Go-Jek Reached 61 Million Customers: Facebook Ad Impact

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About Go-Jek

Go-Jek is Indonesia’s biggest on-demand service App. Go-Jek was launched in 2015 and run by Nadiem Makarim-CEO, Rama Notowidigdo-CPO, Michaelangelo Moran-Co-Founder, Kevin Aluwi-CFO. Go-Jek is a social enterprise that partners with a group of experienced and trustable drivers to deliver a one-stop-shop convenience service for Indonesian. Go-Jek’s drivers are always on standby for a different type of services with the help of single App. People can book Transport, Food, Instant Courier, Shopping, Can do Instant messaging, Massaging & Health, Professional Cleaning, Beauty Treatment, Ticket Purchase, Virtual Wallet and Auto Services and many other services all in one App. Go-Jek partners with about 2,00,000 motorbike riders who are experienced and believed in Indonesia, to provide various services.

Go-Jek’s Business Objectives

Go-Jek wanted to let people in Indonesian cities know about the benefits of its App and encourage downloads. Go-Jek wanted to drive high-quality App installs at a low cost per install. Go-Jek with multiple advantages in a single App wanted to make the quality of living simple and faster. Go-Jek rests on three fundamental values: speed, innovation, and social impact. Go-Jek brings together thousands of other service providers, making it a complete on-demand service platform in the world. 

Strategy Adopted By Go-Jek

captureGo-Jek with a single App loaded with multiple features and advantages, users can order a Go-Jek driver for any of customers services. Just plug in customers address points and the user of the App will already know the price before they order. To make it easier, the user of Go-Jek can even use “Use my location” for the address of where the customer is at and then the Go-Jek’s location-based technology solution finds a driver near users pick up point. When the driver has been deployed, the user of Go-Jek App can see the driver’s picture and will have the ability to SMS or call the driver and assist the driver with the address if not able find.

Go-Jek is planning to roll out rain jackets for customers and make them comfortable during rain time. If the user of Go-Jek App face any issues regarding the App the user can send their complaints to the email address provided on the office website of Go-Jek or can directly email to customer support from the website. The user of the App can provide as many details as possible pertaining the problem in the App including screenshots image of what is happening so the Go-Jek team can have a better understanding of what is the issue and what can be done to fix the issue.

Go-Jek is a socially tending engineering company that aims to improve the wellbeing of workers in a variety of informal sector in Indonesia. The driver of the Go-Jek says that their income raised since conjoining as a partner, they also get health and accident compensation, and drive entrance to more customers through Go-Jek application. Go-Jek is officially operating in 10 major cities in Indonesia including Jakarta, Bali, Yogyakarta, Medan, Makassar, Surabaya, Semarang, Bandung, Palembang and Balikpapan. Go-Jek has planned to bring this services in the other major cities of Indonesia in the upcoming year.

Go-Jek in Indonesia provides coverage for all Go-Ride customers. Go-Jek provides accident coverage up to Rp. 10,000,000 and medical expenses are covered up to Rp. 5,000,000. Go-Jek also furnishes insurance coverage for lost items up to Rp. 10,000,000 as long as the thing demand is in accordance with the data furnished in App engagement. Reimbursement will be grounded on the acknowledgement and/or stating to the fair value of the price of goods.

Below are the details of all the services provided by Go-Jek in Indonesia.


Go-Ride: This is a Motorcycle transportation service that can take Go-Jek’s customers to different places. It is easier and faster. This service has given satisfaction to the customer since 2011.

Go-Car: This is a transport service using a car to take Go-Jek’s customers anywhere comfortably. This App is built on the platform of the Go-Jek that has received numerous awards. User Interface of Go-Car has the speed and various facilities and the user can discover the destination address, select the type of vehicle, and set off in an instant.

Go-Food: This feature gives a home delivery of food. This is the No.1 in Indonesia and Go-Jek’s Go-Food has 30,000 restaurants in its list. The user of Go-Jek App can choose their preferred dishes, input their delivery address and any other details once the user receives the order confirmation, the nearest driver will pick up your food order and deliver it right to the customer’s doorstep.

Go-Send: This is an Instant messaging service that user can send Mail, Documents, and Goods within 60 minutes without distance limitations.

