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government-approved-travel-agency-indiaAbout Tour My India:

Tour My India was established in 2003 and working on online travel platform, The Company has based in Noida and maintain strong presence in inbound travel trade and corporate world. At present Tour My India has excelled its branch over Mumbai, Jaipur, Delhi, Agra, Badrinath, Rishikesh and Haridwar. The company boosted as a private limited in 2013 and has loom up as the ‘Best Upcoming Inbound Tour Operators’. By World Tourism Brand Academy Tour My India has been awarded in a category of excellence in the tourism industry. This is an award winning travel organization and excels their quality services with the coordination of its experienced staffs. Throughout the years the company has received positive feedbacks from their existing clients, that’s how one can expect a cordial reception.

The company managed its travel engine with proficiency has specializes mainly in organizing Hill station, Wildlife, Adventure, Religious & Cultural tours in India through a trail network. It offers 24 X 7 hour services include (travelling framework, route design, hotel bookings, ticket reservations and conveyance facilities). It also provides holiday packages, customized as per client’s need and budget.

Companie’s Portal and Services:

TourMyIndia is an online travel platform where divination and devotion has always exceeded travellers expectation. The platform provides updates regarding all the destinations in India, from the remote lifestyle ease in the Indian Himalaya to the underwater coral reef of Andaman and from the tribes of Northeastern India to royal inheritance of Rajasthan.

The travel portal also includes a wide range of information of resorts and hotels in India, from budget to heritage and luxury, as well as it scrolls down to Adventure tours, hill station tours, beach holidays, and wildlife safari tours that include trekking, white water river rafting, motor biking, mountaineering, mountain biking and peak climbing. Moreover, keeping in mind the need of leisure travelers, who look around to capture the rich heritage of India, the portal also, offers various heritage, cultural and pilgrimage.

About the Services:

Well built Associations with budget and luxury hotels across the country enables us to give our clients their best worth for money. This trait of Tour My India Pvt. Ltd., makes it the most attractive tour and travel agency for public. The team is prompt in their replies to your queries, which has earned a reputation as one of the most efficient and well-organized tour and travel operators in India by the clients and overseas partners.

Marketing Objective:BeautyPlus_20160102222416_save

Today the travelers in India having enormous exposure through the latest technology. Usage of Internet is on a sharp rise. The primary objective for the company was to generate traffic to the site, bring potential leads & spread awareness on travel. TourMyIndia has always believe in creating satisfaction in travelers and thus has always taken a step ahead than an standard to ensure a crystalline relationship with our customers. In today’s cut throat competition, the most important consideration of any business is to keep retain their customers. Especially in a cluttered market of travel & tourism, where a customer have infinite attractive booking schemes, the retention of the customers becomes the herculean tasks.


Years back when TISIndia had chosen as their Digital marketing partner, the biggest challenge was to bring TourMyIndia up on top position from nowhere in Google search, bring conversions through multi-channel marketing within a specified budget in a aggressive domain of travel and to bring real traffic that can convert


The first execution was to do comprehensively survey of the site’s current performance & drawbacks, defining the user character & objectives, analysis of the competitors landscape & devising the marketing approach. Site was low on traffic, not ranked on any of the fruitful keywords, and hence conversions were very low.


Content & User Acquaintance , Multi-Channel Marketing

Site had a planned marketing strategy, quality content, prompt need of optimization, suitable keyword targets, conversion-friendly landing pages.

Site Optimization & Content Marketing:

When outlining an SEO to propose an action for content marketing, we took slightly different approach. It is likely best to begin insight on how (and why) Google is rewarding longer form content. Google has originate to see those elements as symbols of quality, also doing a better job of connecting search users for quality content. It is needed to select an effective keywords for the website & optimize it for users considering the latest search engine algorithms. In this operation, we rebuilt the site to upgrade the user experience, optimized the content, added more information, & published user-centric attractive content to involve more visitors, engage them and convert.


We also developed the website for SEO, as it had a lot of scope of driving traffic through search. We pitched the traveling report to relevant media and integrate these PR attempts with few blogger transcend.

Many reliable websites splashed TourMyIndia through their pages inclusive of Yahoo Voice, Biginsider etc.

Paid & Social:

Along with organic search marketing, TIS India also performed several other campaigns like Paid Advt. (search and display) through which must analyze own website’s performance on search engine and then evaluate in which section of marketing needs attention or improvement. & social media marketing to boost up the user engagement & conversions.

Landing Page Optimization:

Since, the ultimate goal was to bring sales, the immediate step we taken was to amend the site for conversions that comprise redesigning the site’s primary pages, optimize order process, build smart landing pages for paid campaigns & perform A/B testing.


Traffic boost by 1,328%, Conversions by 1,407%

With combined marketing efforts, frequent statistical analysis & allocation of smart budget among them, the ROI increased drastically.


Amazing customized statistics were achieved in the last 12 months of digital marketing campaign:

  • Site started ranking on top search results on Yahoo and Google, ultimately raising in organic traffic. Organic non paid traffic boosted by 1,844% & leads by an astonishing figure of 1,281%.
  • Conversions improved by 1,466% in just 3 months, then after improving month over month resulting in 1,407% more leads in 12 months.
  • Total traffic raise extremely by 1,328 with 621% more page views showcasing the improved user experience.
  • Social media campaigns also executed effective driving 2,912% more traffic via social referrals & 843% more leads.
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