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Deeksha is working as a social media executive at a media marketing agency. As a social media executive, it is of utmost importance for her to stay updated with all the current trend of social media. Digital marketing is her bread and butter and she ensures to stay updated with all the recent trends of Digital Marketing in her daily professional life. From planning a campaign to promoting and executing it she breathes digital everyday

Which course of Digital Vidya did you participate in? How did it help you acquire new skills related to digital marketing?

Deeksha: I got myself enrolled in the Certified Digital Marketing Master (CDMM) Course. Every module included in the course is derived in a strategic manner that helped me in growing my skills from scratch to an advanced level.

Why did you choose Digital Vidya’s course?

Deeksha: Prior joining Digital Vidya I enquired a lot about course at various other institutes. However, settling for the Digital Vidya was because of the two factors.

One is a positive name that the institute has. I’ve heard a lot of positive reviews from the participants about Digital Vidya and I am more than happy that all of those came true.

The other reason was the counselling provided to me at the time of enquiry. I must say all the counsellors at the institute have in-depth knowledge of the field which I found nowhere else.

I am happy that Digital Vidya’s counselling team have actual counsellors giving the participant true knowledge about the course and its professional importance and are not like the sales representatives I found at other organizations.

How has the course contributed in your career growth including new job opportunities?

Deeksha: Well to state that I got a raise in my package in the first 4 months of the course would be enough to answer this question. Keeping apart the monetary benefits the course is so well designed that now I have slightest and the most intricate knowledge about Social Media Marketing.

Why do you think it’s important to learn Digital Marketing today?

Deeksha: In this time, when everything, be it business or the personal socializing is going digital. Thus, it is of utmost importance to be updated with the current and ever-changing trends of digital space.

A decade back when mobiles were the most advanced form of technology no one would have thought that within a short span of time even the grocery would be sold online. So whether at the professional or personal level, learning digital marketing is the smartest step anybody can take.

Digital Marketing Course by Digital Vidya

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Share about the benefits you can foresee about building a career in the Digital Marketing industry.

Deeksha: In this ever-changing scenario, I can easily predict that to have knowledge about Digital marketing would be a compulsory part of our everyday lives.

How do you stay updated on the latest trends in Digital Marketing? Which are the Digital Marketing resources (i.e. blogs/websites/apps) you visit regularly?

Deeksha: The course at Digital Vidya taught me to analyse everything critically. For example earlier I used to share the meme just for the fun and entertainment, but now I can relate that memes are the most trending way of promoting a brand or product. So I keep myself updated by keeping a critical eye at the content I browse while using any social media platform.

Which are your favourite 3 digital media channels (e.g. Twitter, Google etc) and why?

Deeksha: Well every digital media have its own significance and audience, however on a professional level I feel Instagram is the most effective social media platform right now to effectively and engagingly share the content among the youth

What is your advice to newbies who want to build a career in Digital Marketing?

Deeksha: Just give it a start. I spend a lot of time thinking that what would be the right time to start the course. Guess what no time is right or wrong but the day I started the course I started to learn the right thing. That first step is the most crucial one to get an inch closure to learning a new skill.

What are the challenges a person is likely to face when s/he enters into the Digital Marketing industry? How can s/he overcome those?

Deeksha: I don’t think there would be any challenges per se someone would face. There could be doubts about the topics and for that coordinator and instructors are there who would be more than happy to assist. I’m telling this from personal experience.

Digital Marketing Course by Digital Vidya

Free Digital Marketing Webinar

Date: 27th Feb, 2021 (Sat)
Time: 11 AM to 12:30 PM (IST/GMT +5:30)
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For someone who’s looking at full time or part time job or an internship in Digital Marketing, what approach would you advice?

Deeksha: I would say go into the internship or the job along with the course. As this will help in implementing the topics at the course simultaneously with the job. This process helped me a lot in remembering the usages of certain topics.

Digital media especially Social media channels such as Facebook can eat up a lot of your productive time if not used wisely. Do you agree? What all can one do to efficiently leverage these channels for personal growth?

Deeksha: I totally agree with the statement, prior to joining the course I used to spend a lot of time surfing Facebook and Instagram. However as I said earlier this course gave me an analytical eye, so now when I am on any social media platform I critically examine any post the purpose or the reason of it being viral or a trending topic. This is a great learning process and the effect of utilising the time spend on social media.

Would you like to share a few words about the work we are doing at Digital Vidya in educating others about Digital Marketing?

Deeksha: Digital Vidya is doing a great job in educating the masses and the most effective and interactive manner. I should have mentioned this earlier that the course is not only very educational but very very cost effective too and the process of making the payment in instalments makes is even easier to get enrolled in a course like this. 

This course helped me a lot in enhancing my skills and I would like to wish all the success to the entire team for putting together this learning experience for me. I wish you all love and success for your future endeavours.

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