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Learn To Make Perfect LinkedIn Profile

Learn To Make Perfect LinkedIn Profile

Searching for jobs in newspapers is a thing of the past. Today, recruiters leverage social media platforms to find people suitable for their work. LinkedIn has become the most effective platform where employers meet employees. A LinkedIn profile isn’t just any old resume; it gives you the opportunity to market yourself globally. However, with 300 million users on LinkedIn, it’s easy to go unnoticed.

A great LinkedIn profile can help you have more success in your job, whether it’s being seen by a client, partner, investor or an employer. Hence, to stand out from the crowd it is important to create an impeccable LinkedIn profile that can help you land your dream job in the easiest way possible!

Here’s how you can achieve it.

Profile Picture

Upload a profile picture which makes you look professional. Do not upload a group picture as your profile picture. Also, casual pictures may not leave a good impression on recruiters. If you look confident in the picture, more people will be interested in reading your profile.

Professional Headline

This is very important as it represents who you are, where you work and your area of expertise. It should be precise and there should be no spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Use “|” symbol on your keyboard to separate different parts of your headline, for instance:

Digital Marketing Expert | Recent Graduate Seeking Work at a Startup | Social Media Evangelist | Blogger

Always keep your professional headline updated.

LinkedIn Summary



This is as important as your headline. A LinkedIn summary is different from a resume summary. The LinkedIn summary should comprise of the following:

  • Who you are.
  • Your passions.
  • Your career achievements.
  • Goals you want like to achieve.
  • What you currently seek in your career.
  • What you can add to a prospective company.
  • How and why people should engage with you.

It’s recommended to write your profile in under 150 words. Write in the first person but avoid using too many pronouns like I, we, they, etc.


Mention the companies or organizations you’ve worked with in the past. Specify your position and duration of work. Precise dates will be preferred. Be sure to make it readable by putting it in bullet points. Also write about the projects you completed successfully during your time at the earlier organizations.

Link to Your Website or Blog

You can provide the link of your website and/or blog on your profile. In this way, you can effectively apprise the recruiters of your strengths and potential. Moreover, it will increase traffic on your website and/or blog.

Add Applications

If you add the Amazon application, you can share information about the books you’re currently reading. It’s an insight into your personality. However, do not concoct anything for the sake of it as it can cost you during your interview.

Connect With People That Matter

Add people from your field of work including those who may be remotely related to it. Your job doesn’t end here. You should also get in touch with as many people in your network as possible because you never know who you might need when the time comes! Also, follow all relevant groups and ‘influencers’ on LinkedIn to be aware of all that’s happening in areas that matter to you.

Get Recommended


Social media is all about networking and making connections. Real life relationships work on the ‘give-and-take’ principle and the online environment is no exception. Give at least one LinkedIn recommendation a week for friends, colleagues etc. You can even recommend someone you don’t know well to start a professional relationship. Don’t presume or ask someone to get a recommendation back; you’ll get them once you begin sending them.

Leave Your Contact Information and Induce a Call to Action

A lot of people overlook this part of their profile. Providing your contact information in your summary makes it easier for prospective recruiters to be in touch with you. An easy way of contacting you implies more job-related talks and better odds of landing a job. You can choose what to mention as a means of contacting you: an e-mail, a phone number, another social network profile etc. Providing your phone number would leave you open to getting spammed by recruiters, so it’s better to be approachable online and give those who view your profile a ‘call to action’.


In today’s day and age, competition knows no boundaries. Regardless of your current position and social standing, if you want to tap future opportunities and take your career to new heights, you need to outdo others both online and offline. Remember, employers get to know you online first and then decide if they require meeting you in person. Hence, creating an impactful LinkedIn profile can make the difference because it all just comes down to personal branding and marketing. The tips discussed above can prove to be really helpful if followed earnestly. Ultimately, you can’t do all the right things but you can certainly do things right!

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