An Ultimate Guide to Executing a Green Marketing Strategy

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Marketing techniques are not always good whereas you talk about the social environment or ecological environment.

Sometimes they are responsible for pollution and sometimes people use cheap tactics to influence their audience which is immoral.

Green marketing is the perfect solution to that. This article is all about green marketing where we will be guiding you to execute it.

As per the latest research, approximately 12% of the U.S. population are considered as True Greens who prefer buying green products. 

Every business out there is using different marketing strategies in order to promote them in the market. They focus on increasing their sales at any cost.

Meanwhile, they forget morality and environment which they end up disturbing during their marketing campaign.

We all have a responsibility towards the environment and we have to make it healthier and easier to live in.

This is why the importance of environmental responsibility has already been added to the agenda in the corporate sector in the past few years.

So, the businesses these days have to share the responsibility which was before shared by only the society and the government.

They need to have environment-friendly options when it comes to doing business. This is known as Green Marketing.

There are so many different companies that are using this method and making sure that their brand names are all positive when it comes to making the environment better.

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Let us first understand the basics of green marketing –

What is Green Marketing?

As the name suggests, green marketing is talking about something which is pure and fair.

Now, what do we mean by what is Green Marketing?

In green marketing, we use different marketing techniques which do not pollute our environment and neither do they pollute our social norms.

The campaigns under green marketing are healthy for society and the environment.

The message that we deliver is free from any ambiguities and hatred. All in all, we do what is best for mankind under green marketing.

Why do we Need Green Marketing?

The major reason we want to execute green marketing strategies is that current marketing techniques are actually harming nature at a great scale and we need to find the right solution for that.

However, the features of green marketing provide a perfect solution.

The production process of giant factories causes huge pollution and when they go for marketing those products, they cause even more pollution.

This is affecting our nature adversely and green marketing strategies are the only solution to that.

We have seen in the recent past how nature has started to misbehave. The only reason for that is our activities that have disturbed the mother earth adversely.

Undoubtedly we end up earning huge bucks through our top-notch marketing techniques but we are putting our future in threat by following those methods.

Green Strategy

Green Strategy Source – MarTech Advisor

By following green marketing strategies, we actually reduce the environmental degradation at its best and we work for the welfare of the environment and human beings. The main strategy is to produce, consume and dispose of eco-friendly products.

Below we have mentioned the major impacts of green marketing that will make it easier for you to understand green marketing in a better way –

Notable Impacts of Green Marketing

(i) With the implementation of green marketing, people have started to consume pure products more often than ever. They focus on organic products whether they are edible items, fruits or vegetables.

(ii) Reduction in the use of plastic products has been witnessed under the influence of green marketing. We all know how plastic products affect our environment adversely if we are able to reduce their usage then surely we have won a major part of this venture.

(iii) Green marketing focuses on the increased usage of herbal products at the place of processed products. Processed products are extremely unhealthy for health as well as environment hence with the increased usage of herbal products green marketing very well tackles this issue.

(iv) With the increase in the usage of bio-fertilizers, we have been able to save environmental degradation to an extent. Chemical fertilizers and pesticides are the worst enemies of the soil in our fields hence with the usage of bio-fertilizers we can avoid this environmental degradation.

(v) Provisions have been drawn in the favour of protection of forests, flora, and fauna. These are one of the major parts of a healthy ecological environment.

(vi) The production of harmful weapons and other military tests are prohibited. This is possible because of the provision that is being drawn after the consent of various organizations all around the world.

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So these are the major reason why green marketing is a must in our marketing world. Undoubtedly, environment protection is must for all of us and our survival is only possible if we are keeping our environment clean and clear.

Following are the major aspects that are covered under the green marketing campaign –

3 Main Aspects of a Green Marketing Campaign

(i) Protection of our environment at its best.

(ii) Production and consumption of pure products rather than processed ones.

(iii) Making the interactions fair and just.

Now you can draw a conclusion regarding the importance of green marketing. It’s not like that we are saying it, top organizations like; SAARC, WHO, UNO and other environmental bodies have emphasized on the implementation of green marketing in our daily life.

We tend to practice the marketing strategies in such a way that it is both beneficial for the business as well as our ecological environment.

Here we use our top-notch technology to tackle the environmental challenges. We tend to produce and consume the products which are not harmful to our mother earth.

Some Benefits of Green Marketing

In order to understand the importance of green marketing, it is essential that we tell you all about the benefits and features of green marketing.

Here are some of the benefits of green marketing in the best way.

1. Product Opportunities

The consumers these days are pretty much interested in the preservation as well as the utilization of these natural resources that we have.

So, this has increased sales for companies that use environmentally friendly options for marketing.

In a world where everyone wants to go all organic, it is really important that companies have all organic products and methods which are not harming the environment in any way.

This is one of the most important things to keep in mind for sure.

The benefit of green marketing has also made it easier for environmentally friendly companies to promote their products in the best ways.

2. Increased Awareness

Another one of the main benefits of green marketing is that it has resulted in an increase in awareness amongst the industry and the company.

There are more and more companies that are interested in opting for these amazing green marketing methods which would make the environment better.

Most companies are also making sure that their products are all organic and their efforts are pretty clean as well.

So, the green initiative has been greatly encouraged in the industry these days and that is one of the main reasons why every single company need to have green marketing efforts.

3. Premium Prices

When it comes to fulfilling all the needs and requirements of the environment, the expenses can increase for some companies.

The preservation of rain forests and the reduction of waste are some of the actions that require constant effort and money as well.

So, the consumers might be more and more acceptable when it comes to paying higher prices for certain items and services that are provided by the company.

There are premium-priced products on the market these days which might also increase the profit for the company.

There is no doubt about the fact that green marketing is one of the best and the most amazing initiative that has been taken by the business industries.

