What, Why & How of Becoming an SEO Analyst?

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An SEO Analyst is the one who handles the website ranking in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page). He makes sure that all the webpages are SEO optimized and provide a potential gain to the business.

Organic pages on SERP receive 70% of clicks. Data Analysts work on optimizing these pages.

Being an important part of the marketing team, an SEO Analyst organizes marketing campaigns and makes them successful through intelligent insight into the nature of UX with content.

SEO Analyst Meaning

SEO Analyst is an important profile responsible for upgrading and enhancing the marketing challenges faced by the business. He makes sure that the online posted content is viewed and read by the targeted customers. 

A regular examination of SEO and visibility status of blogs, webpages, and social media content is a must activity of the SEO Analyst. In case of lack of viewers, an SEO Analyst reworks on the blog to update its content and craft it optimally. In short, he examines the faults and fixes it.

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He works in the marketing department of the company and holds the responsibility of organizing and running marketing campaigns. For achieving this, an SEO Analyst analyzes the user experience with the web page and communicates the required upgradations to the marketing team.

What are the SEO Analyst skills one must hold?

After understanding the SEO Analyst meaning, let us go further and have a look at the SEO Analyst skills. As the name suggests, an SEO analyst must be completely skilled with SEO and its tools.

In addition, he must be able to create logics in blogs to rank them. Obviously, SEO does not have the same approach and criteria for every niche;t varies from blog to blog.

Let us learn the important SEO Analyst skills that one must hold:

Communication Skills

He must have a tight hold on the English Language – both written and vocal.

Organizational Skills

Must be efficient to handle and manage multiple projects with his strong organizational skills.

Creative Thinking

He must be creative and logical to strategize in SEO challenges faced by the websites.

Knowledge of SEO Algorithms

An SEO Analyst must have good knowledge of HTML and CSS to serve website purposes.

Knowledge of SEO Tools

As obvious, an SEO analyst must have a powerful knowledge of SEO tools like web analytics, keyword research tools, Search Console, Yoast SEO, and internal reporting tool.

Expertise in MS Office

An SEO Analyst must be excellent in MS word, MS Powerpoint, and MS Excel.


There are numerous challenges that websites face each now and then. An SEO analyst must be skilled to identify and solve the issues.

Content Management System(CMS)

He must be good at CMS and developing content.

The graph below highlights the SEO Analyst skills and potential jobs depending on those skills:

SEO Analyst Skills

SEO Analyst Skills Source: Inflow

Tasks Allotted to an SEO Analyst

1. Access Website & Tools

Some of the activities for which an SEO Analyst is responsible for are keyword research, keyword recommendations, linking, and web analytics (for measuring the traffic). SEO Analyst requires to access both websites and small SEO tools to perform the above activities efficiently.

2. Traffic Metrics

Work on website traffic; create metrics for its evaluation. The activities involved are- the creation of traffic metrics, automation, and tracking.

3. Strategy Implementation

Building and implementing SEO strategies to run the search engine activities smoothly.

Minimum Qualification Required to Become an SEO Analyst

Minimum Qualification Required to Become an SEO Analyst

Minimum Qualification Required to Become an SEO Analyst

Every profession demands some level of prior knowledge, qualification or experience. An SEO Analyst is a job profile which can be positive or negative for the company’s business. It depends, let us learn, how?

If you rank well on SERP, your SEO Analyst is surely enhancing your ROI; on the other hand, an unskilled or semi-skilled Analyst can cause a huge loss.

Here, in this column, we will understand how the companies choose their ideal SEO Analyst and what are the qualifications you must hold to successfully enter in this field.

(i) Good experience in the field of SEO.

(ii) Result-driven project accomplishments.

(iii) Must be experienced with analysis tools like Google Analytics and internal reporting tool to perform well on SEO Analysis.

(iv) Expertise with SEO tools and their implementation to rank website effectively.

(v) Minimum degree of graduation, where BA and BS are preferred.

(vi) At least 1-2 experience of dealing with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), and Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

(vii) Must be experienced with Content Management System (CMS) and content development.

Job Description of an SEO Analyst

SEO Analyst is an important part of the Marketing team, dedicated to increasing the online presence of the website. Their main task engagement is with optimization, Traffic analysis, problem examination, and keyword research.

Increasing the conversion rates by improvising strategies on both on-page and off-page of the website is the integral aim of an SEO Analyst.

Roles & Responsibilities of an SEO Analyst

Roles & Responsibilities of an SEO Analyst

Roles & Responsibilities of an SEO Analyst

SEO Analyst is responsible to accomplish “n” number of tasks in small tasks, which are directly related to keep the website in good health. He, time and again, has to examine and identify the issues challenging the website ranking and come to an SEO Optimized solution.

1. He performs webpage explicit keyword examination, breaks down the challenges and point by point strategies of the organization’s website to guarantee the smooth and effective working of the web in the online condition.

2. Next, he deals with the management of search engine activities over numerous web search tools. These incorporate budget management, campaign planning, and optimization of paid search campaigns.

