Leveraged Salesforce Integration As Inbound Marketing Strategy to Increase Leads 288%

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logo-fullAbout established in 1996 as a consulting firm for mid-sized enterprises. Their main focus was to help companies in setting goal, designing strategies and driving higher performance. Their business expertise was in the “Business execution”. They developed “Business Execution Software” in 2010 to help companies to track their strategic objectives and key metrics. With the help of this software client could easily track their employee’s performance, their weak areas and strong areas. It helped clients to achieve their goals faster. has successfully evolved from a consulting firm  into a software company that uses consulting to support the software.

Business Objective of

The main objective of the company is to build a customer base with 100% customer satisfaction by providing excellent service. For this used four different applications. The main problem in overall process was these four applications were not integrated with each other. Their website, SEO tools, webinar platform and CRM all were different and there was no provision for interaction with each other. They had a hard working and an excellent team, but still they were not able to get the expected result. To change the picture an SEO expert of had created 50 microsites for the company, but that was also unsuccessful. They didn’t get expected output. Sebastian Cadenas, Head of Marketing knew that something has to be changed to change the picture. Team was clear that they wanted analytics software which could help them with thorough analysis and gaining more customers. Their aim was to expand business globally.

Strategy Adopted by

After detail analysis of different software and learning inbound marketing through webinar, Sebastain Cadenas and the team decided that Hubspot is the software that they were looking for. They decided to implement Hubspot software along with the inbound marketing tactics.

After completing all integration with Hubspot, could integrate all of their web assets with Hubspot. This was much easier for the company to synchronize each application as compared to the previous process. Now they could easily integrate their CRM, website, SEO tools and webinar platform. Implementation of Hubspot saved a lot of time, which helped to focus on more important and core areas of business.

After using Hubspot, the company observed significant changes in the web traffic. With the help of Hubspot software’s SEO tools, they could find and track most effective keywords, inbound links, page performance, etc. Now, it was easy for the team to identify poorly ranking webpages and update it accordingly. As a result, from December 2010, their visits due to organic search increased by 133%, which was the big figure for decided to implement inbound marketing strategies to attract leads. To develop an effective inbound marketing strategy they focused on writing the blogs. The main purpose behind writing blogs was to attract people, lead by sharing valuable content with them. Using Hubspot software’s, blogging tool they could easily create posts. SEO tips from the Hubspot helped them to design the blog in such a way that they could maintain SEO ranking as well as leads. They started sharing posts through all their social media channels. With the Hubspot it was easy to track performance of their blog . They could easily track the blog to see which posts were generating more traffic, leads and the end customers. They started blogging twice in a week. Blogging was the instant success key for the

 “Blogging has been instantly successful for us.  Right now we are blogging twice a week religiously.  People are sharing our content” (Stephen Lynch). “

Currently they have more than 20000 subscribers to their blogs. For the Blogging was the key step in developing Inbound marketing strategy.

With the help of Hubspot software’s Lead generation Tools, the website visitors could easily move towards sales funnel of and then become the customers. All these leads data which was generated with Hubspot was integrated with account. From here sales and marketing people could easily get information about lead and their current status in sales funnels. As all this process was well integrated with each other it was easy for team to get and analyze data and accordingly decide further action. As a result, within a few years leads were increased by 288% and leads from referrals were increased by 200%.

file-13165881-pngAnother major change adopted by was use of emails to nurture the leads. Lead Nurturing and Marketing Automation Tools of Hubspot allows to design targeted content for their leads. With the help of Workflowsapp they could send personalized messages to the leads on the basis of their behavior. It helped them to build trust between people and long term relations with customers. After implementing these inbound marketing strategic changes emerged as experts in the business execution field.

The Result achieved by

After implementing Hubspot software and Inbound marketing tactics within a very few time observed significant changes in their ROI.

  •  Their website traffic was increased by 180%.
  • Traffic due to organic search was increased by 133%.
  • They got more than 20000 blog subscriber within a short period.
  • The Leads were increased by 288% and leads from referrers were increased by 200%.
  • Inbound marketing helped to emerge as a an experts in business execution field.
  • And the last but very important achievement of was in these few years, it was completely converted into a software company from the consulting firm.

“We realized we needed to transform our web presence from a traditional business consulting firm to a software firm. We needed to dramatically improve our ability to engage with prospects to create leads and drive online sales. HubSpot did that for us” (Stephen Lynch).


In this case study we can see that Hubspot software and inbound marketing strategies completely changed the picture of the ROI of the Use of correct software with correct marketing strategies at the right time is very important for businesses. To stay ahead and sustain in the competition businesses has to change their approach with the current trend and latest technology.  Blogging, personalized messages, all in one integrated process and inbound marketing tactics were used to achieve success.

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