Best Green Marketing Strategies

Green Marketing Strategies

Green Marketing Strategies Source – Slideshare

There are a number of companies which have understood the features of green marketing & have adopted green marketing strategies and that’s really commendable.

They are committed to saving the environment. You as a company can also follow the same path if you adopt the right strategies for green marketing as mentioned below –

1. Green Design

By this, we mean that design the product or your service in such a way that it is least harmful to the environment. This is the most basic strategy for green marketing.

The solar water heater is a perfect example of this where its design is the reason behind minimum energy consumption through it.

2. Green Pricing

Here we work to set the pricing in such a way that it helps the person to save their hard-earned money.

The main focus is to highlight how green offerings are going to help people in saving their money in the long term.

For example, CNG cars showcase themselves by making buyers believe how it is going to save their money by being economical when compared to petrol cars.

3. Green Positioning

This is the area where companies don’t emphasize much but it is extremely crucial where companies work to position themselves as an entity which cares about their customers and the environment.

The companies work in order to make their users believe their sustainability values and it does so by partnering with the companies that are working for the good cause of the environment.

The companies work to get the certification to prove their efforts regarding the betterment of the environment.

Here companies also work to collect funding in order to help the deprived ones. All these collectively make their entire campaign green.

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4. Green Logistics

The logistic activities are also responsible for a major environmental degradation hence companies work on to minimize this to an extent. Companies like Amazon are using packaging which is recyclable.

Using the least plastic material in the packaging is one of the best ways to protect environmental degradation.

5. Green Disposal

Pollution not only occurs due to production and consumption but also through the disposal.

The companies which are producing a lot of waste material must consider implementing this green marketing strategy in order to tackle the disposal challenge. S

So these were a few of the best green marketing strategies that you can implement in your business and contribute to safeguarding the environment.

Today, over 70% of consumers are using social media to strengthen their purchasing decisions, if your business lacks the social media presence, you are losing a great opportunity of developing deeper relationships with your customers.

There are some of the best Social Media Marketing providers that offer the finest and results-oriented social media marketing services.

This will help you to capture your customers where they spend a large amount of their time, and social media is the place where this can be done.

These service providers help you develop better relationships with your customers by:

(i) Building your brand awareness

(ii) Engaging and indulging your customers

(iii) Creating and sharing informative and exciting content

Email marketing is one of the major green marketing techniques.

Email marketing has become crucial in this competitive marketplace. These service providers have a set of email marketing professionals who can generate leads with the help of business tools.

These service providers are the major suppliers of email marketing who can help you in acquiring potential customers, contact management, database development, sales generation and lead generation tools.

Outstanding Customer Support of Green Marketing

With the great advancement of technology, telecommunications, you can conduct the business over various kinds of medium like the SMS, Chat, phone, live chat. Under such situations, you need instant customer care support.

These service providers provide immediate and relevant support such that you can settle on them and expect outstanding help.

You can contact them throughout the business hours and get direct assistance.

You can either choose the campaign based services or take up the monthly package as such.

In the monthly payment basis, these service providers will charge you at every step. It is better to take up the email marketing campaign.

Some more Green Marketing Mediums

1. Facebook

Facebook, known to be the most prominent brand and most popular social media platforms, presents a perfect opportunity for online marketing.

By designing the most impactful social media strategy, this helps you use Facebook to grow your business by providing you with an astounding platform for collaborating with your audience.

2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the largest professional social network across the globe, and about half of its members are more likely to purchase from the companies and firms with which they engage here.

By making your business active on the LinkedIn network and designing an effective social media marketing plan, this will enhance the effectiveness of your social media marketing efforts and strategies.

3. Video Marketing

By designing unique and customized video marketing strategies, this will aid you to generate new leads and drive traffic while helping you find potential customers.

You may use this as an organized platform to present your brand engagingly and leverage your existing contacts to connect with the right people.

4. Twitter

Twitter, in the past couple of years, has grown immensely as an ideal place to market your business.

As per a survey, 67% of users are more likely to purchase the products and services from a brand which they follow on twitter.

So, if you have not been marketing your business on this social media platform, then you are losing a high possibility to connect with your existing and potential users.

Green marketing is not just about safeguarding the environment but it also talks about the merits during the conversation that are done with the audience in order to increase the conversion.

Let us understand that in a better way –

Role of Green Marketing in Conversions and Sales

Green Marketing Mix

Green Marketing Mix Source – Pimrimdore

Every business out there is primarily focusing on increasing their sales either by hook or by crook but during this venture we should not keep our morality on stake.

Undoubtedly, you want to increase your sales but that doesn’t mean that you are following the path which you are not supposed to do.

Cheating and betraying are very common these days. We should avoid that.

If you want to get benefited from your marketing campaign in the long run then you will have to stay loyal with what you are doing and what you are promising.

You may earn well by making fool of your visitors for a moment but if you want to keep it on track for the long term then you will have to stay honest and follow the moral rules.

While running a business we often tend to compete with others and try to work in the best possible manner to get ahead of them but here as well you are not supposed to choose a method that you should not.

Don’t get ahead of them by making them fall rather get ahead of them by making yourself run.

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Final Words

So this was all about what is green marketing. I hope you are well cleared with the topic as we talked about it in a detailed manner. Features of green marketing are actually the reason why we should execute it in our marketing campaigns.

Forgetting mother earth and our moral values while running marketing campaigns are never going to be a good idea. If we all will keep on harming the earth then one day we will have to face its ferocious nature as well.

Understand what is green marketing, features of Green Marketing & follow green marketing for sustainable development.

Opting for a complete Digital Marketing Course will guide you the right Green Marketing Strategies best suited for your business model.

In case of any doubts about what is green marketing, feel free to ask us in the comments.

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