Havmor Leverages Facebook With ‘Coolest Summer Job’ Campaign

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Are you an ice-cream Freak and ever-ready to eat tubs of Ice-cream and eat gallons of Ice-cream in the name of testing and research. Then you are the suitable candidate to join the Coolest Summer Job as CTO(Chief Tasting Officer) with Havmor and become the creator and taster of the Brand. Therefore, it was the coolest job ever offered to the Ice Cream Fans to eat and taste gallons of Ice- Cream and create new flavors for India.

First and foremost, something similar to ice-cream was relished by Ancient Greeks in 5th B.C. New Zealand is amongst the top consumers of Ice-cream.

In fact, it is world’s favorite frozen treat.

The vanilla flavor is Ranked No. 1 in U.S.

About Havmor


In 1944, when love for food blossomed in Satish’s heart. He started his very own world’s favorite frozen treat by choosing pure milk, unique ingredients and his passion for flavor. Havmor was founded by Shri Satish Chona. His journey was filled with love, compassion, truthfulness and some really good ice-cream is carried on by his son Pradeep Chona.

In the same way, Havmor has also gained popularity in Restaurant and Eatery Business.

In fact, Havmor is known to be one of the fastest growing Ice-cream brands in India. Moreover, it is available across 40,000 outlets across Gujrat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh. It offers an exclusive range of more than 60 ice creams.

As a matter of fact, they have a capacity of producing 200,000 liters of ice cream per day through the state-of-the-art, ISO 22000:2005 and HACCP certified manufacturing equipment.

Presently Havmor is run by Mr. Ankit Chona. However, he is the third generation of a thought leader in the ice-cream industry.

Havmor’s Business Objective

Havmor’s mission is to spread its presence pan India and become a 1000 crore group by 2020.

In the same way, Havmor’s vision is to offer finest quality products to the customers at the best price.

Motto of Havmor is


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Business Objective of Havmor’s Coolest Summer Job Campaign

The goal of Havmor’s Coolest summer job campaign was to hunt for the most dedicated ice-cream lovers to join as a Chief tasting officer(CTO). However, the coolest thing of the job was to create new flavors for Indian Palate and eat tubs of ice cream under the name of tasting.

Eligibility Criteria

  • An ice-cream freak who can eat tubs of ice cream
  • Who can taste lots of different flavors and ingredients
  • Someone who can tell us which flavor can give a wonderful treat to their fan’s tongue

Job Perks

  • Rs. 40,000 for time and expertise
  • 3 day all expenses paid trip including food, travel and stay
  • Visit Havmor ice-cream factory
  • Ice-cream tasting and mentoring workshops by experts
  • 1 year-long Havmor ice-cream supply
  • Certificate of goodness for Real
  • Once in a lifetime experience of creating an ice-cream for India
  • A chance to meet like-minded people with same passion for ice-cream
  • A job to eat ice-cream for full day

Digital Marketing Course by Digital Vidya

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FAQ’s about the Coolest Summer Job

Q. What is Havmor ice-cream?

Havmor is the producer of rich creamy pure dairy ice cream producer in India. Check out the new flavors on www.havmor.com

Q. When and where I need to travel?

The coolest summer job is a 3-day assignment. The participants will be traveling to Havmor ice-cream factory located in Ahmedabad. In the same way, Travelling, food, and stay will be managed by Havmor.

Q. Is this a full-time job?

No, it is just a 3-day job. So, there is no need to leave your present job.

Q. Is this a paid job?

Check for the perks.

Q. How many candidates will be chosen?l

Only 5 ice-cream lovers who win hearts for their passion demonstrated in the video submitted by them will be chosen.

Q. Brief me about the video

We are finding for a die-hard ice-cream fan who can work brilliantly to create new ice-cream flavor. And that love has to be demonstrated in that video.

Q. Can video application be longer than 2 minutes?


Q. What is the last date to submit video application?

Submit it on or before 2nd June 2017.

Q. Will I receive the confirmation once I submit my application?


Q. Is this a real job?


Digital Marketing Course by Digital Vidya

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Strategy Adopted By Havmor

Havmor created a unique campaign to co-create new flavors for the Indian palate. Therefore, a customer-oriented approach was adopted while running the campaign. It invited entries online for the #TheCoolestSummerJob campaign through its microsite and social media.

Moreover, Havmor hunted for a new position as a Chief tasting officer(CTO’s) responsible for creating and tasting new flavors and ingredients.

First and foremost, participants were supposed to submit a 2-minute video describing their passion for ice-cream and understanding of local palate. As a matter of fact,

As a matter of fact, the role of CTO’s was to taste the ice-creams and inspire them to innovate new sparkling flavor which can win Indian ice-cream fan’s, heart.

Finally, the day came when the campaign got live on May 02, 2017. However, results were announced in mid-June. The deserving candidates were selected for the position of “Chief Tasting Officer”.

In Addition, Havmor hosted a knowledge session in association with Chefs Ricky Ratnani and Sanjana Patel.

In the first place, the four officers started their job with workshop highlighting techniques of ice-cream creation conducted by both the chefs.

Finally, after 3 days of indulgence with ice-cream flavors and under the guidance of top chefs at Havmor’s ice-cream factory, they were ready to innovate new ice-cream flavors for the country.

Results obtained by Havmor

Havmor obtained the following results for its campaign:

  • 1.7 million digital impressions on Facebook
  • 44000 entries for the post of CTO
  • 2,38 lac unique visitors on its microsite

Finally, After this successfully led campaign, Havmor is now ready to launch its new innovation on its shelves across its 200 ice-cream parlors in 40,000+ retail outlets.

Learning’s form Havmor

  • Havmor’s coolest summer job campaign was able to spread awareness amongst ice cream lovers
  • They offered cooler perks to the participants which made this campaign a great success
  • Used Facebook Boost post targeting age group of 25- 30 years using demographics
  • Created a micro site helped to gain website visitors.

Source: https://www.socialsamosa.com/2017/07/havmor-thecoolestsummerjob/, havmor.com

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