Sony Electronics Leveraged 3000 Clicks Through Innovative Social Email Marketing Integration

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About Sony Electronics

Sony corporation is a diversified global company associated with technological innovation and entertainment. Sony globally engaged in mobile communication, electronics, interactive entertainment, music publishing etc. It’s one of the incorporations “Sony Electronics” has its headquarter located in San Diego, CA, USA. It deals in PCs (the Sony VAIO) and their peripherals, as well as TVs, VCR, DVD and MP3 players, digital cameras, camcorders, CD players, and car audio items. They capture consumer and professional markets by their retail business. Other operations include Research and Development, Engineering, Sales, Marketing, Distribution and Customer Service.

Sony Electronics Business Objectives

  • The prime goal of Email Marketing team was to make more user engagement through their emails.
  • Afterward, they want to generate more sales by motivating customers for their wide range of the products.
  • Finally, the social media team want to generate traffic on their product page of Pinterest by pinning products on board and by visiting their e-commerce site.

Strategies Adopted By Sony Electronics

Step 1: – Dedicated Pinterest email

  • The integration campaign commenced with a sent out of dedicated Pinterest email to Sony subscribers with a tag line “Let Our Pinterest Page Spark Your Imagination — Follow Us and Start Pinning.”
    Here they wanted to acquire followers for their newly launched Pinterest page and make this page educational for others who are not aware of this platform and to pin their liked products.    
  • They sent out emails using greeting says  “Pin. Collect. Share.” and has a short summary of  service as “a site to create online pinboards and to share photos and videos from and Sony emails.”
  • The email then suggests subscribers follow “these popular Sony boards” with most popular and latest featuring products.
  • The bottom of the email contains individual pins with the headline, “The buzz — see cool images being pinned from our boards,” and a pin it buttons to start pinned those images.

Step 2: – Resend Emails

  • The emails were re-send after two weeks of first sent out to ensure subscribers who may have missed the first send would have another chance to engage with Sony’s Pinterest page. Meanwhile, in these two weeks reports have been checked for the performance of first sent out.

Step 3: – Integrate Pinterest with emails as to get informed about products

  • They integrate Pinterest into some of their product launch emails, as well as in trigger sends to post-purchase consumers.
  • They firstly did not add the Pin it button in product emails but after getting their subscribers enlighten about the Pinterest they added pin it button in their “VAIO summer product launch”.
  • Subsequently, they added pin it buttons  in three to four dedicated sends a month and also in post purchase
    triggered emails.

Step 4: – Brand advocacy through subscribers

  • They started sending out emails with banners including the top-pinned items from the website over the past month. Subsequently, Sony’s e-commerce site started including the pin it button next to the product.
  • After getting positive results they tried to integrate the pins from the website into the emails and do a summary of the most pinned items of the month.

                                                       BANNER CREATED BY SONY ELECTRONICS


Results Achieved by Sony Electronics

Sony electronics had got results as they expected through this integration. They generated more user engagement for their products and drove sales also. They provided a better platform where their user or prospects can make an interface between Sony Electronic’s product and themselves and could find best out of them by asking, sharing and following these products. So the final result had come out and they had achieved 16% more click through rate than the preset goal. They accomplished 3000 clickthroughs to pin through their  VAIO summer line up product launch.

Moreover, their open rate increased by 67% than the preset goal, also subscriber growth increased about 15% and Produced 172% of the “revenue per delivered email” goal. Apart from that from their triggered email, generated 70% average clickthrough rate after social email integration ( email and Pinterest)and 18% average clickthrough rate.

Finally, they managed to get heavy traffic on Sony’s e-commerce website each month.


It is an innovative approach used by the Sony Electronics to make its brand more customer friendly. it not only engages customers with their products and services but also make them aware about the same.

Additionally, Pinterest was a new media when it was used by Sony Electronics so they have also tested its efficiency and usability in their business growth.

It is also a good platform to make a positive approach to the customers and to prospects which further can convert to customers in future by browsing, searching for the products of the same company through social media platform.

Finally, integration of two or more channel can be used to promote products, services when one media is not enough to generate traffic.

Image credits: Sony official website

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