3. Further, they make arrangements for proposals and execution of systems for content building as a team with SEO objectives.

4. Creating and executing internet marketing strategies for content development, perform backlinking, and streamlining.

5. Usage and organization of web index programs (XML sitemaps, shopping bolsters, website admin instruments).

6. They need to monitor and assess web analytics dashboards and reports in order to create and prescribe SEO strategies.

7. They need to perform keyword research by working in coordination with customer business goals to streamline existing content and reveal new opportunities.

8. They do SEO investigation and give suggestions of sites and website pages by organizing with components and structures.

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9. They take a shot at execution of procedures for content structure by organizing with SEO objectives – general and keyword specific.

10. They work on administering search engine programs to create diagnostic reporting on SEO projects. The search engine programs may include XML sitemaps, shopping feeds, webmaster tools.

11. They create and support marketing content to socialize and use it on social media. The social media content may include – customer videos briefs, blog posts, customer case studies, posts from analysts and customers.

12. They have to work on link building and its campaigns by coordinating with client SEO goals.

13. They have to assist in development and execution of content strategies through social communities by coordinating with SEO goals.

14. They should be consistently refreshed with the most recent progressions in Search Engine Optimization, SMM and web promoting.

15. They have to research and use social media tools to support the social media strategy.

16. They do monitoring and administering of key reporting tools, web analytics dashboards, and point out key areas of importance in accordance client goals.

17. They monitor and evaluate ranking on SERP and monitor it across the major search channels.

18. They have to have great communication skills to convey their discoveries and thoughts to content development and the team executives.

19. They work intimately with the colleagues to meet the customer objectives.

20. Directing keyword research using different devices like Keyword Planner and Moz.

21. Performing competitive examination and recognizing holes in the content or regions of improvement in the website architecture.

22. Following significant SEO measurements including organic traffic, conversion rates and time spent on page.

SEO Analyst Salary

A fresher in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Analyst profession or the one with less than 1-year of experience can expect an average seo analyst salary of ₹182,125 which includes compensation tips, bonuses, and overtime pay as compensation. This data based on 116 salaries. (source: payscale).

Professionals in the field of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Analyst with 1-4 years of experience can expect an average wage of ₹215,678(plus compensation), data is based on 498 salaries.

People with mid-career in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Analyst profession with 5-9 years of experience are paid an average wage of ₹387,936, based on 58 salaries.

Here, we learned about the average wage scale of an SEO Analyst with different years of experience. Let us now make the discussion more interesting and learn about what percent hike can you except in different India cities.
We’ll start with our capital city, Delhi.

All the professionals in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Analyst profession working in New Delhi are lucky to earn an average of 23.9% more than the national average SEO Analyst Salary. This job profile also gets paid higher than average salaries in Bangalore, Karnataka (17.6% more) and Mumbai, Maharashtra (10.9% more).

The lowest salaries can be found in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu (12.1% less), whereas a freelancer income depends upon the client. In general, a freelancer earns an average of all the above-mentioned state’s salaries.

Why should a Company Hire SEO Analyst?

Search Engine Optimization is a new-age profession which is still spreading out for its recognization among the professionals. This is the reason that the profession has no such active role-play in India.

But, the globe is moving towards the web, now. There is no successful business which is still hidden from their online existence. In short, we can say that the world is evolving at a high pace and we, as the digital generation needs to accept every new advancement.

Google is one normal stage to look for answers to just any question. Also, henceforth it has gotten significant for each association to have its essence on the web and attract guests to it.

In this way, SEO gets basic for them. Web-based business organizations need and utilize SEO. With their total business component being dependent on the web, it is required for them to do viable SEO.

While only one out of every odd organization has an SEO Analyst, those companies have a higher position over different organizations. Accepting the SEO Analyst carries out his responsibility accurately, an organization website can rapidly and proficiently rank up on web crawler results.

To rank up on Google search, link building is one of the major keys to doing so.

Perks of Being an SEO Analyst

(i) Paid travel and days-off
(ii) Chance to propel your career
(iii) You can participate in the organization’s wellbeing insurance, which incorporates medical and dental. This can be done after 2 months of full-time employment.
(iv) Organization’s laptop
(v) Salary increment, bonus and performance incentives

SEO Analyst Jobs Requirement

(i) Comprehension of SERP ranking factors and understanding website streamlining practices

(ii) Work understanding as an SEO Analyst or comparative digitized jobs

(iii) Mastery in Google Analytics

(iv) BSc in Marketing or pertinent diploma

(v) Excellent recognition with keyword research and the executive tools

(vi) Solid aptitude and skills in analytics

(vii) Involvement in email battles and paid publicizing

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SEO Analyst is still an unknown chapter to the industries. Because of this, many companies still do not understand the importance to hire an SEO analyst at their place. But, SEO is important as all the businesses are running online and Google is their determining body.

Take up an SEO Certification Course to build a rewarding career in SEO & become a successful SEO Analyst.

I hope that you found my blog valuable for your information & got your answers related to SEO meaning, skills and SEO Analyst salary.

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