Top 3 Digital Marketing Skills for 2017

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Digital Marketing Skills for 2017

More than two years ago I hardly knew what was meant by Digital marketing. Marketing never fell into my job profile and little did I venture into this ever growing field. After having completed five years with an educational sector when asked how do we increase our enrollments all of us could not think beyond traditional newspaper ads. Costs for the same kept escalating year after year. I then decided  I need to learn more.

I kept looking at various traditional marketing activities and then realized these activities did not give what I was looking out. I wanted to know if I spent’X’ amount of money on a marketing campaign what is my ROI, how could I prove to the management that the ad campaign has made an impact especially when it comes to education and admissions, which nationality was looking out for our schools, what are the pages of our website that they were keen on. I kept pondering!

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Traditional marketing could never give me a response for many intricate questions that I had. That is when I started exploring digital marketing. In an instant, I felt that I was at least 5 to 6 years behind in this ever changing field of digital marketing. It is no secret that digital marketing industry is always entertaining never failing to present us with newer versions every day. It was hard to even grasp on current trend yet begin to look for for the latest or new ones for 2017.

Digital transformation is not about technology only its about bringing together the power of technology with a culture that embraces the change that it can lead for the organization. This calls for both soft skills and technical skills

This digital marketing industry never slows down. Therefore it is important for participants with foresight to plan ahead, anticipate changes and jump on trends before competitors do. They require careful collaboration, thoughtful planning and inclusion of all departments. Yo

3 Important Soft Skills:

  • Analytical skills Participants require a mix of creativity and analytical skills. Strong analytical skills to analyse data and make informed decisions to fulfil the company’s campaign.
  • Fire and Passion to excel in this field. This field is every changing and its important to remain abreast of the various developments thereby requires constant learning .
  • Understanding of Brevity– No matter how good our product may seem a digital marketer must know how to communicate our products value to potential consumers in fewer than 150 characters. Efficient and effective minimal messaging is of greater importance.

3 Important Technical Skills


Content Marketing

‘Marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevnt and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience, with the objective of driving profitable customer action’. 

Content marketing has been more about blogs, ebooks but in 2017  brands we will have to put in creativity with content format to reach out to their audience. Visual content will stand out as more search engines get better at reading and analysing images to determine about our website

In 2017 it is crucial to get more niche, better to serve a niche audience its important to getting down to facts rather than going on higher level rather concentrate on a particular market segment.

Marketers all agree that videos bring the highest ROI , According to syndacsat 74% of all traffic will be videos in 2017.Videos and podcast are a large untapped form of content marketing.

Why Content Marketing is important?

To understand content marketing we must know the four steps in a buying process:

Awareness- stage when  the consumer has a want but do not know the solution

Research- stage when the consumer searches for a solution

Consideration- compares various solutions that he/she has

Buy- Finally, arrive at one solution.

Content marketing is crucial into the first two steps of buying process by raising awareness of solution and educating customers.It is seen that the ROI can be phenomenal if executed precisely.

  • SEO- Search Engine Optimization


It is crucial to reach to millions of people around the world with our message or product in a short span of time.Whether we work in an established firm or work as a solopreneur, SEO skills are absolutely essential.

SEO now merely does not mean getting a website show up on top for search queries.As we discussed content marketing is a big hit in 2017 this falls as a part of SEO.

Search engine optimization is ever evolving on a regular basis.Modern search engine optimization cannot rely on old practices of link building and posting articles with key words. Modern SEO involves developing engaging pieces of content. Latest trend shows SEO together with PPC will have greater chance of employment than those with organic skill set.

  • Social Media Skills


Today Digital Marketing experts must have diverse skill set including a sophisticated grasp of social media channels. Social media marketing is here to stay and it keeps evolving.Facebook would continue to rule the social media world both in terms of ad and engagement. It is probably the simplest and most effective platform.Companies has to put a little more humanity in their social media strategy.

Initially, social media started as a way for people to communicate .When brands caught on, it also became a way for brands to speak to and advertise to consumers. But now, social media is evolving in new communicative areas. Some platforms are offering means of customer service, increasing the significance and interactivity of exchanges between brands and consumers. We can easily  expect to see more diversity here as more brands catch onto the potential.

Social media advertising will continue to rise with more option for advertisers.It is projected to generate $11 billion in revenue by 2017.

The focus will be on inspirational and imaginative posts. These posts are making more strong chances for social media success.Facebook and Youtube have introduced 360 degree video and some brands have begun experimenting with formats for innovative experience.Simple posts is no longer sufficient .More keen focus on live video and more real time posting is the latest trend.

Snapchat and Instagram has transformed our expectations.It has resulted in more in -the- moment and live content. In 2017 we can expect big marketing opportunities to take off! Twitter will slowly decline with no big chances for revival.

Finally, we need not consider all the three strategies all at once. We need to go through a trial and error method to land up to the best options we might have within the amazing world of digital marketing!

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