Fisher Tank Used Inbound Marketing To Increase Its Web Traffic By 119%

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About Fisher Tank:

Fisher Tank is a leading storage tank companies in USA, for stainless steel storage tanks and welded steel tanks. It was started in year 1948 in Pennsylvania USA. They manufacture very specialized products for industries like ethanol/bio diesel, industrial, municipal, water and waste treatment and more. Fisher Tank  also provides services like engineering and design, blasting and coatings, constructions,repair, modifications, maintenance and field painting. Due to the highly specialized and expensive products which was into millions of dollars, there sales cycle was very long.

Business Objectives Of Fisher Tank Company:

The main objective of Fisher tank was to spread it’s arms and reach out more to customers. Initially they grow their market by using traditional marketing idea which includes cold calling, word of mouth referrals and with repeated customers. The main purpose for going with inbound marketing was to attract visitors and generate warm leads for their product.

Strategies Adopted by Fisher Tank:

Fisher Tank was doing good business since 1948. Sales people did their best to increase sales of company, but somewhere company was unable to extend it’s reach. They wanted to attract visitors by nurturing their leads with the content viewers who want to read. Following are the strategies which was adopted by Fisher Tank Company.

  1. Fisher Team knew their website is very common and is unattractive, so their first move was to make their website an attractive one, which could attract viewers like a magnet.
  2. Apart from looks, team included an interesting feature into their website, where viewers can ask a question and request for a quote.
  3. They also integrated a blog, having social sharing abilities. And improved company’s social media profiles.
  4. They made their website reach very easy by giving keywords, so their website can be found without making any efforts and could be included in more searches.

Results Achieved By Fisher Tank Company:

After implementing these Inbound Marketing strategies, they got results in a huge number at a very short spam of just 12 weeks. Their sales grew up and they started getting a huge web traffic. Following are the results which achieved by Fisher Tank:

  1. Their overall web traffic jumped and increased up to 119%.
  2. Their organic search traffic reached up to 70%.
  3. They also got a good response from social media, their traffic from social media increased up to 4800%.
  4. As traffic increased, it was quite obvious that their leads will also increase and in a short duration of just 12 weeks, their lead conversion rate increased to 3900%.
  5. With the help of their new and attractive website, they increased page 1 keyword ranking to a massive 600%.
  6. The request for quotes also increased to 500% through their new feature of their website which was for the viewers.
  7. With the efforts of their inbound marketing, their value of sales pipeline increased to $ 3.4 million.


Spending huge amount over marketing didn’t gave them the return, which company was expecting. Company’s team realized in order to reach out for the customers, they need to be social. With the implementation of new inbound marketing strategy, company made a strong presence in social media. With these strategies, Fisher Tank not only get the huge web traffic, but also increased their sales revenue.

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