Social Media Marketing Trends to Watch Out for in 2020

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The world today is at what seems like the culmination point of cutting-edge technology. Consequently, in the last decade, social media has solidified into a multifaceted community where 3.2 billion people are active daily.  However, while this may be true, the competition also has never been higher. It can be extremely difficult for you to stand out. In order to succeed, you need to stay updated about the latest social media marketing trends.

There are now myriad platforms where one could spend their time. Far from static, social media is a dynamic medium where habits change, platforms evolve, and new platforms shape up. It is an influential hub where more than 85 percent of Generation Zers learn about new products.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that nearly three-fourths of marketers believe social media is an effective part of their business.

According to HubSpot Social Media Community Manager Krystal Wu,

Social Media Marketing is about creating content that brings your audience together as a community and inspiring authentic conversations while increasing your brand’s awareness.

In the end, it all comes back to your target audience. Are you catering to their specific wants and needs at the opportune time? What matters to them? So, how should business enterprises and brands anticipate the future for social platforms?

With this in mind, we asked some experts what they think you need to be aware of this year and in the near future. Here’s a breakdown of some of the biggest trends we’ll see evolving on social media in 2020.

Social Media Marketing Trends 2020 | SMM Trends

1. Neal Schaffer, CEO,

As we enter a new year, it is a good time to take a look at the most recent trends in marketing to better optimize achieve greater results in the new decade. We are now in the second decade of social media marketing, so if your company hasn’t done a reset on your social media strategy, now is the time to do so. Understanding these trends will help.

(i) Visual

Unless you have been living under a rock, you should know that everyone loves to engage with visual content the most. Most companies entered social media marketing with a text-first strategy, but it’s time to recreate your social media presence with a visual-first strategy. This can be very tough for companies that have neglected visual content, but with social network users and consumers in general primarily engaging with visual content, it is an absolute must-have strategy in 2020. instead of text think photo, instead of photo think stories, instead of stories think video, instead of videos think live stream. There is a lot that can be done in the world of visual social media marketing, but it all begins with a completely different mindset and skill set that is visual-first to be successful in society going forward.

(ii) Influence

Companies are increasingly engaging with influencers for a variety of reasons. For some companies, the response to the needs of a more robust visual social strategy will come through collaborations with influencers. Working with influencers to create visual content is a great first step in that influencers are supreme content creators and can teach brands many aspects of visual social to allow them to be more successful. In addition, with social media marketing becoming more and more pay-to-play, working with influencers allows you to incite word-of-mouth marketing and be heard and seen in an increasingly challenging world of organic social media.

(iii) Content

Every business should realize that they need more, not less, content in 2002. Although this article is all about social media marketing, it goes without saying that content is necessary for a successful online presence. While visual social and collaborations with influencers are important to be successful in social media, providing resourceful content for your customers through your website and email marketing will allow you to ensure that Google delivers you more traffic as well as ensure you continue to get engagement and ROI from the other traditional digital marketing channel of email marketing.

2. Kent Lewis, President & Founder, Anvil Media

(i) Fewer Likes and More Transactions

Those following social media closely are likely familiar with Instagram’s recent decision to hide “Likes” from followers. With the proposed change, only account owners and select third-party platforms will have access to that data. While influencers and marketers alike have voiced concerns about the change, it does provide an opportunity for everyone to be smarter about social media strategies, especially evaluating influencer marketing programs. For example, influencers will need to up their game to become more professional about how they represent their potential impact, focusing on reach and engagement rates over Likes. This trend will also push brands to adopt performance models based on transactional goals. The social platforms, especially Instagram and Pinterest, are making buying products easier than ever, so the timing is ripe for change.

(ii) Continued Influencer Marketing Growth

I’ve written extensively about influencer marketing, initially from a skeptical perspective regarding its durability and viability. After researching the industry thoroughly however, it became apparent influencer marketing is here to stay, if not thrive. This holds true because of, rather than despite, recent changes by platforms like Instagram to hide Likes. Influencers and brands will get smarter about measurement and compensation. The performance will be tied to more impactful goals like sales revenue instead of likes. Most importantly, business-to-business (B2B) influencer marketing will experience dramatic growth in 2020, as compared with consumer-based brand programs. Lessons from the consumer-facing companies will fuel much of B2B influencer marketing growth in 2020, as well as the need to evolve digital marketing to maintain a competitive edge.

3. Keri Jaehnig, Chief Marketing Officer, Idea Girl Media

At Idea Girl Media, in 2020 we are encouraging all that we work with to examine their online presence and tidy-up. Update, refresh, refine.

We are also encouraging personalization as much as possible – Use opportunities to reach the individual and create an experience. That can be done through new technologies and existing tools. And it carries through to the top three digital trends we are watching in regard to social media marketing strategies…

(i) Voice Search

More and more people are using digital assistants and voice-activated queries have increased by 3400%. The goal of being online is to be found. So every business should take note of this trend. In turn, they should create content that is likely to be found through voice search. This requires thought on how your ideal customer will command a digital assistant to find their answer as well as optimizing the content so Google serves it up.

(ii) Messenger Marketing

People still check their email. However, the trend is text messages. Social messengers, such as Facebook Messenger, allow rich messaging with Ecommerce opportunities. There is a real opportunity for personalization here! There is also the possibility marketers could overwhelm their audiences!! This area of marketing is evolving quickly, so set your alerts to receive news updates. Better yet, work with a trained professional to create chatbots for you that help you connect with your target market.

(iii) Video Content

Video is still the most engaging content. It is also versatile, where you can use it in many ways: YouTube channel, embedded in blog posts and product pages, in the social network stream, and in messages. Live video is the most appealing to audiences, assuming you are bringing value to them. Every social media strategy should include video content – Be diverse regarding type and timing. Not all content should be video. In turn, not all video should be for marketing purposes. Do some tip videos, show behind the scenes of big events, express thanks, etc.

Wrapping Up Social Media Marketing Trends 2020!

With the advancement in technology, major Social Media Marketing changes are expected in the year 2020.

You are now aware of the Social Media Marketing trends to keep an eye on in 2020. It is time to evaluate your own progress in the last year, identify the key trends that will complement your Social Media Marketing strategy in 2020 and revise your plans for achieving the desired results.

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