Go-Mart: With this services the user of Go-Jek App can do instant shopping user can purchase thousands of goods from various shops near to the Go-Jek App user’s area. Thousands of motorists in Go-Jek Indonesia is ready to take customers groceries within 60 minutes and only at the rate of delivery of 10,000.

Go-Box: This is an easy way to book service to move goods using a full-size Truck, Lorries or Van for various purposes, anytime and anywhere directly through the App Go-Jek.

Go-Massage: This is a massage professional health services directly to customer’s home. The user of the Go-Jek user can choose the gender of customer’s massager and the duration of the massage.

Go-Clean: This is a service of professional cleaning services to clean dorm room, home, and office. Select the type and number of rooms and include other additional services, such as: cleaning the closet, refrigerator, kitchen sets, stoves, washing dishes, ironing and folding up.

Go-Glam: This is a beauty treatment services for a Manicure-Pedicure, Cream bath, Waxing, Haircare, Nailcare, Makeup, Hairstyling, Hijab-styling, Facial, Advance Hair Services and many more other services provided directly in the customer’s home.

Go-Tix: This is an information service with access to event ticket purchase and delivery directly to customer’s hand. Long lines to exchange the original ticket is no longer a problem if customer’s order in the Go-Tix. The original ticket will drop in after Go-Jek’s user press Deliver Now.

Go-Busway: This  is a service to monitor the bus service schedule and ordered. Go-Ride will take customers to the bus. Go-Busway and Go-Ride work simultaneously.

Go-Pay: This is a virtual wallet service for customers transaction in the application Go-Jek. The Go-Jek user can make the filling Go-Pay balance directly from customer’s bank account. With the methods such as deposit balances via ATM, mobile banking, or internet banking and get the freedom of transacting wherever the user go.

Go-Med: This is an integrated service to buy drugs, vitamins and other medical needs from a licensed pharmacy. Go-Med is the result of collaboration between the Go-Jek with HaloDoc. Go-Med does not provide any product, but rather connect users with more than 1,000 pharmacies in 10 cities they are; Jadetabek, Bandung, Surabaya, Denpasar, Makassar, Medan, Palembang, Semarang, Yogyakarta and Balikpapan.

Go-Auto: This provides an auto service and towing & emergency to meet customer’s automotive needs of Car care ranging from the car wash, body wax, glass mould cleaning, and washing machines. Service Provider will go to the location nearest to the Go-Jek App user.

Go-Jek App was unknown to the people since it was just launched in the year 2015 in Indonesia, now Millions of people in Indonesia use Go-Jek App in their daily life to make their living simpler. This would not have been possible if Go-Jek has not thought of advertising in Social Media Platform of Advertising that is none other than Facebook.

Results achieved by Go-Jek

Go-Jek Using visual formats like Carousel ads for mobile app installs, Go-Jek showcased the benefits of its services, using multiple images that encouraged people to try its app. Each photo linked to the App connect page on Google Play or the App Store. Go-Jek uses the Facebook SDK to measure the number of people who join with its ads and go on to download the app. Those insights give the company valuable information about its audience so it can optimise its ads for what works best. Go-Jek uses a variety of targeting methods to find the people most likely to use its app. In addition to using demographic and location targeting to reach 15 to 65-year-old men and women in Indonesia’s 15 largest metropolises, it aims smartphone owners on Android and iOS, and uses advanced targeting tools such as Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audiences.

Go-Jek used Facebook and the Audience Network to reach Indonesian’s on mobile since launching its app, driving 22 million installs to date, 61 Million people reached in Indonesia over 18 months at the cost of $0.48 per install. Piotr Jakubowski, Chief Marketing of Go-Jek said “There’s a reason why we consume a large part of our marketing budget on Facebook ads. Facebook has been an astonishing partner since we launched our App in 2015. It’s been the primary driver of growth for our app, helping us find a vital mass of users who not only install our app but keep using it afterwards too”.


Go-Jek was established in the year 2015 and within one year Go-Jek has reached 61 Million people because of using all essential advertising formats available on Facebook. Go-Jek has used Facebook and Audience network together to reach its audience on a large scale. The strategy adopted by Go-Jek has contributed to a significant rise in installs while keeping installation costs low to achieve the scale it required, the company elongated its campaign to the Audience Network, making Go-Jek associate with people outside the Facebook in other apps where App users are spending their time.
Image Credits: Go-Jek
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