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Businesses use Pinterest Ads because of its wide 100 Million monthly active users. Pinterest is important in driving 7.17% of all social media referral traffics. In addition, 93% of the pinners use Pinterest for planning their purchase, while, 87% of the pinners make a purchase because of Pinterest. Such fascinating stats have been the reason while result-driven Pinterest Advertising is expected from a Pinterest Expert.

To become a Pinterest Expert, you just need to go through below given steps and understand key features of Pinterest advertising. Without taking any more of your time, I would now, directly take you through those steps-

3 Steps to Become a Pinterest Expert

1. Join Pinterest

The first step to becoming a Pinterest Expert is going through three simple steps to Join Pinterest-

Sign Up

You need to go to, and through your e-mail address, you can join this platform. Pinterest also allows you to sign up directly via your Facebook and Gmail account. You will also be provided the options to link your Pinterest account to your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Yahoo & Microsoft account, and to become a Pinterest Expert, you should always do that. When you connect your social networks to your Pinterest account, you can easily find your friends, brands, acquaintances, and blogs that you should follow.

Create Your Profile

Now you need to create your profile in the same way as a Pinterest Expert does. You should opt for a consistent username and profile pic that you use on your other social networks, be it Twitter or Instagram account. This will guide your followers find you quite easily, plus, set a tone for your online presence. You should provide impressive details about you in the ‘About You’ section of your Pinterest Profile.

Check Your Settings

In Pinterest settings, a Pinterest Expert can adeptly set notifications, security, home feed, and apps settings. You are also advised to turn on your Email notifications to find a person to follow by going through comments, likes, or repins ideas that are associated with your niche. You can also opt for two-factor authentication in security settings.

2. Pinterest Advertising

By paying for online advertising, you can give your normal pins a chance to wind up as Promoted Pins that guarantee even more intense client reach. Beneath given are three sorts of Pinterest Ads Campaigns-

Types of Pinterest Ad Campaigns

Awareness Campaigns

These campaigns enable you to put your business before new clients. This will let you display your business to the general population who were unaware of your business. New prospects will become more acquainted with what you do. You would be required to pay for per 1,000 impressions.

Engagement Campaigns

Engagement Campaigns are best fit to draw in your Pinners to connect with your substance inside the Pinterest. It creates an environment in which you pinners would repin or click your Promoted Pins. You will be required to pay for each engagement activity, for example, a closeup, click or repin.

Traffic Campaigns

Traffic Campaigns enable a Pinterest Expert to drive traffic and activity from Pinterest to their organization site. These Campaigns send individuals from your Pinterest advertisements straightforwardly to your site. You will be required to pay for each click.

Let us now go through different types of Pinterest Ads-

Types of Pinterest Ads

Promoted Pins

Pinterest Expert

Promoted Pins

A Pinterest Expert should know that they could pay a certain amount for promoting specific pins on Pinterest. This will give more individuals a chance to see your Pin. ‘Promoted’ will be added to your promoted Pins, however, when anybody embeds your Promoted Pins or saves your Pinterest Ads, the made repins would be natural and the ‘Promoted’ mark won’t be incorporated.

Promoted Video Pins

These Pins are those Promoted Pins that incorporate a video and ensure the promotion of that video content in front of target audiences. These pins play naturally, they show up in ‘More Like This’ segment, list items, and news feeds.

One-tap Pins

Pinterest Expert

One Tap Pin Example

One-tap pins will guide your clients to come to your site and if you wish for prompt conversions, use of this kind of Pin will establish you as a Pinterest Expert.

Promoted App Pins

Pinterest Expert

Promoted App Pin Example

Pinterest Expert uses these Pinterest Ads to advance their Applications on Pinterest. It allows you to offer an application symbol alongside an install button inside your Pinterest Ad that will give your pinners a chance to install your application quickly.

Cinematic Pins

These Pins incorporate Pins that incorporate motion, but the motion will only be played once the user scrolls over them.

To know how to run these ads on Pinterest, read Pinterest Tutorial here.

