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Top 3 Digital Marketing Skills for 2017

Digital Marketing Skills for 2017 More than two years ago I hardly knew what was meant by Digital marketing. Marketing never fell into my job profile and little did I venture into this ever growing field. After having completed five years with an educational sector when asked how do we increase our enrollments all of […]

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Rising Demand Of Digital Marketing Among Professionals

The demand for digital marketing industry is exploding with 40% growth rate while other industries are struggling with a mere growth of 5 to 10 percent. The strong foothold of digital transformation in the Indian marketplace has made things obvious. Digital marketing career was almost non-existent 5 years back. In fact, the internet users were […]

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What Are The Skills Needed For Starting A Career In Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a very attractive career option for anyone. However, the question is can anyone be a digital marketer? Let’s try and understand this by looking at some key skills needed for starting a career in digital marketing. Soft Skills: Innovation While innovation is a must for every field, it is one of the important pillars […]

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