Nike Golf Used SEO To Gain 348% Increase In Site Traffic In Just 2 Years

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PPPPAbout Nike Golf

Nike Golf is the branch of Nike that is a retail branch specifically for golf. This brand has earned it name in the field of golf balls, clubs, polo shirts and the footwear. It is a strong competitor for Tiger Wood.

Business Objective Of Nike Golf

To increase the visibility of the Nike Golf website in the search results so as to attract the web traffic on the site during the sports or the golf season. Nike Golf wanted to take care of the following 3 things-

  • To improve the usage of the keywords
  • To make the content rich by including relevant information for the readers
  • To build a website that is both the user and the search engine friendly

Strategy Adopted By Nike Golf

The company faced many challenges related to the approval, budget and coordination with the development team in the implementation of the strategy. But, in due course of time it was able to come up with a strategy for the keywords usage and the rebuilding of the website. There was a major use of keywords that were non-branded. The overall content was altered and the improved site with easy navigation feature was launched just before the golf season 2012.  This strategy of the brand proved to be successful as it saw considerable increase in the ranking of the site in the search results.

Results Obtained By Nike Golf

The company obtained the following results through the branded keywords-

  • There was an increase of 169% from the previous year in organic web traffic in the year 2011
  • There was 236% gain in web traffic in 2011
  • There was a total of 348% increase in site traffic in 2 years time (2010 – 2012)

The company obtained the following results through the non-branded keywords-

  • There was a whopping increase of 250% in site traffic in 2011 after facing a dropping of the same by 17% in the previous year when the company was focussing its attention on the implementing the strategy.

The company was more than happy to see such good results from its SEO campaign. It understood the search engine optimization trick through quality content and the importance of having a high rank in the search results in achieving the business goals.


When a business wants to be visible to its customers who are internet savvy, it probably cannot ignore the relevance of organic search. It should definitely invest its in-house expertise as well as the intelligent brains in the industry to shape up its online personality. An easy to locate website and informative content are the 2 main things to be right with search engine optimization.

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  1. Rahul Singh

    Very good Niharika, i liked the way you presented this case study.

  2. Indrajit Goswami

    SMM, is one of the best strategic activities which contributes towards achieving business goal / objectives. If so, is it essential to translate or convert all the core business objectives as social media objectives?


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