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3. Pinterest Resources to learn Pinterest Advertising

Constant Contact

A top-rated social media marketing blog that Pinterest Marketing Expert follows to know the information about all the major activities and practices important for Pinterest Advertising. You should spend time here, and read news and watch its free Pinterest webinars to get the idea of Pinterest Marketing tips.

Curalate Insights

You should opt for this Pinterest Resource to learn about the art of visual storytelling on the Pinterest. It also guides you with the expert knowledge of brand strategy and image optimization on Pinterest.

Epreneur TV

To go through the episodes on management and social media strategy on Pinterest, it is advisable to follow Epreneur TV. On the Pinterest section of the site, you can find the detail case study of the Epreneur TV website.

Hello Society

This one is highly rated for an all-purpose Pinterest management tool that assists Pinterest Expert to acquire customers, manage relationships and drive traffic. Even a Pinterest beginner can go through its weekly tips to become a Pinterest Marketing Expert.

Jeff Bullas Blog

Jeff Bullas Blog would also be quite useful for you to know the best marketing strategies on Pinterest for business. Opt for this resource to adeptly understand how Pinterest benefits your marketing.

Marketing on Pinterest

Jason Miles curates this Pinterest blog and this is for sure one of the most definitive resources on Pinterest marketing. Go with this one to read articles and listen to discussions regarding the Pinterest advertising for businesses.

MCNG Marketing

Following this blog would help you clear all your queries about how a Pinterest campaign works. You can also know how to measure conversions and pin images that are relevant to your business.

Oh So Pinteresting

Cynthia Sanchez, the creator of Oh So Pinteresting, records a Pinterest podcast and composes articles that will for sure guide you on the path of becoming a Pinterest Expert.

PinLeague Blog

PinLeague gives big-time marketing and analytics tools for Pinterest Marketing. You can also opt for this to know more advanced Pinterest Marketing Tips along with SEO Guide for Pinterest.

Pinnable Business

You can opt for Pinnable Business to learn Pinterest Marketing with fascinating presentations, case studies to polish your Pinterest Marketing skills.

Pinster Blog

The offers you all the nitty-gritty information, plus, you can read its blog to discover the top of the line tips on image optimization, mobile advertising, and reporting associated with Pinterest Marketing.

Pinterest for Business Official Blog

Entrepreneurs keen on utilizing Pinterest for their marketing system should bookmark this blog to know how they focus on Pinterest advertising to generate sales via this platform.

Pinterest Official Blog

This is one of the finest Pinterest Resources to find out about the latest updates and events related to Pinterest advertising.

Piqora Blog

If you are keen on figuring out how analytics and pins can guarantee an advantage for your business then the Piquora blog is best suited for you because of its great knowledge base that looks at statistical information and trends happening on Pinterest.

Social Media Examiner

Social Media Examiner incorporates great information about Pinterest Marketing and you should give a decent look at their Pinterest substance, and you will be all around educated in Pinterest advertising right away.

Vertical Response

Vertical Response offers first-class understanding with respect to Pinterest and in case you are searching for some quick strategies to use for your Pinterest page, going through this one would be beneficial for you.

Pinterest Networking Group (LinkedIn)

This Pinterest group would be of great advantage if you are a dynamic LinkedIn client. You can opt for this one to make inquiries about Pinterest, share your doubts in chats, and read articles about Pinterest in the press or different online journals via the links shared in the group.

Pinterest Training and Tips

You can opt for Krishna De’s Pinterest board to go through some top-notch information and graphics related to Pinterest Marketing to enhance your advertising skills and make it more relevant to industry standards and the preferences of your audiences.

Pinterest on Quora

With almost 30,000 users, the Quora Pinterest group is an extraordinary asset for asking queries. By speaking with a Pinterest Expert on the platform, you will pick up plenty of information that would be useful for your Pinterest Advertising.

In Conclusion…

Joining a Pinterest Expert Course would be the best resource to learn Pinterest Marketing based on your career or business requirements.

Social Media Marketing Course is one such course that not only trains you in Pinterest Marketing but also helps you become a certified Pinterest Expert.

Why Would Pinterest Marketing be beneficial for your business or career? – Share your details in comments and we shall answer you.

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