LG Electronics Reached 5000 Tweets Per Hour By Leveraging Twitter

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1About LG Electronics

LG Electronics is a very well known consumer electronics goods brand and is a Korean company headquartered in Yeouido-dong, Seoul. It is sister company of the LG group and employs 82,000 people, who are working across in approximately 100 countries spread across the world. As per their revenue figures in 2013, they did a global sales revenue of USD 53.1 billion. In addition to consumer electronics, it also deals with home appliances and mobile communications. It is currently known to be one the largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world. It is known to be a manufacturer of  mobile phones which are cost effective and yet stylish, giving the users a satisfying mobile experience. The company is known to have five divisions namely Mobile Communications, Air conditioning, Home Appliance, Home Entertainment and Energy Solution & vehicle Components. In the year 2011, LG was also the world’s second largest TV manufacturer.

LG Electronics Business Objectives

LG has been known to manufacture and come up with mobile phones with interesting and captivating features. It has  recently launched its new mobile handset series, the Optimus L Series. It wanted to promote the sale of this handset in the UK among its youth. It wanted to create a buzz around the launch of this phone in the UK so as to increase the sales of this handset series. For doing the same, LG Electronics thought of creating an interactive and fun filled experience for its young users so as to bring about better engagement and high sales conversations.

Approach / Strategy Adopted by LG Electronics

LG Electronics felt that they should be taking the help of online social media portals to achieve their objective of promoting the same of its new handset series among the youth. For the same, they decided to choose Twitter for running their campaigns to create a buzz among the youth. They used various strategies and marketing gimmicks to make the whole process interactive and fun filled. Firstly, to make it interactive, they decided to launch a treasure hunt for the consumers to participate. They used Promoted Trends, along with the hashtag #LGTicketHunter to launch this treasure hunt. It was a very informed and well thought of plan for LG to create a new hashtag related to their  brand name. They realized that if this hashtag goes viral, then it would do a lot of help to the company in spreading awareness of the new product launch among its existing users. They finally decided to launch a treasure hunt exclusively for its twitter users and as rewards to the winners gave tickets to the LG stadium for live shows like Watch the Throne and one Direction.

With the help of this hashtag, a large number of users were driven to the microsite that LG Electronics had created. This newly created microsite consisted of a map of UK. When any participant of the treasure hunt tweeted with the hashtag #LGTicketHunter, the map on the microsite would zoom in and will gradually reveal the secret location of the LG hunter team. The final winner would be the first participant to arrive at the street team’s location as shown in the map. The winner would be awarded tickets to the live show.

In order to bring awareness of the campaign and make the users feel engaged with the products and services offered by LG Electronics, they also took the help of Promoted Tweets in timelines and in searches. In the Promoted Tweets, they targeted keywords which had relevance to the interests of musicians. This was done in order to invoke their interests in the concert tickets.

To drive awareness and sustain engagement with the campaign, LG Elctronics also used Promoted Tweets in timelines and in search queries. The Promoted Tweets basically targeted keywords related to the musicians to further attract Twitter users likely to be interested in the concert tickets. In addition to this LG Electronics also encouraged retweeting which is a fantastic way to spread the word in a fast and efficient manner. They did this by engaging with One Direction follower groups and provoked them to engage in retweeting of competition messages. This way they were able to bring together the creative aspect of the participants which could be exploited in the digital world to get the most out of their marketing campaign.


LG Electronics, in their 5 day campaign was successful in generating huge spikes in online twitter conversation. They were able to achieve over 50,773 hashtag usages which was a result of this campaign. Their average engagement rate seen after the first day of Promoted Trend was 38%. This was followed by an engagement rate of 30% from the second Promoted Trend, which ran for 3 days after the first one.

A result of this effort was successful tweets which hit the 5000 mark within the first few hours of launch of the campaign. This essentially showed that the users were excited about the campaign and the prizes that can be won by participating in the competition. They also saw very high engagement levels in the users who visited the microsite through the Promoted Tweets. They were seen to be present on the site for an average of seven minutes and were also seen returning to the microsite for further updates.


Twitter is a brilliant platform which can be used by marketers to effectively market their product. It is a fantastic platform which can help increase user engagement and participation in the campaigns created. Through tweeting and retweeting, one can achieve fantastic results in spreading the awareness through word of mouth. If the selected hashtag goes viral, then this can bring about spectacular results within a short span of time. One can use different marketing gimmicks like contests, surveys, etc in a campaign created to run on Twitter as one can target specific fan groups to who are likely to have interest in the product or service and hence will be likely to give higher conversions. In this manner, one can go about using various tips and techniques on Twitter to strategize one’s marketing campaign to optimize the output.

Image Credit: LG

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