10 LinkedIn Marketing Tools To Boost B2B Sales

10 LinkedIn Marketing Tools to boost B2B Sales

If I say that more people in the world own a cell phone than a toothbrush then it may ridiculously surprise you- But it is a fact. Actually, as per an interesting study of Consumer Technology Association, ‘around 3.5 billion people around the world own toothbrushes while 3.7 billion have a phone’. In today’s Digital Era, we are more connected than ever before- All credit goes to the Smartphones & Social Media Channels. LinkedIn, being the world’s largest Professional Social Media Network, helps you take your social networking, selling, marketing, and hiring efforts to new heights- And LinkedIn Marketing tools automate and alleviate those tasks for you, so you can meet and engage with your potential B2B buyers and convert them.

In this post, I will take you through the finer details of 10 of the best LinkedIn Marketing Tools, but before that, let me highlight here the power of LinkedIn via some of the notable statistics-

467+ Million  is the number of LinkedIn users

106+ Million is the total number of monthly active LinkedIn users

79% of B2B marketers consider LinkedIn as the most powerful source to generate leads

More than 80% B2B leads come from LinkedIn

95+% of B2B Marketers use LinkedIn for distributing content

40+ Million students and recent graduates are on LinkedIn

I think, you would have got now how powerful LinkedIn Marketing is in generating B2B sales for you, so let us directly delve into 10 LinkedIn Marketing Tools that can help you be a pro LinkedIn Marketer-

10 LinkedIn Marketing Tools to Pay Heed Upon

1. LinkedIn Company Page

Linkedin marketing tools

Digital vidya linkedin company page

  • The very first LinkedIn Marketing Tool is the LinkedIn Company Page itself as it helps you promote your brand and build connections with your targets, peers, job seekers, companies, etc. in the most ideal way possible
  • You can extend your LinkedIn Company Page to LinkedIn Showcase Pages as well that will help you spotlight a brand, company, business unit, or any other initiative
  • Showcase Pages enable marketers and business owners create a page for specific audience segments with some customized messages and information
  • Your LinkedIn Company page includes a link to your LinkedIn Showcase Pages and helps you enjoy better branding opportunities in a professional manner

2. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Linkedin marketing tools

Linkedin sales navigator

  • As one of the best LinkedIn Marketing Tools for Businesses, LinkedIn Sales Navigator helps you turn your passive LinkedIn profile into an automated Social Selling Machine
  • Different features comprised by LinkedIn Sales Navigator are-
  1. Lead recommendations
  2. Account and contact import
  3. CRM sync (Salesforce)
  4. Advanced search with Lead Builder that helps you enjoy access around 400 Million professional profiles
  5. Account pages
  6. Social selling index dashboard that helps you measure your performance (to measure your efforts)
  7. Real-time updates, etc.

3. SalesLoft Prospector

Linkedin marketing tools

Salesloft prospector

  • As one of the top LinkedIn Marketing Tools, this one is a prospecting tool that helps you quickly create a list of leads and target LinkedIn account via a simple search
  • For marketers who prefer so many tools for boosting their sales, this one is the best fit, as it integrates most important sales tools and helps you automate your B2B sales functioning in perfect harmony
  • As per company site, different sales tools that SalesLoft Prospector integrates are-
  1. DiscoverOrg
  2. Crystal
  3. Owler
  4. InsideView
  5. Datanyze
  6. RingLead
  7. Sigstr

4. Outro

Linkedin marketing tools


  • Outro helps you find out the top target accounts in your LinkedIn network. It is also quite useful to uncover qualified leads outside your network
  • As one of the most preferred LinkedIn Marketing Tools, Outro helps you instantly uncover potential clients. It does so via two sources:
  1. Your network
  2. The Outro community
  • Outro includes ‘relationship strength algorithm’ that saves your time and instantly finds top matches on LinkedIn
  • Outro offers you integration with CRMs, plus, it also has the ability to export contact data and create reports
  • The ability to quickly expand your network and find qualified prospects makes Outro one of the best LinkedIn Tools for marketing

5. LinkedIn Talent Solutions

For business owners, entrepreneurs, and recruiters, LinkedIn Talent Solutions is one of the finest LinkedIn Marketing Tools. It incorporates a robust suite that offers-

Linkedin marketing tools

Linkedin talent solutions- careers page

LinkedIn Career Pages

  • You can enhance your LinkedIn Company Page by using “Careers” tab that leads your targets to your own branded careers page
  • By using Career Page, you will be able to establish yourself as an employer brand
  • At Career Pages of your company, you can emphasize your Company Culture, Goals, History, and other important details you want to mention over there

LinkedIn Recruiter

  • LinkedIn Recruiter aids recruiters to view and contact anyone on LinkedIn network
  • It helps you search for the talents via 20+ recruiting-specific filters
  • This one helps you save your best candidates from different searches and contact them with personalized messages

Recruiter Lite

  • As a LinkedIn Marketing Tool, Recruiter lite helps those businesses or recruiters who do not hire frequently

Job Slots

  • This is one of the most economical LinkedIn Marketing Tools for those who list many jobs over the year
  • It is a re-usable job listing Job Slot that lets you use it repeatedly without paying any additional fees
  • Job Slots also help recruiters in featuring their Job Slot Listing on the jobs homepage, Company Page, Career Page along with “Job you might be interested in” to target passive candidates

Job Posts

  • Job Posts are best Job Listing Options for those recruiters who hire less frequently

Work With Us Ads

  • As LinkedIn Marketing Tools, these ads help you invite your targeted candidates for viewing your job listings on LinkedIn
  • These ads may outperform your other banner ads


  • LinkedIn Referrals is one of the best LinkedIn Marketing Tools that enable you to unlock profiles of your employees to find out connections that can best fit for a position

6. LinkedIn Content Marketing

Linkedin marketing tools

Linkedin content marketing- long form post

As one of the most useful LinkedIn Marketing Tools, LinkedIn Content Marketing helps you publish and share content in two ways-

Long Form Posts

Long posts on LinkedIn are like blogging on LinkedIn, as it lets you publish your posts in the form of article or blogs and target your connections. It also helps you with heavy lifting when it comes to traffic.


