Matt Blatt Furniture Used Facebook & Boosted Sales 7 Times More

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About Matt Blatt Furniture

Matt Blatt Furniture is an Australian family-owned business that sells new inspirational iconic and unique furniture, lighting and homewares. It has stores throughout the country, as well as a large online appearance. About 15 Years back a young Husband and Wife called Mr and Mrs Blatt opened a small furniture store in the heart of Marrickville, Sydney. Matt Blatt is still an Australian family owned and run firm, but now the family has expanded to over 150 design-obsessed renegades. With eight showrooms expand across the country and more to come as well as a bustling online presence.

Mr and Mrs Blatt are adventuring across the globe to discover the bright, the new and fantastic to add to their handpicked range of furniture. Iconic pieces of the 20th era and a passion for discovering fresh design talent showrooms are extended to be packed to bursting with design goodness for customers to explore. The business has a follower of various charities including Giant Steps, Teddy Love Club, Westmead Children’s Hospital, The Cerebral Palsy Alliance and more. As an Australian family-owned and run, the business providing aid for those in need and are always on the outlook for ways they can benefit their community.

Matt Blatt Furniture Business Objectives

Matt Blatt Furniture understands that they are not in the furniture business, but they are in the entertainment business. They truly believe that furniture and homewares shopping should be enjoyable. When customers step into a Matt Blatt showroom the business will do their utmost to excite, wonder and delight the customers. The Business will go to the ends of the earth to help the buyer to select that special piece that makes their space pop. Matt Blatt Furniture wants their customers to be happy, render customer assistance that is second to none. Their policies and high level of service are at the centre of their business, with the friendly team assure a rewarding experience every time the customer shop with them.

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Matt Blatt Furniture’s exciting and extensive range of suits for every décor, whether customers are after a furniture to their home, workplace or company, or a quirky gift for that hard-to-buy-for friend, Matt Blatt Furniture have got the goods. The business is dedicated to helping their customers create spaces that are an extension of their personalities, fun places in which they feel at ease to live, work and play.


Matt Blatt Furniture assures that online store always shows all of the products available in showrooms so customers should always be able to find the item they are looking for. The business has 7 Matt Blatt showrooms across Australia. The customers can view Matt Blatt Furniture wonderful range of furniture and homewares in showrooms too. Matt Blatt Furniture understands that decorating home can be the daunting job but Matt Blatt’s interior stylist would love nothing more than helping customers in designing rooms.

Strategy Adopted by Matt Blatt Furniture

Matt Blatt Furniture when started out they had set the standard for a high-quality generation of classic pieces that people couldn’t find anywhere else. These days Matt Blatt Furniture is on a purpose to pack their stores with full of fresh and original design talent. Matt Blatt working closely with established and emerging stylist from Australia and all over the world to bring their customers the cream of the crop in contemporaneous designer furniture, lighting and accessories.

Matt Blatt Furniture doesn’t take themselves too severely but the quality is one thing they are serious about as per the statement on their website. After 30 years in the furniture and homewares manufacturing, they have developed a keen eye for quality goods and designs. Each wonderfully crafted design is deliberately selected and tested to meet their standards before they add it to their wealth trove. Whether it’s one of their iconic mid-century style pieces or an original contemporary design, the business guarantees to sell the best. Matt Blatt’s team are extremely hands-on, with a thorough quality control system that assures all their products meet customers high standards.

Matt Blatt’s Customer Support

Customers when purchasing from Matt Blatt buyers financial details are passed through a protected server using the latest 128 bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encoding technology. 128-bit SSL encryption is estimated to take at least one trillion years to break and is the industry standard. If customers have any questions concerning their security policy customers can contact the customer support centre at the mail address furnish in the Matt Blatt’s website. Matt Blatt Furniture is offering their clients interest-free finance. Matt Blatt render approved applicants with 12 months interest-free on all orders $1000 and over that are made in store. 

If a customer is placing his order online, the buyer will receive an email support with the order details. If any of the ordered items are out of stock or if the business or unable to process payment the Matt Blatt Furniture’s customer support team will contact the buyer within 2 business days of accepting the customer’s order. After the order is processed, the business will notify the customer by email and/or SMS when the customer’s order has reached the Matt Blatt’s warehouse for picking. The business will also communicate to the customer by email, SMS or phone when the order is shipped with the appropriate tracking information so that customer can track the order and number of days the order will take to reach the buyer.

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Results Achieved By Matt Blatt Furniture

After starting its new store in an area with low foot commerce, the homewares store wanted to notify people in the local area that it was open for business. A few months after opening its new Adelaide shop, Matt Blatt determines to run a 2-day Facebook campaign to let locals know it was open for business and promote them to pop in and say hello.

Working with its agency associate Switched on Media, the retailer builds simplistic carousel ads that put its unconventional designs in the limelight. It then used the local consciousness objective to aim the ads to people within a 60-kilometre range around Adelaide.

To assure the ads reached people who would be interested in their unique products, Matt Blatt used Custom Audiences to assist ads to people in its email information, those who had visited its website and people who had liked its Facebook page. It also used Lookalike Audiences to reach a generous audience, discover more people who shared a key characteristic with its website visitors and customers.

Mr Fraser Gardner – eCommerce Manager of Matt Blatt Furniture, after the success from Facebook Ad, gave a Testimonial that “We opened our first Adelaide store in an area with very low foot traffic, so we needed a cost-effective way to let Adelaide know we were there. We tried newspapers and magazines with mixed results before Facebook marketing blew them out of the water, resulting in our best launch ever”


Matt Blatt’s carousel ad campaign with local information aiming double traffic to its offline shop over 2 days in July 2016. The business used most of the advertising techniques in facebook to reach its customers. The facebook ad helped the customers to know about the business and also it resulted in 7 times more increase in sales, 2 times more increase in foot traffic and also more sales in 2 days than in the previous 14 days combined.

Image Credits: Matt Blatt Furniture

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