networking promoting is the most recent buzz in the showcasing scene. FabFurnish chose to tap their potential clients utilizing online networking. FabFurnish has constantly made their vicinity felt over online posting so as to net different promotions over Facebook. The Facebook notices helped them to influence their deals. Facebook ads likewise helped FabFurnish to assemble its brand image, expand the quantity of visitors to their website and therefore the general income.


Strategies actualized by FabFurnish to achieve their targets:

FabFurnish made the crusade posting so as to ape applicable photos and showcased the best of the best items on their page. These photograph promotions showed up as news feed upon the desktop and portable & at the right side section of the Facebook page. These photograph promotions were truly alluring and it constrained individuals to tap on them.

Links were furnished alongside the news feeds over desktop and mobile devices which helped individuals to tap on the links specifically for further subtle information. This served to expand the activity to the site.

FabFurnish picked in-house best quality pictures to be posted in the ads. These pictures were utilized for photograph promotions alongside implanted CTA (Call to action) tab so guests have the capacity to take quick actions.

Success of an online networking promoting battle relies on upon the sort of individuals one targets. FabFurnish chose to focus on the upwardly versatile individuals who have better spending capacities and the individuals who communicated their enthusiasm to think around an item.

FabFurnish utilized similar group of people highlight as a part of request to focus on those individuals who demonstrated attributes like age, sex, preferences and area and so on like the clients who were at that point present in the client database. The list of similar group of audiences is produced utilizing the points of interest of individuals who show enthusiasm for the client’s page, contact details and individuals going to the client’s site. One can produce this by going to Adverts Manager>>audiences>>create audience>> select similar gathering of people.

Customers are the most essential aspect of any business. A business house ought to dependably begin with tapping the customers that are already existing in their database. These profitable clients ought to be the first line of target. It is anything but difficult to recognize the prerequisites of these clients like their perusing hobbies on the site, exercises in which they join in and so on. This serves to showcase properly. One can utilize these information and start connecting with promotions for such particular gathering of individuals. The information can be secured so that others won’t have the capacity to get to these data. Custom Audience can be produced utilizing adverts make device or Power Editor. FabFurnish recognized such clients who went to their site and did not make any move and included them as custom gathering of people, for focusing on them with proper commercial duplicates.

The most critical perspective in online deals is that individuals who navigate the page are compelled to visit over and over. There are couple of required focuses one ought to take after to expand their online deals. FabFurnish made the accompanying moves to change their online vicinity to accomplish their goal.

The principal thing is to launch a Facebook page for the business. The page ought to have all the data about the business, its different items, alluring pictures and connections guiding to online journals and site. No less than one Page class ought to be said, so that the page will show up in search results. FabFurnish had set their Facebook page with all the fundamental data making it effortlessly open to the clients.

Marketing an item to a wrong arrangement of individuals won’t be of any utilization. It is imperative to distinguish the right group of onlookers. FabFurnish recognized their objective gathering as individuals who might be ready to spend on furniture and the individuals who indicated enthusiasm for different items while going to the website. This helped them to advertise the item to their forthcoming clients.

Images have preferred effect on individuals over plain content. FabFurnish posted numerous appealing photographs of their items which constrained individuals to navigate. Inquiries from guests were responded expeditiously. This helped individuals to build up a holding with the brand. FabFurnish posted substance on the page which incorporated the purposes behind an item being pleasant, the different offers going on and the explanation behind the organization to seek after this business and so on. The connections gave on the page coordinated to the right item makes it easy to use and more interactive for the viewers to utilize.

Any blueprint completed in online network marketing ought to be measured routinely. It the present technique is not bringing sought results then one must search for a substitute. FabFurnish likewise did numerous experimentation systems to drive their deals.

A blend of good system and strategies helped FabFurnish to influence their online deals.


FabFurnish utilized Facebook as their medium to expand their online deals. The whole procedure was actualized over a time of one year. The crusade began in May 2013 and went ahead till April 2014. Facebook being the most broadly utilized person to person communication webpage served to build the business income and the quantity of guests to the site.


Aftereffects of this strategy:

* The income expanded by 10 times.

* Activity of the visitors to the site expanded by 5 folds.

* The quantity of sales and orders multiplied 12 times.

* The ROI (Return on investment) over ads expanded twice as much.


FabFurnish being one of the main online home décor and accessories supplier utilized their online deals by effectively actualizing online networking promoting system. Utilizing Facebook page as the medium is the most excellent step they attempted. FabFurnish could gauge the effect of utilizing Facebook as their medium and thus accomplished their targets.

Image Credits: Dsim.in, yesbank.in

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