HGA Creative Used Email Marketing To Gain 30% Hike In Lead Generation

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 hga cAbout HGA Creative

HGA Creative is a creative communications agency. It is an award winning company based in UK. It extends its quality services to its wide client base all over UK. The company is a team of experts delivering integrated and stand alone communications services to its rising number of clients on a regular basis. The team has vast experience in digital, design, live events, videos and films.

Business Objective of HGA Creative

The company wanted an email marketing provider that could supply a white label service that was guaranteed to offer HGA Creative clients with solutions that matched their email marketing needs.  By white labeling the PureResponse email marketing software, HGA Creative can choose exactly what each individual client can do as well as what they can see in the system.  The software can also be branded in the agency or their clients’ branding.

Strategies/ Approaches Adopted By HGA Creative

All the clients and leads of the HGA Creative were sent newsletters and also promotional emails on a regular basis. The team has been measuring KPIs such as open and CTRs and thus managed to attain rates which were more than the average prevailing in the industry in respect of both. By integrating Email marketing with Google Analytics, it became possible to determine the cost of each conversion by launching marketing campaigns via emails.

HGA Creative was also utilizing more than one email subject line in order to ascertain if that subject line will be best performer in so far as open rates are concerned so that the entire message could be sent to the database. By relying on their own expert knowledge of the email marketing system and their own practices, the HGA Creative could serve its clients in the best possible manner by passing on their own knowledge to them. Every email that was sent by the company featured social media site buttons like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


HGA Creative made full use of the functions like API Graph and ‘Sign in with Facebook’ offered by the Facebook to access high quality data made available by its users.

Though the Facebook maintains strict privacy of the data relating to its users, like their job description, their location and hobbies etc. but there are users and those users who let this data be accessible to enhance their database through emails so as to further classify their audience. The sign-up function offered by the Facebook also made it easy to subscribe since it only ask visitors to log by using the Facebook details relating to them. Consumers are 30% more likely to purchase when the offer is personalized.


Email marketing is a strong marketing tool used by the marketers since few decades but when it is combined with the social media marketing and web analytics , the results are quite appreciable with smooth sailing. This is because the loopholes in a single marketing strategy are fixed by including other appropriate marketing styles. Whereas email marketing is the best way to connect with the customers on a one-to-one level, the other marketing styles help to take the process further and result in including timely improvements and earn higher number of sales leads.

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