Ford Motor Philippines Accelerated Facebook Leads In Just 2 Months

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screenshot-media-ford_-com-2016-03-07-14-41-26About Ford Motor Philippines

The Ford Motor Company was launched by Mr. Henry Ford and the company was incorporated on 16th June 1903 and Ford Motor Philippines is one of the branches in the Philippines. The Ford Motor’s central office is situated in Dearborn, Michigan in the United States. Ford is a motorcar company which manufactures grand Vehicles, trade vehicles and automotive parts and The Ford Motor are also rendering services such as automotive finance, vehicle leasing, and vehicle services. Ford also owns Brazilian SUV maker, Troller, and Australian performance car maker FPV. In the preceding, it has also build tractors and automotive components.

Ford is the second largest US-based auto manufacturer head by General Motors and the fifth-largest in the world’ based on 2010 vehicle sales. 

At the ending of 2010, Ford was the fifth-biggest auto manufacturer in Europe. Ford is the eighth-ranked overall American-based company in 2010 based on global revenues in 2009 of $118.3 billion.

In 2008, Ford developed 5.53 Million automobiles and employed about 2,13,000 employees at around 90 plants and facilities worldwide. 

Henry Ford’s first attempt at a car company under his own name on 3rd November 1901 which became the Cadillac Motor Company on 22nd August 1902. The Ford Motor Company was accomplished in a converted factory in 1903 with $28,000 in hard cash from twelve capitalists, most distinctly John and Horace Dodge.

The Ford Motor Company has several branches in the different Countries and one among them is The Ford Motor Company located in the Philippines and it is called as The Ford Motor Philippines. The Ford Motor Philippines was founded in 1929 and the Company was named as The Ford Motor Philippines in the year 1997. The Ford Motor Philippines makes the Ford Escape, Ford Lynx, Ford Laser, Ford Focus Mazda and Mazda3 Tribute for the local market like Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Vietnam. Ford’s manufacturing plant was located in Santa Rosa, Laguna, Philippines. presently, Ford Philippines imports carrier that is sold in the Philippine market. These imports arrive mostly from Thailand and the United States.

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Ford Motor Philippines’s Business Objectives

The Ford Motor Philippines with 5 different car model wanted to drove brand consideration in the Philippines and generate lead at a low cost per lead using lead Ads with the help of Social Media Marketing giant that is Facebook. Ford Motor Philippines is one of the nation’s majority successful automotive brands, with a vehicle for every lifestyle. It offers a range of passenger, sports utility, performance and truck models, taking pride in helping customers find the perfect fit. Ford Motor Philippines was keen to grow brand consideration among new-car shoppers and motivate them to take a test ride at their regional trade. In doing so, it ultimately aimed to increase sales across 5 key models.

Strategy Adopted By Ford Motor Philippines

The Ford Motor Philippines new P4 Billion state-of-the-art Santa Rosa plant in Laguna Province opened in September 1999. The 1st car fabricated at the plant was the Ford Lynx, and the company began building the Mazda-based local Ford Ranger in March 2000. A carriage fabrication plant was opened in 1955. In the early 2000s, the company expanded its line-up with the initiation of the Escape SUV, Explorer SUV, and Everest SUV. Towards the end of the decade, the Fiesta and Mustang were further introduced in the regional market. 

Ford Motor Philippines has been the most successful exporter of Completely Built-Up (CBU) carrier from the Philippines. For over a decade, the company has been exporting Ford and Mazda passenger cars and compressed SUVs to Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam. Ford Philippines has achieved record vehicle deal in the Philippines for 2014 deliver Ford the fastest-growing car brand in the Philippines and between the Top Four vehicle trademark in the Philippines by 2014.

In January 2015 sales results have shown that Ford Motor Philippines has motivated up to get the third best-selling car brand in the Philippines. This became possible only after the company decided to create an Ad on Facebook. The Ford Motor Philippines by adding lead Ads to its campaign, Ford and its business Mindshare simply and efficiently captured highly valuable sales leads. Running from April–June 2016, Ford’s lead Ads advanced 5 vehicles to various target audiences based on age, interests, and behavior.

Ads about the Everest model was aimed at males aged 35 to 50 with involvements in travel and contender brands, whereas its Fiesta model Ads aimed 18 to 25-year-olds engaged in subjects like style supplements, vehicles, music, and game. Each part of artistic put the limelight on one model and invited people to take a test drive. Ford’s lead Ads campaign was up and campaigning in just a few clicks, thanks to an easy structure process. By easily knocking their finger, likely buyers could convey the interest in learning more about the model of their choice and send off their details without the annoyance of filling out a form. Lead Ads are pre-filled with data point people contribute to Facebook such as name, email and so on which accelerates up the process and even the possible customers were passing the most of their time on mobile, the Ads made it easy for Ford to accumulate leads with agility and performance.

Results Achieved by Ford Motor Philippines

The Ford Motor Philippines desired to drove brand thoughtfulness for 5 car models in the Philippines and rendered a lower cost per lead using lead Ads. To accomplish this objective The Ford Motor Philippines desired to create brand knowingness among the people of Philipines to drove people to the showroom for the test drive. Ford was keen to grow brand consideration among new-car shoppers and prompt them to take a test drive at their local dealer. In doing so, it finally aimed to enhance sales across 5 key models. 

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The Ford Motor Philippines In just 2 months it saw a 4.3X improvement in leads equated to its entire lead propagation campaign for 2015. The highly satisfied campaign presented with a $0.40 cost per lead and 22X lower cost per lead versus other digital channels. The Managing director of The Ford Motor Philippines’ Lance Mosley Siad “Everything we do is concentrated on high-value purchases that take a time to convert, and lead Ads have given us great leads. Moving forward, Facebook will have a significant role to play during our lead propagation campaigns”.


The Ford Motor Philippines needed to make customers walk into the Showroom for the test drive so the company with the help of facebook Ad directed only people based on their gender, age, interests, and behavior.

Facebook Ads on Everest model were aimed at males aged 35 to 50 with concerns in travel and contender brands, while its Fiesta model Ads targeted 18 to 25-year-olds concerned in subjects like fashion supplements, vehicles, music, and sports. Each part of originative put the limelight on one model and tempted people to take a test drive.

Image Credits: Ford Motor

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