Pratilipi :How Social Media Marketing And Authentic Engagement Becomes Growth Factor

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About Pratilipi

We read, we watch, we listen, we observe , we feel and we imagine. These activities give birth to some mysterious and amazing stories or poems. A writer wishes to publish his work and visits many publishers who refuse to publish his stories.DISAPPOINTED !
He then decides to publish his work on his own, but then he reconsider “Are these stories and poem reaching out to right readers?” CONFUSED !
Pratilipi solves these problems of such talented sprouting writers and also of many experienced writers who could not afford to publish the content.

For readers, Pratilipi serves as medium to access these amazing and heart touching stories and poems in our native language Just by clicking on out smart phone, tablet laptop or pc ,we can get access to them.

Pratilipi serves as an online platform for book lovers to read whatever, whenever and wherever they want tablet mobile pc and in their native languages like Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Malayalam, Marathi or Tamil. Serving privilege of no file no download, no format issues, no compatibility problems and no loads of books.

Here’s a small recall of what Pratilipi is, in the words of their founder, Ranjeet Pratap Singh:

Pratilipi is a Sanskrit word which means copy. We strongly believe that every time we read a book, a part of the book comes inside of us and we become a part of the book (you become what you read). As George R.R Martin said: “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, said Jojen. The man who never reads lives only once”. This is what Pratilipi means and stands for, to live more, and more meaningful lives.

Pratilipi’s Business Objectives

Pratilipi’s founder Ranjeet Pratap Singh ,by putting some light on company’s objective explains:

“Publishing industry in India is most broken than any other all over the world where many vernacular writers have to either struggle alot to publish their content or else they have to spend money on their own. And there is huge probability that their work do not able to reach to deserving readers, which is a loss to both writers and readers
We provide free self-publishing platform for all Indian authors and new sprouting writers, if they want to sell their books on Pratilipi they can even earn up-to 70% royalty on all sales.”

In an interview, Ranjeet shares “I think the reason why we are loved by our readers more than all the others, is that we really try hard to keep them happy. Everything that we do is focused on just one thing: what do our customers -both readers and writers want.”

Strategy Adopted by Pratilipi

Pratilipi has the advantage of introducing a very unique idea and lack of others who are solving this problem.

Along with communicating to existing author communities, like State Sahitya Academies and various Non-profits or independent authors, Social Media Marketing turn out to be the most significant success factor for Pratilipi.

  • Existing Facebook community is now over 77,000 strong.
  • Company get over 80% of its readers from Facebook.
  • On twitter, Pratilipi has about 755 followers and community of readers of about 1500.
  • Pratilipi has an active blog, and is active on YouTube channel posting various events organized ,tutorial video for authors to operate their account on website and interview of the co-founders themselves.
    Pratilipi, from beginning has created an authentic engagement with various communities of authors by organizing many meet-ups, workshops, events, competitions which have been collectively attended by over a thousand established and aspiring authors, including people who are Sahitya Academy Awards winners to school kids who are just learning to write.

This engagement gives support to online engagement, and ultimately it creates and increase marketplace. The company has adopted listening/answering policy on social media.

On the readers front the company will be launching their mobile apps so that everyone has access to his favourite author in just a click. Pratilipi team is now trying to increase the connect between a writer and his followers by making its platform more social and intuitive.

Result Achieved by Pratilipi

On the date, Pratilipi is currently home to 2600+ writers who have published over 17000 content pieces and 900,000+ readers in six Indian languages.These writers include some of the respected names in Indian literature whose stories have already been read million times by their reader fans.

Over 3.5 million content pieces have been read on Pratilipi. Here’s a chart of their success, that they shared on Twitter :


The company have also raised USD 1 million in a seed round with Times Internet and USD 50,000 from TLabs Startup Accelerator.

Growth rate of the company is 20-25% month on month.

Pratilipi was awarded by IIT Bombay Eureka Award for ‘Best Business Idea’, StartUp Launchpad Award for ‘Best StartUp’,Wharton India Economic Forum for ‘Powerhouse Award’ and, have also been offered an investment from dozens of their readers as well as writers.


Pratilipi has used marketing tool offered by Facebook, Twitter and others in a very efficient and smart way. As per company’s perspective, choosing Facebook turn out to be most effective; as people spend time on Facebook and engage/interact with content.

The always-on listening/answering policy on social media and videos on YouTube helped the company to engage with writers/readers. As more convenience you provide, more engagement will occur; that ultimately leads to increment of reach and market place.

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