Reliance Trends Independence Day Offer Announced Through Facebook Campaign

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Clothing, fashion and note-able brands associated to it, concertedly have been a trend in the world since a decade. Of late, every retail industry from all the nations across the globe are there in Facebook with their respective pages opened and they keep on updating each and every news, the latest news mainly so that users get to know about each and every new changes and offers the companies in the market out there are offering.  All these new updates and offers which the companies are updating on the social media platforms were previously made on newspapers, road-side hoardings and fashion magazines but the effective word of mouth wouldn’t be enough and on the D-day, sale wouldn’t make a remark to the extent the owners thought it would’ve been. Times have changed now, people are more into Facebook and Twitter and the other social networking platforms. People do come across a news paper advertisement or things published in the fashion magazines but when they see the same thing on Facebook for instance, they become all the more eager to know much more about the offer that some company has to offer. The biggest and the most advantageous factor over here is in the social media platforms, for instance, Facebook, users can directly communicate with the company page owner(s) regarding any additional issues or queries they want to ask the owners regarding the offer and the clarity about the offer. Reliance Trends, has done the same thing in this case. Reliance Trends Independence Day offer was announced through the Facebook campaign.

Reliance Trends originated from Reliance Retail Ltd. which is a subsidiary company of Reliance Industries. Based in the commercial capital of India, Mumbai. It was founded in the year 2006 and it is the largest retailer in India in terms of revenue. The subsidiaries and divisions of Reliance Retail Ltd. are Reliance Trends, Reliance Footprint and Reliance Living – Apparel and Clothing. It had revenues of approx. Rs. 16 billion in financial year 2012-13. This post talks only about Reliance Trends as stated earlier, has announced Independence Day offer through Facebook Campaign. 

Objectives of Reliance Trends Independence Day Offer 

Facebook Campaign for Reliance Trends Independence Day Offer

Objectives : Reliance Trends as a brand, stands for fashion at great value

  • Every year during Independence Day, Reliance Trends rolls out 1947 offer, where a customer can purchase merchandise worth Rs. 1,947 and get Rs. 1,947 merchandise for free. Their objective was to increase the cognizance of their brand, promote the Reliance Trends Independence Day offer and connected with the targeted audience.
  • Prior to the Independence Day celebration, an Independence Day Quiz Campaign was held on Facebook. By doing this, they promoted the offer and campaign using Facebook as a social media platform.
  • An application was built on Facebook promoting the Reliance Trends Independence Day offer to buy merchandise Rs. 1,947 and get merchandise of Rs. 1,947 for free of cost.

Reliance Trends Independence Day Offer

Independence Day quiz application: 

  • When a new fan would visit their application, they had to like the page in order to take the Independence Day Quiz and win Rs. 500 vouchers from Reliance Trends.
  • The Campaign was made to run for a period of 9 days, from 10th August to 19th August.
  • After liking the page, relevant instructions were given about the quiz which were needed to be followed.
  • It was like, after allowing the application, visitors had to answer five questions related to Indian Independence Day movement and complete a slogan as to why they want to shop during this periodic offer as well.
  • At the end, the visitor or fan had to submit his/her details after taking part.

Reliance Trends Independence Day Offer

Frequent updates and queries:

There were frequent updates and queries regarding the campaign for the fans and the other visitors with an intent to keep them updated all the time so that the news of the offer lasts long in their minds and that they act promptly as soon as they get notified.

Reliance Trends Independence Day Offer

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Independence Day quiz – Results + Feedback: 

  • Regular promotions on Independence Day update was made backed by regular updates and regular Facebook advertisements.
  • Initially, it was decided to announce the names of the 10 winners, however, as the feedback regarding the campaign went on increasing and did exceptionally well, it was decided then that, it would be 20 winners with Rs. 500 gift voucher for each.
  • Post the campaign, the responses and feedbacks were expected from the customers of their experience on the Independence Day offer. As a result, a feedback application was created asking the customers to spare 2 mins of their valuable time and give their genuine feedback.

Post Campaign Feedback

Reliance Trends Independence Day Offer

Rewards for customer feedback

Reliance Trends Independence Day Offer

Reliance Trends Independence Day Quiz Results:

  • The contest has been successful in a fantastic way with thousands across the country who came to know about the Reliance Trends Independence Day Offer.
  • 20 winners were announced at the end of the contest.
  • There were many fans who had shared their pictures as they shopped during the periodic Reliance Trends Independence Day Offer. 
  • The campaign was live on the page for a period of almost 10 days.
  • During those 10 days, the response was extremely overwhelming and profuse.
  • On every stage, the campaign was a huge success in the end.

Final Results and achievements (during the campaign): 

  • Total engagements – 1,18,663.
  • Logged in page views – 1,42,692.
  • Total Reach ( No. of people who have visited the page of the campaign) – 31,76,957.
  •  Total Impressions – 1,25,51,345.

Image Credits: socialsamosa, alivenow, SlideShare

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