How Mother Dairy Ice Creams Used Social Media For Facebook Campaign

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About MothMother Dairyer Dairy

Headquartered in Noida, Uttar Pradesh Mother Dairy was founded on 1974. It is an Indian Private company which manufactures, markets and sells milk, milk products like Ice Creams, Cheese and Ghee etc. and other edible products like Edible Oils, Frozen Fruits, Juice, Jams, Pulses etc.

Mother Dairy is a wholly owned subsidiary of the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB). Under Operation Flood initiative Mother Dairy aimed at making India milk sufficient nation. The company is basically focused on Delhi and NCR but now it is expanding its reach to other regions of India.

About Mother Dairy Ice CreamsMother Dairy Ice Creams

Mother Dairy Ice Creams has diversified portfolio of Ice Creams which comes into different ranges. They are unique, delicious and lip smacking. It is available in different parts of India. Mother Dairy Ice Creams has a lot to offer to its consumers and it is available in different flavors and range. It is made of rich, creamy milk and superior ingredients. Mother Dairy Ice Creams guarantees delicious taste experience. It is generally made out of milk fat as opposed to frozen desserts. Mother Dairy Ice Creams Offers Lic Lolleez Range, Chillz Range, Fruit Classics, The Kulfi range, Indian Classics and Western Classics etc. to their customers.

Marketing Goals & Objectives

With the increase of social media demand every company wants to make their presence on social media platform because it is one of the best platforms from the branding and promotion point of view. It not only helps brands to create awareness and visibility of their products but also to connect with their audience on a personal level. It helps brands to create an understanding with their audience and Mother Dairy Ice Creams didn’t want to leave behind

Mother Dairy Ice Creams main objective was to promote the brand and their different range of ice cream products during festivals holiday season. They wanted to usher the Christmas Festivities by doing something fun and exciting on the Mother Dairy Ice Creams Facebook Page. They wanted to increase the fan base and engagements for the brand.

Marketing Campaign

To promote their different range of ice creams products and creating brand awareness Mother Dairy Ice Creams came up with the idea of Virtual Christmas Tree with hidden Ice Cream. They launched “Find the Hidden Ice Creams Campaign” during Christmas festival holiday. To play the game the participants has to follow the several steps:Mother Dairy

  1. Before proceeding the participants had to read the instructions for game carefully
  2. They had to analyze which products will fetch them higher points
  3. The 20 seconds timer begins
  4. They have to find the hidden ice creams by clicking on them and gain points
  5. See your score board after 20 seconds and decide whether to submit the score or to try again.
  6. Submit score and win prizes

The campaign was to engage audience play the game and find the hidden Mother Dairy Ice Creams in 20 Seconds and win fun Prizes. The idea was to increase their brand reach on Facebook by inviting other participants to take part on the campaign, play and win prizes.           

Mother DairyMother Dairy Results Achieved

Mother Dairy Ice Creams Campaign gained a lot of buzz as the audience loved the game. It helped the brand to create awareness about their products through this campaign. The campaign didn’t only generate the buzz on social media platform but also increased the popularity of their brand. During the campaign participants participated and played the game thousands of times. They promoted the contest through different creative updates on Facebook and received fantastic response from the audience.

Mother Dairy

Social Media is the platform which enables us to market our brand and products in a cost effective way. It doesn’t only allow us to engage with our customers but helps in building the brand loyalty. It also helps in creating awareness among their targeted audience and its reach is high. Social Media helps in increasing the traffic on the website. With every content generation on Facebook and other social media platforms helps the brand in Search Engine Optimization. Social Media Marketing also helps the companies to convert their targeted audience into loyal customers. The rate of return is higher on social media and it is cost effective. 

Mother Dairy Ice Creams has also used the opportunity to create the awareness about their ice creams products among audience on social media platform. As a result, they brilliantly used the platform and created brand recognition. It increased the traffic on their page and website. Lots of contents was created and shared on the  Social Media Platform i.e. Facebook. The campaign increased the engagement on their page and as a result new consumers also showed interest and participated on the contest which leads the brand to real relationship building. It also increased their fan base on the page.

Picture Credit: Mother Dairy

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