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Outright Leveraged SEO To Gain 67% Hike In Search Results Rankings On Google

Outright Leveraged SEO To Gain 67% Hike In Search Results Rankings On Google


About Outright

Outright was founded by two persons with innovative brain in the year 2006. These two persons were earlier employed in Intuit and started their own company manufacturing B2B bookkeeping and accounting software. The goal of the company is to help the small businesses organize their finances well by streamlining the work flow drastically. The company has seen tremendous growth since its inception catering to lakhs of customers and attracting the bulk every month.

Business Objectives Of Outright

The main business objective of Outright was to rank high organically on the search results page and outsmart the tough competition from the giant company’s such as Quickbooks and Intuit. Being a small business it faced challenges in being visible to the target audience and hence, it was in a great need for a fool-proof SEO strategy to function for the achievement of its goals.

Strategies/ Approaches Adopted By Outright

Outright adopted the below mentioned master plan to achieve its goal. The company-

  • Examined various important SEO elements such as meta tags, URL and site maps
  • Designed and executed result-oriented strategies to beat the competition in the industry
  • Enhanced the quality of the content to be placed on the website by stuffing adequate and appropriate keywords and inclusion of infographics
  • Building public relations through the practices like guest blogging
  • Gaining assistance in SEO planning from the available data of the PPC campaign

Results Obtained By Outright

The results depend upon the clear thinking and careful implementation of the strategies. No doubt the company achieved good results in the form of –

  • 26% hike in traffic in 1 year time period
  • 67% increase in search result rankings on Google
  • Overwhelming response to the infographics with 4,000 views
  • Obtained 30 links (organic) in 1 month


Search engine optimization is the most important parameter for an online business to improve upon. No matter whether the business is small or big, the SEO exercise must be a good combination of all the important SEO elements. The content is the king in the SEO game and a business must pay special attention to the keywords and the overall quality of the same in order to grab the top position in a short span of time.

There are 2 comments

  • 6 years ago

    Indrajit Goswami   /   Reply

    Is Outright a manufacturing company? I’m confused due to the following words:”manufacturing B2B bookkeeping and accounting software”. Can you please mention the year or period of time when the company achieved the results?

  • 6 years ago

    Vikalp Bharti   /   Reply

    Thanks Niharika, I found it informative as a SEO beginner. Have a question 🙂 How many times can we repeat a keyword on a page to optimize the results. As a reader it shouldn’t look like the keyword has been deliberately put in place.How much is enough on a page? What are your thoughts on this?

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