Orro Leveraged Facebook Advertising To Double Its Customers & Conversions

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About14080026_1090205714408541_7036946960050931057_n Orro

Orro is a Singapore based Jewellery manufacturing shop with a motto that fine jewellery should be worn, enjoyed and not locked up in a safe. Orro diamond simulant stone is cut in a manner that compatible to the industry’s most stringent diamond carving standards as set by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) the world’s first authority on diamond grading. A computer model based on GIA data strengthen that an Orro certified diamond simulant offers the same brightness as a Tolkowsky Diamond offers. Orro uses only premium grade diamond simulants which flawlessly replicates the brilliance of a real diamond. Matching the light functioning of a natural diamond ray-for-ray, Orro certified diamond model have found its place among the world’s most beautiful gemstones. Orro crafts jewellery using only the finest cherished metals such as solid 18K Gold that has 75% purity and Platinum Vermeil. Each product page will offer alternatives as to what precious metals are available for the exceptional design. Orro have an range of beautiful designed jewellery that simply daze with brilliance and shine.

Orro’s Business Objectives

Orro Jewellery retailer shop’s business objective is to serve their customers with superior quality, excellent workmanship, finest and  perfectly designed diamond ornaments. Orro wants their customers to be get delivered with high valued diamond ornaments with comparatively less cost. Orro’s design team is constantly acting on new creations and releases new pieces every month. Orro secret Collection consists of a wide range of classic & contemporary jewellery designs for routine use as well pieces that will steal the limelight at gala events. Orro’s each piece of jewellery is painstakingly and lovingly handmade to perfection by a team of dedicated master craftsmen & stone carvers with centuries of craftsmanship experience among themselves. Imbued with the tone, passion and wisdom of the old mason, each Orro pick is so much more than just a simple stone.

Orro jewellery retailer wanted to shout about its special promotions for Valentine’s and Mother’s Day. Orro’s goal was to reach at least 5,00,000 people and increase foot trafficacting  to its stores by 5–10%. Orro’s was able to achieve their goal only after advertising in Social Media Marketing Platform that is Facebook. As said by Orro team “Facebook truly is a revolutionary marketing platform for the future. Setting up the location-based targeting campaigns across our 3 store locations was simple yet very effective in achieving our business objectives. We will definitely continue to employ Facebook as a key marketing platform”.

Strategy Adopted by Orro

Orro jewellery are designed and fashioned by a team of talented master jewellers, setters and polishers who are committed to producing jewellery of the highest and finest quality. Their expertise rivals the world’s most experience craftsmen and exaggerates the highest quality demanded in the fine diamond industry. Each product page will offer options as to what valued metals are available for the particular design. Orro have jewellery for every occasion – Orro understand that sometimes their customers want to shine & sparkle, sometimes they want sophistication & elegance, sometimes they want a piece that can be worn everyday and sometimes they just want to have fun at a party. Orro Designs reflect sheer quality, timelessness and wearability. Often, inspiration is derived from global jewellery houses and current fashion trends.

Orro’s Private Collection brings to the customers exclusive real jewellery at a price which won’t cost the world. Beautiful and rare, diamonds are desired for their sparkle and exquisiteness. When customers buy a diamond there are four points that they should always consider, collectively better known as the Four C’s that is Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat weight. Similarly, at Orro stones are scientifically grown using state-of-the-art and proprietary science before being hand cut & hand refined in line with stringent global grading benchmarks used in the genuine diamond manufacture. Each and every facet follows a mathematical formula and is placed at precise angles in relation to each other – the result is what many believe the world’s best diamond simulants. After all, every one of Orro’s very own master stone cutters has all over fifteen years of experience cutting and faceting naturally mined diamonds.


Orro, craft their customers jewellery using only the finest precious metals such as solid 9K Gold with 37.5% purity, solid 14K Gold with 58.33 purity, solid 18K Gold with 75% purity and Platinum Vermeil. Each product page will offer options as to what cherished metals are available for the particular design. With all the business ethic and legal conduct of business Orro has achieved all their objectives and dreams after advertising in Social Media marketing platform in Facebook.

Results Achieved by Orro

Orro after advertising in Facebook achieved a great result as expected by the Orro’s team. Orro’s good practices, ethics and transparency in the business conduct added a great value to the plan of advertising in Facebook. With its key sales period approaching, Orro created photo that demonstrated to potential customers the quality of its jewellery and intricate designs. The retailer also used carousel ads to show design variations or feature a particular collection that was uniquely created for Valentine’s or Mother’s Day. Orro targeted its ads to people based on their demographics, location and interests, customising the message depending on the audience segment. For example, men aged 18–55 in relationships saw a particular ad leading up to Valentine’s Day.

Reach and frequency buying ensured Orro’s campaigns achieved maximum awareness by predictably buying unique reach and then controlling the number of times people saw its ads. Lastly, Facebook’s local awareness targeting helped the retailer re-target people who it had previously targeted with reach and frequency while they were in close proximity to one of its stores. Orro included a map card in its carousel ads to show people the store closest to their location. Call-to-action buttons allowed people to easily call or message a store for more information. The jewellery retailer combined local awareness ads with reach and frequency buying to increase foot traffic to its stores by 25%, Facebook helped Orro to reach its 7,00,000 customers and also inquires increased to 20% compared to inquiries which was getting before Facebook campaign.


Orro has created goodwill about their business with the help of good practices, business ethics and transparency in the business conduct.

Orro made a good use of Facebook advertising to reach its 7,00,000 of customers and increase foot traffic to its stores by 25%.

Orro advertised in Facebook to reach at least 5,00,000 people and increased foot traffic to its stores by 5–10% when they wanted to give special promotion for Valentine’s and Mother’s Day.

Image Credits: Orro

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