Memphis Invest Leveraged Inbound Marketing To Increase Its Sales By 260%

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123About Memphis Invest:

Memphis Invest is a leading investment company, which provides all kind of  investment to all type of investors. From entry level to to expert. It was  founded  in 2003 as a concept with 2 members only, husband and wife. Now with a staff  members of 41, company provides services in property acquisition, renovation,  marketing management and customer service. By providing such high quality  services, customer service and property management, company grown up its business by 60% every year, and in last 2 years it was named as 500/5000 list of the fastest growing company in USA.

Business Objectives of Memphis Invest:

The main business objective of company was to connect with people, tool to measure their success, increase their online and offline efforts. Company was having no marketing strategy, so they have nothing to track their customers, who is visiting their website, what customers are looking for and are their expectation.They were also finding difficult to turn their prospect customers into sales. In 2009, company was virtually found non- existent and sales began to stagnate, thus company’s co-owner thought about company’s old marketing strategy, and they switched to inbound marketing.

Strategies Adopted By Memphis Invest:

There was no correct direction for online and offline marketing efforts. There were many questions which were unanswered by company, like “Is the word of mouth marketing strategy working, is their website getting enough web traffic, are customers attracting towards their webpage?”. Following are the strategies adopted by Memphis Invest.

  1. Company developed a clear and coherent strategy, using SEO tool to optimize their website with targeted keywords.
  2. Company started publishing blog posts about current state of the real state market and other topics, targeting interest of their viewers.
  3. They started using their landing pages for offers, like free investors free kit.

Results Achieved By Memphis Invest:

With their new strategy and new effort for online and offline marketing, they found their conversion rate reach up to 20%. By simply publishing content company accumulated more than 4000 links. Following are the results achieved by Memphis Invest.

  1. Before Memphis was ranked among one of the top 4 million websites in the world. Now it is ranked as one of the top 30,000 website in the world and 60,000 in US.
  2. Their website ranked from 3 page to the 1 page, while searching for real state requirements.
  3. With new strategies company increased their sales revenue by 260%.
  4. Company also reached to rank 3 in more than 30 keywords.
  5. Company build an amazing reputation with impressive sales volume, which landed them into 5000 fastest growing company.


The company once was named as a non-existent in year 2009. Just a 2 years of short span in 2011, they closed their transaction at 300. This shows how important inbound marketing is, it can make your business alive and make your business growing. With their new implementations and strategies, company also build  name and reputation for them self. Which not only improved their ranking, but also increased their sales revenue.


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  1. Indrajit Goswami

    Good work. As a reader of your blog, I expected clarity about business objectives of the agency. Its not very much transparent. How far writing about the difficulties, bad times and failures is justified in the objective section?

  2. Rahul Singh

    Appreciated your feedback. Memphis invest was facing such issue with their old marketing strategies,which i have mentioned. So their main business objective was to overcome them.
    And thank you for being a consistent reader of my blogs.


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