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LogoAbout Zivame

The name Zivame is the combination of the Hebrew word ‘Ziva’ which means ‘Radiant’ and me, thus, Zivame stands for ‘Radiant Me’. The company’s core objective is to celebrate the inner radiance of women and give them products that are comfortable and help them achieve what they are capable of.

Zivame’s Business Objectives

The company started its operations in August 2011 with the objective of making high quality lingerie available to every woman in India. To achieve this they got all national lingerie brands to sell online through their portal in 2011. By March 2013 they crossed 10 million website visits. In August 2015 the company launched ‘Fit on Wheels’ India’s first mobile fitting lounge. With more and more people shopping through mobile applications Zivame launched India’s first ever lingerie app. They have increased their presence and are presently making deliveries to over 20,000 pin codes across India because the company believes that ‘lingerie is for everyone’.

Through these innovative steps in five years Zivame’s business has grown fivefold. From serving their first order in 2011 they sell close to one bra per minute. Currently Zivame’s valuation stands close to $100 million.

Zivame’s success story is intriguing. Building a successful business with a product line that people in India are still shy to talk about openly is commendable. In the words of Richa Kar , founder and CEO of Zivame , they have ‘ made it cool to talk about lingerie.’

Email Marketing Strategy Adopted by Zivame

E mail marketing is a popular and cost effective medium of promotion for all ecommerce players. With a user getting tons of e mails in his inbox in a day, whether he will actually open and go through the mail should be the prime focus of any company’s e mail marketing strategy. Zivame has been quite successful in managing its e mail marketing campaign

A major reason behind their success is that they have tried to personalize the shopping experience for each and every customer who visits their website. They have implemented this strategy in their emails as well.

When it comes to email marketing, a lot of emails from web portals are deleted by the customers due to the following reasons

  • Too many emails in a week
  • Used / Reused subject lines which do not catch the customer’s attention
  • Mass marketing content in the mail which does not appeal to many

Now let’s take a look at how Zivame does things differently from others

Limited No of Mails: Zivame does not flood their customer’s inbox with too many mails. The customers generally receive one email in a day. Limited number of e mails in a week is a good strategy. It prevents the customer from unsubscribing from the mailing list.

Catchy Subject Lines: The subject lines of the email are designed to grab the customer’s attention. This increases the chance of the customer opening and viewing the mail. Let’s take a look at some examples.

  • Open now or wait a year!
  • Not Just 60% Off!
  • All New For You!

Personalized Content: Instead of sending mass marketing e mails Zivame believes in sending personalized e mails to its customers. Zivame has implemented the Barilliance personalization tool that helps them to send product recommendations based on the customer’s viewing or purchase history.

Zivame also sends several retargeting emails that maintains the personal touch

Viewed Item Mails : If a customer leaves the website after browsing without making any purchase an email is sent to him with the subject line ‘Did you find what you were looking for on Zivame?’

Cart Abandonment Mails: In case the customer does not make any purchase after adding the items to his cart not one, not two but three personalized e mails are sent. The emails not only contain the details of the products in his cart but also other product recommendations based on his browsing history.

Miss you Mails: Zivame also sends miss you mails to customers who have not made any new purchase in a long time. The subject line says ‘We missed you, tones! Come, visit us! This helps them in retargeting their existing customers.

Results achieved by Zivame

These innovative methods have worked in Zivame’s favour and and have helped the company in making their e mail strategy a success.


An important learning through this case study is that technology and personal touch need to go hand in hand to reap the maximum benefits.

Zivame has numerous visitors visiting their website in a day. Applications like Barilliance help them analyze customer behavior and send out the right emails which trigger purchase.

So, don’t just flood your customers inbox with emails, analyze buyer behavior, prepare the right content and then hit send in order to make your email marketing strategy a success.

Image Credits: Zivame

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