LinkedIn Updates are similar to Facebook Posts where you can post important status, information, links, photos, etc. and you will also be alerted when anyone from your connection likes or comments on the same

7. LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn Ads incorporate two types of ads; promotional and text, and both of those act as LinkedIn Marketing Tools and enable you to target your audiences via different filters. Let us delve into those Ads-

Text Ads

Linkedin marketing tools

Linkedin text ads

Functioning of Text Ads is similar to Google PPC Ads in which you need to set a bid and budget for each of your Text Ads

Promotional Ads

Linkedin marketing tools

Linkedin promotional ads

These Ads are similar to native advertisements that will appear on the home page of your prospects on both computer and mobile phones

8. LinkedIn Mobile Apps

Linkedin marketing tools

Linkedin mobile apps

Along with primary LinkedIn Marketing Tools, LinkedIn also offers some highly useful LinkedIn mobile apps that will help you optimize and automate LinkedIn Marketing on Mobile Devices. Let us delve into those Mobile Apps-

The LinkedIn Mobile App

  • This one helps you appreciate amazing feature sets of LinkedIn on the go
  • It is accessible for both iOS and Android mobile devices and it helps you stay updated about what’s happening in your LinkedIn network
  • It alleviates the process of reaching out and responding to members of your network whenever appropriate

LinkedIn Connected App

  • This one is highly useful tool for staying updated about all the important updates in your network
  • It tells you about work anniversaries and new jobs that are quite useful in having productive and result driven interactions
  • This app is only available on iOS devices

LinkedIn Job Search App

  • As one of the most useful LinkedIn Marketing Tools for Job Seekers, this one helps you find new jobs that suit your skill sets in the easiest possible way
  • You can use it to know about new openings, plus, it also helps you apply for those jobs just with one click
  • This app is accessible on both iOS and Android mobile devices.

LinkedIn Pulse App

  • This one would be the best fit for you if you want to stay updated with the latest stories and articles from LinkedIn
  • It is actually blogging platform of LinkedIn that is available on both iOS and Android devices
  • LinkedIn pulse app can be used to curate stories you’re interested in by source or person
  • LinkedIn Pulse App constantly evolves to offer your personalized services as it learns your preferences and serves you in a tailor-fit manner

LinkedIn Groups App

  • This one lets you view and interact with your LinkedIn groups
  • It is available only for iOS mobile devices

LinkedIn SlideShare App

  • As one of the top LinkedIn Marketing Tools for creating presentations and infographics, this one helps you enjoy access to 18 million infographics and presentations
  • This one is accessible on both iOSand Android mobile devices

LinkedIn Lookup App

  • LinkedIn Lookup enables you to find and learn about anyone
  • This one helps you contact anyone at your company despite they are connected with you on LinkedIn or not
  • To use this, it is inevitable that your company is signed up to use it. This app is accessible for both iOS and Android mobile devices.

9. LinkedIn Premium Mobile Apps

Linkedin marketing tools

Linkedin premium mobile apps

In addition to the aforestated LinkedIn mobile app, some other LinkedIn Premium Mobile Apps are also highly useful. Those are considered best LinkedIn Marketing tools for marketers, recruiters, business owners, and entrepreneurs. So let us delve into those as well-

LinkedIn Recruiter App

  • This one is greatly useful for recruiters who preferably use LinkedIn Recruiter tool on desktop
  • LinkedIn Recruiter app enables recruiting managers to find and respond to talent on the go
  • It helps you search and review profiles and respond quickly to candidates. It also helps you stay organized with different projects on your mobile devices
  • LinkedIn Recruiter App is accessible for both iOS and Android devices

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LinkedIn Sales Navigator App

  • This one is greatly useful in accessing all the lead discovery and other feature sets of Sales Navigator tool on the go
  • By using this app, you can get real time updates about your leads, their accounts, target markets and other important details regarding b2B sales
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator App is accessible on both iOS and Android devices

LinkedIn Elevate App

  • This one helps you build your reputation by sharing smart content in the most convenient way possible
  • You can use LinkedIn Elevate App for sharing content and then for measuring the impact of the same
  • This app is accessible for both iOS and Android devices.

10. LinkedIn Plugins

Linkedin marketing tools

Linkedin plugins- follow

In case, you want to add LinkedIn functionality to your website, LinkedIn Plugins are best fit for you. These plugins are considered as indirect sales tools that help in social selling. List of some of the important LinkedIn plugins is-

  • Share
  • Follow Company
  • Company Profile
  • Member Profile
  • Alumni Tool
  • Company Insider
  • LinkedIn AutoFill
  • Jobs and Job Titles

These aforestated 10 LinkedIn Marketing Tools will help you automate, alleviate, and optimize your LinkedIn Marketing.

What should you do now?

By the end of this post, I think you would have understood how to use LinkedIn Marketing Tools to increase sales, optimize social selling, build trust in your marketing team and utilize your network to your benefits.

Now, the next thing that you should do is join courses that can help you learn LinkedIn Marketing and be LinkedIn Certified.

Joining Social Media Marketing Course will help you learn best LinkedIn Marketing Practices.

While Certified Digital Marketing Course would help you be a LinkedIn Certified Content Marketer.

What LinkedIn Marketing Tools you find the best fit for your Marketing Strategies? –Tell me in comments.

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