Is Internet Reliable And Trustworthy?

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The Internet,being of prime importance in our lives surely has placed itself to a position wherein its importance and need can’t be measured. The internet is important indeed no matter what and without it the urban populace precisely, is going to land in a big trouble. Internet is constant, meticulously fixed in its place, but the effects caused from internet isn’t. Effects of internet keeps on changing according to situations primarily. The internet is an abode for good, bad, best, evil, disastrous and heavenly stuffs as well. We can never pre-assume anything about internet thinking that it may have only the good stuffs. No,straightaway! It is a pathetic place cause internet is highly prone to cyber crime which is quite prevalant globally. On the contrary, internet serves the best when we hit the right track and choose the right path and donot deviate deliberately. It solely depends on a person how he/she uses the internet. Internet can be a place of hell where the evil resides whereas, it can also be a homeland to the best of the things that we would like to discover and enhance our knowledge and skills beyond boundaries.

How much reliable is it to use the internet ?

Reliability and trustworthy both go hand in hand. One is interdependent on each other. Only when we find somethingInternet-security--1024x768 reliable, when start building our trust on it. Suppose I talk about the students, for instance. Student researchers should always make these decisions, even about materials they find in the university library. However, judging the reliability of sources found on the Internet is crucial because there is no regulating body that monitors the reliability of what is on the Internet. Although there is so much information on the Internet that it can seem like a university library, it is actually more like a huge open-air market. In one corner there might be reliable sources from whom you can obtain valuable information. But over in another corner there might be weirdos, whackos, and eccentrics, from whom anything you obtain is, at best, questionable. The problem is that on the Internet there is no way to tell the difference. Someone who wants to turn Moby Dick into a glorification of bloodsports or an animal rights tract can post a rewritten version with no indication of its differences from Melville’s original. When it comes to doing your research on the Internet, the saying should be caveat internauta, or “let the surfer beware.”

Some basic advantages as well as disadvantages of the Internet:

  • Information on almost every subject imaginable.
  • Powerful search engines.
  • Ability to do research from your home versus research libraries.
  • Information at various levels of study. Everything from scholarly articles to ones directed at children.
  • Message boards where people can discuss ideas on any topic. Ability to get wide range of opinions. People can find others that have a similar interest in whatever they are interested in.
  •  The internet provides the ability of emails. Free mail service to anyone in the country.
  •  Platform for products like SKYPE, which allow for holding a video conference with anyone in the world who also  has access.
  •  Friendships and love connections have been made over the internet by people involved in love/passion over similar interests.
  •  Things such as Yahoo Answers and other sites where kids can have readily available help for homework.
    News, of all kinds is available almost instantaneously. Commentary, on that news, from every conceivable viewpoint is also available.
  • There is a lot of wrong information on the internet. Anyone can post anything, and much of it is garbage.
  • There are predators that hang out on the internet waiting to get unsuspecting people in dangerous situations.
    Some people are getting addicted to the internet and thus causing problems with their interactions of friends and loved ones.
  • Easy to waste a lot of time on the internet. You can start surfing, and then realize far more time has passed than you realized. Internet and television together of added to the more sedentary lifestyles of people which further exacerbates the obesity problem.
  •  Internet has a lot of “cheater” sites. People can buy essays and pass them off as their own far more easily than they used to be able to do.
  •  There are a lot of unscrupulous businesses that have sprung up on the internet to take advantage of people.
  •  Hackers can create viruses that can get into your personal computer and ruin valuable data.
  • Hackers can use the internet for identity theft.
  •  It can be quite depressing to be on the internet and realize just how uneducated so many people have become in today’s society.

Overall impact of internet

10683b96ce804cd23ff068bb0d1636ceWhen television exploded onto the scene in the 1940-50’s, it provided much the same things the Internet is providing people today: entertainment and information. However, the Internet has certain advantages over television and, most importantly, it provides instant access to specific information. It is interactive, whereas television is not. Avid proponents of the Internet claim it could feasibly replace print media. The cost of publishing a newspaper or magazine online is far less than the cost of printing one. There is no need to purchase bulk paper and ink, which in itself makes publishing on the Internet more attractive. Moreover, not as many hired hands are required to publish online. Newspapers and other print media have yet to take full advantage of the Internet. Their online publications usually appear as carbon copies of their printed publications. There is no interactivity between the reader and the source. Advertisements online do not offer direct gratification. Yes, the Internet is indeed spectacular. There are several problems associated with the Internet. It allegedly opens the world to everyone, regardless of race, creed, sex, etc. But despite lowering costs of necessary technological equipment and the advent of Web TV, not everyone can afford to go online.  The internet can be divided into six services:

  1. E-mail
  2. Telnet
  3. File Transfer Protocol
  4. Usenet news
  5. Mailing Lists
  6. World Wide Web

The Web, as the World Wide Web (WWW) is commonly referred to, is witnessing a massive growth.

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