Revamping to optimize user experience and establish a clear brand identity

by | Aug 22, 2013 | Case Studies

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Summary:  Indiatimes.Com is the largest online ecommerce site with almost 400 million view per month.  It hosted a range of service across various platforms which included email, movies, astrology, blogs, dating and chatting. In addition, it also provided services for travel, shopping, and mobile value added services.  Hosting multiple services on a single platform and also ensuring good user interface became a challenge.

Challenge: To re-establish a cohesive identity

It was seen that almost 70% of the users were migrating out of the site to other competitor sites that had lesser services but better user interface. The users on India times found the site content cluttered and navigation quite difficult.

 Result:  Indiatimes outsourced their website revamp to a third party Human factors international. HFI focused on a creating a cohesive brand identity of the indiatimes group. They basically designed the site around 9 primary sites which offers the user a unique service. Easy user interface and navigation to and fro from the main site to other sites. Along with this establish uniform branding, increasing the customer base to international places also.

HFI conducted extensive user behavior research, multiple interview sessions, and the thought process of the users. Based on the data available, a fresh layout for the website was, laid which was then adapted.

Benefit: less clutter, easy user interface (thumbs up by customers in poll). Reports confirm that page views have increased from 25-30% and ad revenue by over 50%


: before                                                                         : After

 cs1                                                  cs2

Synchronized branding, easy understanding for user

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