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About ICICI Lombard

ICICI Lombard is a collaboration between two financial giants, ICICI Bank Limited and a Canadian General Insurance company, Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited. With an array of insurance services at bay, ICICI Lombard is presently one of the largest private sector general insurance company in India with a Gross Written Premium (GWP) of more than INR 69.14 billion accounted till the month of March 2015.

Products like health insurance, home insurance, motor insurance, and more are some of the A-listed products offered by ICICI Lombard to the Indian markets at present. Among recent recognitions, ICICI Lombard has been decorated with the ‘Claim Leader’ Award in the General Insurance category at Indian Insurance Award 2014. Several other accolades like the ‘Best Mobile Application’ Award by the Asia Insurance Technology Award 2014 have also fallen into their kitty.

The company has a known reputation for their best practices and innovative initiatives in the fields of both ATL and BTL marketing. Taking digital marketing by stride, ICICI Lombard has also recently started promoting their products avidly on the social front.

The story behind #ILOVEME

Being one of the category leaders, ICICI Lombard wanted to widen their reach through a well-defined survey which catered specifically to the feminine segment of our society drawing their attention especially towards the prevalent health issues. Primary focus of such a survey-based campaign was to explore and create a digital marketing eco-system that helps in replenishing the brand’s database pertaining customer awareness about Health Insurance and affiliated services.

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The same information could further be procured, republished and reproduced to promote insurance services as provided by ICICI Lombard digitally. Another objective that distinguished the campaign from that of its allies was to publish ‘Social Media Primary Data’ to a large audience through PR and create a socially positive brand sentiment.

Subsequently, a campaign was designed with an aim to engage their present set of user along with acquiring newer fans. ICICI Lombard worked closely with their digital marketing partners, KRDS India Pvt Limited, to weave a campaign that caters to the niche requirements and objectives.

And thus ICICI Lombard’s #ILoveMe came into existence.

Digital Journey of #ILoveMe with KRDS

ICICI Lombard’s digital marketing partners, KRDS, is originally a French agency with a global presence. Being one of the top companies working as Facebook’s Preferred Mobile Developers in India and across, KRDS won ICICI Lombard’s mandate in January 2015.


ICICI Lombard’s Valentine’s Day campaign was conceptualised as a niche category online survey that would help the insurance industry understand women’s awareness and attitudes towards health. Additionally, the initiative could provide an insight about the behavioural perceptions and attitudes  of women in the age bracket of 22 years to 55 years towards health insurance in India.

Though the concept seemed convincing and profitable but the stereotypes attached with taking a survey was something that still haunted and challenged its inception. Even after successful data collection, numbers and facts only seem to excite a handful of people. Thus, a solution was devised with the #ILoveMe campaign. The campaign was a socially integrated survey that helped women gauge their perception towards health through a series of interesting visuals.

The survey included a set of 9 questions asked to women ranging from their family life, work and health preference. The survey was visually pleasing depicting day-to-day activities of women thus encouraging further participation. Additionally, the design theme had a strong integration of womanhood promoting organic sharing.

After finalizing the content for the survey with the in-house team, the campaign was executed on a TYPEFORM template which additionally made it easier for the brand and the agency to monetize and analyse the findings.

A campaign was eventually launched on Valentine’s Day under a hashtag #ILoveMe. The campaign was further fuelled with appropriate targeting to leverage across social media platforms. Riding on the current trends of International Women’s Day and Valentine’s Day, the campaign received an overwhelming organic response.

OUTCOME: We Love ICICI Lombard

The digital marketing campaign was aggressively promoted on Facebook and Twitter for a span of ten days with a targeting specifications for its receiving audience. The campaign holistically received an overwhelming response and ecstatic results. More than 1009 female respondents had taken the survey hence forming a base for our hypothesis.


The survey gave ICICI Lombard a consolidated database about aggregate statistics  regarding  insurance awareness among urbanised women who have an access to social media sites. Subtle depiction of the knowledge received through info-graphics helped ICICI Lombard to root into their consumer’s psyche. The information received was further populated by newspaper and publications which worked in the brand’s favour. The initiative gave ICICI Lombard an edge in terms of first-hand knowledge and the means to implement the same in their future endeavours.

Recently, ICICI Lombard’s #ILoveMe campaign has been awarded the ASIAN SOCIAL MEDIA & DIGITAL MARKETING LEADERSHIP AWARDS in Dubai for the Best Social Media Integrated Campaign. The campaign has been widely celebrated across general insurance industry and serves as a fraternity benchmark.


Much Ado About Everything

The campaign has indeed been an excellent example of utilising simplistic ways to present something as mundane as info-graphics through appropriate digital marketing tactics. My learning from the campaign has been enlisted below as a quick check-list:

  • Objectives of the campaign must be precise and unidirectional.
  • Strategy is the key!
  • Keep the idea simple and completely executable.
  • Invest time and thought in designs. The way we depict information can be a game changer.
  • Sometimes platforms like Typeform can be of great use, They’re not only cost-effective but can also help us with an in-depth analysis.
  • A focussed media plan can uplift our campaigns.

Image Credits: ICICI Lombard

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