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My Cuban Store Used Search Engine Marketing Techniques Efficiently To Reduce Conversion Costs By 29%

My Cuban Store Used Search Engine Marketing Techniques Efficiently To Reduce Conversion Costs By 29%

mycubanstore-logoAbout My Cuban Store:

Born out of entrepreneurial spirit, ‘My Cuban Store‘ was started by Alexis Martin in 2002. He started the retail internet business by selling Cuban Memorabilia i.e. things that belonged to Cuba’s history, a classic era. Items sold were currency, coins, books, art etc.

Later on, Alexis decided to add Guayabera Shirts in his portfolio of products. Also called ‘Wedding Shirt‘, Guayabera shirts are very popular in Cuba, Mexico, Central America  and Africa. It soon became a hot selling product for the company.

Business Objectives Of My Cuban Store:

Soon after this small office business grew into a mid sized e-retail business, Alexis realized that he couldn’t manage the search engine marketing campaigns. He would spend a whole day in a week to manage the keywords. In addition the maximum traffic was directed only to 9 landing pages of the company, not withstanding the presence of hundred of products.

Two major objectives were:-

  • Effective Keyword Management
  • Landing Page visit improvement

Strategy Adopted By My Cuban Store:

My Cuban Store learned about Trada, a crowd sourced online advertisement management company, having a group of certified paid search experts. These experts, also called the ‘Optimizers‘, work on paid search campaigns of businesses and ‘My Cuban Store’ assigned five such experts for their campaign.

Results Achieved By My Cuban Store:

  • The new ‘Optimizer Team’ then addressed wide range of products on the store website with Targeted Ads. This strategy was devised to optimize the landing page visits for various products.
  • Reduction in Conversion Costs – With more number of visitors and better CTR (Click Through Rate) the conversion costs reduced drastically by 29%.
  • Alexis was a happy man by saving time from ‘One day per week ‘ to ‘One hour per week‘ for assessment and analysis of keywords.

Key Learnings:

  • If you are unable to manage your company’s keywords, taking help is no harm. Hire an expert or consult a strategist.
  • Targeted Ads can help improve visits on websites’ different landing pages.
  • Time is money, save time on managing the keywords. There is a lot more to be done than devoting hours on keyword management.

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  • 5 years ago

    Indrajit Goswami   /   Reply

    Well done Vikalp. The text, bold words inside and presentation are excellent. I’ll share it with my students.

    • 5 years ago

      Vikalp Bharti   /   Reply

      Thank you Dr.Goswami, appreciate your encouraging words.

  • 5 years ago

    Nikhita Reddy   /   Reply

    Great post. Nice case study, it clearly shows the power of SEM. The strategy adopted by My Cuban Store looks to be very effective.

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